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Small upgrade and games....

wassup everyone?

Just got a small upgrade to my PC a few days ago:

i must say i am very pleased with it, i wanted to get another HDD but i decided to just get this SSD since i was craving for more performance. I will only use it to boot from windows 7 and install software the other hard drive will be for storage. Got a 7.9 on windows performance rating for the drive.

here is a video on windows 7 booting:


benchmark comparing the HDD vs. SDD,the difference is night and day.

And for the games i got recently are Dead island,Deux Ex: Human Revolution, and NBA2k12. Already pre-ordered Battlefield 3 from amazon, and the best part is that i get vacation the following week the game is released ;) will post some videos and my battle log id later on.

I also decided to skip on Rage, as many of you PC gamers already read about it or played it, and felt dissapointed how the game was released with all sorts of problems. I will pick up Batman Arkham City next month, its worth the wait especially since it wont be a crappy port like rage is.


preloaded complete

also pre-ordered Assasins creed revelations on amazon digital and batman Arkham city on steam.

My Gaming PC and most wanted games of 2011

As mentioned in my last blog, i built a new PC mostly for gaming, now.... video games are a hobbie so i decided not to go hardcore even though i can afford it, i see no reason to go overboard (plus i am saving money for a car wich is a priority right now) so i decided to build a mid range gaming rig.

here is a pic and the specs:

ASUS P8Z68-V Motherboard - Socket H2 (LGA1155)
Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.30 GHz
CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600
Hard Drive:
Western Digital Caviar Black WD5002AALX 500GB, 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s
Video Card:
PNY GeForce GTX 560 Ti OC2 Video Card - 1GB
ASUS VH242H 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor
Sound Card:
Realtek ALC892
Logitech G930 USB Wireless Gaming Headset
Logitech G510 Black USB Wired Gaming Keyboard
Logitech Gaming Mouse G500
Operating System:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Computer Case:
RAIDMAX SMILODON ATX-612WB Black 1.0mm SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower

possible future upgrades would be another hard drive (same one currenlty used) a corsair liquid cooling heatsink (will over clock my cpu in the future) another 560 ti in SLI once prices drop.

So far it can run alot games @ max settings. here are 2 videos of me playing Crysis 2 in ultra settings:

Crysis 2 benchmark

Crysis 2 Gameplay

My most wanted games of 2011 so far are:

  1. Battlefield 3
  2. Elder scrolls: Skyrim
  3. Rage
  4. Batman: arkham city
  5. Guild Wars 2
  6. ghost recon: future soldier
  7. resident evil: opperation raccon city

Mass Effect 3 would of been on top of my list but its out for 2012 :cry:

what games are you looking forward to for the rest of this year?

I still live!!

I havent shown myself around the unions or blog in a long time. I don't have much free time as before but once in a while i will post blogs and comments in gamespot. Don't think people will remember me anyways :P

a brief update in life: i moved from Puerto Rico and am back to the U.S. (a year and a half) life is good so far everything is going slow but well. I just also got a new gaming PC that i built myself so i will post about games and pc related stuff later on. I will not post much in this blog just wanted to let yall know i am back! ;)

peace and have a nice day gamers

Quake Wars Demo

I downloaded the Enemy Territory Quake Wars demo the day it was released. Been playing it every day, i'm really hooked. I felt as if i have been waiting forever to play this game. Not sure if i would get it when its out next month, i think i will just wait till the game becomes popular so i wouldn't have to end up getting a game with empty servers :P

For those who haven't tried it out, the game also has bot support, so you can play without having to connect to a server and get lag. The bots on normal can be challenging but they can also be stupid (like always) sometimes you can see them riding vehicles trying to climb on walls and such. At least they are good giving support and getting objectives done, not all the time but they will get the job done. And the opposing team can dumb at times, they sometimes pass by you and won't even bother to shoot you unless you shoot at them first :lol: but again, they will get the objectives done, like putting mines on places where a FieldOps must hack or a soldier need to plant explosives. This is why MP is the main reason to pick up the game.

One of the reasons why i was always interested in the game was that its focused on team based missions, not just your ordinary Deathmatch or solo MP type game. It might not be all that exciting for a few because not everyone on the server will play as a team, trust me, i have played with a lousy team couple of times. But i have always prefer Co-op MP type of games, when i used to play F.E.A.R. MP i always played Team deathmatch or CTF. Not sure if the game is well balanced, i still havent played as the strogg yet, will have to train first against the GDF bots. A cool feature is that you can earn experience points and be awarded with new weapons, faster construction, sprint with heavy weapons and others, so its a good idea getting all the objectives done, not only that, but playing good earns you badges. Well i don't want to post more about the game especially on the GDF's objectives, so i wont spoil anyone here.

I think if you like EA'sBattlefield games, you should check Quake Wars out.

If you are playing it, what are your impressions?

Bring the fight to the PC arena

If you are a PC gamer, or at least know one.... you would think that all we play are first-person shooters, MMOs, action-adventure, and strategy games. But no!, there are PC gamers out there (including console gamers) who actually enjoy playing a good fighting game on the PC even if its over a emulator. You should know, we don't hardly get any fighting games to the PC platform, no Tekken, no Virtua Fighter, no Soul Calibur, no King of Fighters etc.....

I honestly, would rather play Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix any day than puzzle fighter

There is one game that caught my attention to write this blog: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (X360)with the news that Capcom is going to release Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, Devil May Cry 4 and others to the PC, i thought SSF2T HD Remix was going to be released to the PC also, but there is no official release :(. So far only for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

You may think that fighting games may not work on the PC, well why not? is it because you think we have to play with the keyboard all the time? Well you can use almost any USB gamepad available on a PC including the Xbox 360 controller, even gamepads from past consoles with a special console gamepad to PC converter, while with a console you are stuck with playing with the specific gamepad available for the console. There are also Arcade Joysticks that work on a PC, online play is not a problem either.

Maybe fighting games won't sell on the PC, i say why not give it a try? I think there is a very big market here for fighting game enthusiasts into the PC side of it like emulators & Mugen (which are free).With Microsoft doing the 'Games for Windows' brand/franchise lately, in which several games get support for the Windows version of Xbox live! and support for the Xbox 360 controller, i don't see why this couldn't be possible. Almost everyone has a PC anyway. And with Windows XP (and Vista) getting better controllers and support every year, even players who don't like to play with keyboard can try these games. Also the fact that a lot of people play emulators and tournaments with each other using kaillera should proof there is some demand for fighters. Also home build engines like Mugen and freeware fighters from japan seem popular among a lot of gamers. Console gamers also have PC's these days. It's not one or the other anymore. And there are lots of people (like me), who don't want to have to buy an expensive new console just to play one game. Plus you only have to look the lengths people go to with M.U.G.E.N to see that there are people out there who really want to play fighting games on their PC. You might as well make some money out of that market?

Maybe it's more the fact that developers are 'scared' that the PC version will just be pirated. However maybe releasing this using steam,or along with an unique CD-key for network play (which i guess is one of the main reasons most people will want this game) will proof to work against piracy. Steam seems reliable for these things so i hope this comes out, and since Capcom landed a deal with Steam, why not bring it to the PC?

But alas, the PC isn't seen by many developers as a machine which can play fighters. It's a shame really, since there are a few PC fighters available that.....in my opinion did well, and were playable as good on a PC as on any console.

Here's a small list:

  • Street Fighter: Alpha 1, 2, X-men: Children of the Atom
  • SSF2T
  • MK series
  • Guilty Gear series
  • Battle Arena: Toshinden
  • Melty Blood
  • Virtua Fighter 2
  • Last Bronx

The Gametek/Capcom version of SSF2T back in the days (for ms-dos), which was more or less a perfect port of the game (same as the 3do version, but with cd audio music) and supported several 6 button controllers. Virtua Fighter 2 supported online play as well, and the graphics where superior from the Sega Saturn port. The PC can handle fighters and most of these games don't require a fast PC, so why not release it. Virtua Fighter 5 is another game that i really want ported to the PC, if you look at the arcade board that runs the game: Sega Lindbergh you can see that it has PC hardware specs, nowadays those specs are considered mid range, and of course, PC games will scale on lower end hardware by lowering the graphics. VF5 is being ported to the Xbox 360, bring it to the PC as well, if it does happen you might be able to play against Xbox360 players, with Games for Windows Live! It would be the perfect game for this. No tuning needed, since it's a limited set of moves and no balance or adjustments between mouse + keyboard for PC and a USB gamepad would be needed. Even Namco wants a piece of the PC gaming market, let us enjoy Soul calibur and Tekken games on the PC as well.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike finally running on an official CPS3 Emulator, Youtube video

A few days back i played Street Fighter 3: Third Strike on the PC, it's embarrassing to say but i have never played this game, and alot of people wanted the game to be emulated. I loved playing fighting games on Arcades but nowadays you don't see enough players in arcades at all (where i live, all the local arcades where removed) sure i could have played this game years ago on a console, but i don't have the same passion for gaming that i had when i was a kid to get every gaming platform, and most of my friends don't like these games. I think fighting games would do good on PC's, i would definitely buy SSF2T HD Remix and others.

What do you think? would you like to see fighting games on the PC gaming platform?

End of blog.......

New Emblem for the collection


Lookie what we have here...
Unlike real world scavengers, these players find and consume tokens. This emblem is awarded for completing the first Scavenator game on GameSpot.

WTF? another surprize emblem? :lol: i get these out of nowhere. O well, i remember playing this game a while back, it was fun. I hope GS does more of these trivia type games. Oh and about the Xbox gamer card i have, i made it since Games for Windows Live! should be active this month, and i am thinking in getting Halo 2 for PC. I don't think i will go for gold, unless if Microsoft adds more interesting features for us PC gamers. Nevertheless, i will score some achievement points.


....end of blog

Do you still like unions?

I wonder, if most people here still care about GS Unions. I know that there are alot of new unions being made everyday, but even if there are many, they are mostly dead or end up dying later on. How many unions have you made and have died? or how many have you resigned and left? so far i still have the same union i been leader in for 1 year. I was able to hold out that long even if it isn't one of the best unions out there. Ok, so many complain about the glitches and how life gets busy and they cant keep the union active bla bla bla, i have heard that excuse way too many times, there is always time for everything, and the glitches get fixed eventually :P ( yes they do )

But lets think about unions before the new website layout was implemented. Remember how active they where? wow i remember going to the REU and seeing alot of new posts a day, and it was like that with the mayority of unions i visited. When the site changed alot of people left and never came back. And if they did they discovered that unions where like a cemetary :lol:

You think the unions system will last longer? so far we havent seen any big improvements, but a few things where added and fixed.

Biological Warfare?

How the heck did i get this emblem? :lol:

Down With the Sickness!
This user spreads the GameSpot virus among the masses, infecting the Internet with gaming goodness wherever he travels. looks pretty cool to me

Easter eggs found in F.E.A.R. Extraction Point

I just found out about these easter eggs this morning when reading an article about F.E.A.R characters at Wikipedia. I kept reading and noticed these 2 stupid easter eggs involving Norton Mapes and i decided to record it with FRAPS and upload it here for everyone to see.

first easter egg:

In the level "Malignancy", if the player shoots several times at the air vent above the painting of the waterfall in room 56B (after the nurse creature, just to the right of the door the invisible creature tries to smash), the wall in the room will open up, leading to a secret area with Mapes doing a bizarre dance in front of a weird picture. The player can then shoot Mapes to kill him.....and so i did



second easter egg:

In the level "Dark Heart", after Alma's two halves reunite, a secret room can be found in the storage room by entering the vent system above a stack of white crates, then smashing the spinning fan inside to get past. Norton Mape's ragdoll body will be dancing in a multicolored room with the theme music from Shogo: Mobile Armor Division playing in the background.

video: [video=JHMxkWas5bkPvTHZ]

really weird and stupid never thought this game would have these kind of easter eggs, or have them at all. At least it was nice to be able to kill Mapes since it wasnt possible.