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Just thought id add a post, after all, its been, WOW, a year and 3 months since my last one, wow, it was even before I passed my driving test, soooo, whats new...

Other than passing my driving test, getting rid of one car, and onto my second now. :o

Got an Xbox not long after that post, along with plenty of games, so that kept me occupied, for a while...

Just recently got my hands on an Xbox360, finally :D wooooo, only got a few games though, and...

Just pre-ordered GTA IV from Play.com :D Can't wait, been a fair while since I last went on any GTA games, so really hoping this one's gonna be a good 'un.

Thats it for now... :)

My New Badge

Woohoo, i've finally managed to get another badge, Tagger Flirt, because i've been messing about using tags, ahh.... lol


Well, my good friend Jono's union has finally been formed, "The Hitman '47' Union" and i'm one of the officers, so now i'm gonna be posting on there, and making sure I help where keep it going. Excellent!!!