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2001 A Space Odyssey Review WARNING SPOILERS

In this film Famed director Stanley Kubrick makes another addition to his fine line of films. Now this film is revered as one of the best by critics and viewers alike and while it still stands even today through its age, it has come that in my viewing i finally found flaws. This 1968 film takes place on the earth is the supposed future in which we now have space travel, but before that and opens with one of the prime parts of the film which is our beginnings as apes. This I give great credit to as it shows that discovery and how it came to be and it finds a good way to work that monolith into the scene so that there we find discovery with the use of bone as a weapon. Problem, Over-Extended while this is a fine film the film editor made a mistake in making it so long. I know people are goig to call me stupid but still this and several scenes in the early and late parts of this establish their point so extending that over several minutes is pointless. Now to the actual film in which we've dug up the monolith on the moon and are now tracing its signal to jupiter. So im not going to get into the nitty gritty and get to it 2 astronauts going to jupiter with a crazed computer. This film uses visuals and movements to make the film uniqe and using these there is little necesity for actual dialoge (sry no spell check). Now during this part of the film there is perfection and this i have not found a flaw on so for the whole mid section of the film I have no critiscms. Now once all the film is nearing the end as hal went nuts and klled nearly everybody he get deactivated. So with that said and done that last man reaches jupiter and this is my biggest critism with the 10 minute long acid trip showing our movement from the spacial frontirers to caves and while once again the point is well established it doesnt need to be 10 minutes and i blame the film editor for that. In the end there are some more fantastic secens that i once again dont want to get into but for the overall film it is amazing and hands down one of the greats. My only crticism is to the length of some of these scenes which take away from the film and make you get lost as some of it becomes pointless. Overall this is still an excellent film and if you havent seen it stop reading this right now and watch it as for the film one of the best and thats why it stands at a rating of 95 in my books. Peace Kubrick.

Rating: 95

Good: Excellent visuals/ Stunning composition

Bad: Some unncecsarily overextended scenes


The Infinite Latios Chain

Finally the chain of latios has ended

i had recently came upon the pursuit of a latios and after legit 27 trades over friends and GTS i have finally found a legit latios to call mine own putting a cap on my trading for a while as it is some pain in my "rectum" as gamespot wants me to put it.