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I still think Japanese developers are way ahead of western developers in level design and pitch perfect gameplay. Their platformers and action games speak volumes,


Agreed. I don't get Inafune obsession with western developers.

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Forget Lola 2. Wonderful 101 is coming out in September! *squeel*Eponique
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Any Castlevania games after Symphony of the Night are terrible. 

100% fact, source: me 


Word, the DS castlevanias are almost as gay as that console reimagining from a few years ago.

Almost? Even comparing the decent to amazing DS castlevania games to that...abomination of a H&S game is just...


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Any Castlevania games after Symphony of the Night are terrible. 

100% fact, source: me 


Order of Ecclesia and Aria of Sorrow would like to have a word with you. 

Meh, don't care about animu versions of Super Metroid For Babies.




[spoiler] Though Castlevania IV was awesome. [/spoiler]  

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I just went to my mother's graduation today and ate at some restraunt. It was pretty fun (:
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Much like PUSH's text-based group chats, i don't see myself being particularly active, mostly because i'll be busy minding my own business to try and keep up with 16 people blabbering 5 different conversations at the same time. But sure, it's worth a shot at least.BrunoBRS
Yeah this would probably be me as well.
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That's okay. Really? Guess he's kinda useful afterall :Pfreedomfreak
Yeah he's finally useful for something. The people who also made the sohardcore and soSniper pictures helped too actually. I'm having the SoSniper picture as a face for the main character lol.

did you thank SNIPER? AcidThunder
My thanks for him will depends if I get an A on the project.

That is AMAZING :lol: 

Thank you. :D I actually feel more motivated to keep working on the game now.
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I never been so happy for it to be Friday in my life. ~_~ I can finally actually get more than an hour or two of free time after class today...

Having to make a game for my final project in my Programming class is pretty fun and frustrating at the same time. 

Hai Timmy. Working on a game? What kind of game?

Sorry for the late response, today have been a really weird day. but it's nothing too big yet. I couldn't really think of a concept for a game at the time so I just made SNIPER the main character and have him run around a few maps to collect items he find too mainstream and destroys them. >.>