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Saying my goodbyes

I’m mostly just making a quick announcement here that this will be my last blog post and that I’m taking a long break from this website. It might be my final post here unless I suddenly feel like coming back to this website in a few years. I usually hate making long blog posts like these, as they make me feel like I’m fishing for attention, but oh well. I haven’t posted on this forum for a long while (not including a post I did early today, my last post was around December for me) and I just haven’t felt an urge to post here either. System Wars and the other forums just feel boring.

The system war lounge will always be cool but I haven’t felt an urge to drop by and visit it either. I used to love posting in it (I was there when the first lounge ever started) but a lot have changed and I’m just not in the mindset anymore to post in there. It’s a shame too because that’s where I met a lot of people there and quite a few of them became close friends to me (though sadly I may be out of touch with some of you… Which I really regret. There are some people I met here that I should apologize to on Steam since I’ve pretty much neglected to talk to you). Hell, I even met my current boyfriend because of the SW lounge. I’m sure some people will find that sad but honestly, I never been so happy dating someone before. My ex’s were quite a pain so I don’t really care. I also had a lot of fun with the Unions here (I had a lot of fun chatting with the HYPE members on Skype and I had fun chatting with some GUFU members here. Same with PUSH. I apologize to anyone that was in the Retro Union. I know I never did anything with it and I regret it but…there wasn’t much that I could do back then.)

I recently started going to college and it been a lot tougher than I thought. I still have plenty of free time but I find myself using that free time to either do school work ahead of time or just try to catch up on my backlog of games. A lot have also been on my mind lately and the only forum I really don’t mind posting in nowadays is NeoGaf. Though, that forum also has its share of problems. If anyone here really wants a way to communicate with me, I’ll share some ways to message me. Be sure to send me some kind of hint on who you are though!

Neogaf account: Timmy00 (you can send me private messages there if you have an account)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gsTimmy00 (this is my only Twitter account. Any others are no longer used by me)

Steam: gstimmy00

PSN: gstimmy00

Skype: gstimmy00

I do have a Facebook account but that’s mostly for people I can consider to be my close friends. Send me a message though if you want to add me on it though. I already got a few people from GS that is on my friends list. If I don’t respond to you in general on any of these, it’s because I’m busy. Just keep pushing me to give you a response if you really want one. I don’t mean to ignore you; I’m just really busy lately. I may not always be up for multiplayer games either as I like to work while having a singleplayer game running so I can play something if I need to take a break. Don’t be afraid to ask though. Anyways… if you took the time to read this, thank you. If you add me on any of the above, thank you. I’ll see you on any of the above and if I don’t, well goodbye then.

So today was graduation for me...

This will definitely be a day I'll always remember. I graduated from my high school and my technical school today. It felt really weird, getting ready to walk out there and be handed the thing I worked so hard on for 12 or so years. Still...I felt really proud of myself.

I guess I'll post a bit about other news recently...I had my birthday about two weeks ago. It was on May 18th. It was also a very fun day. I spent some of it playing Castlevania Harmony of Despair with my loved one and his friends. It was a perfect day for me! Maybe I'll post another blog about what games I got but that's not guaranteed.

I figured I would just make a really small blog about it since it been so long since my last blog. If you read, thanks for reading!

Overall impressions of Borderlands 2

So I've been playing Borderlands 2 almost daily since it came out. Some of my play sessions would be hours long and others pretty short just to grind for a few things. I was pleasantly surprised at how the game turned out. I haven't played much of the first one but it wasn't that good. I wouldnt call it bad but its only fun co-op and it was still just only okay.

Still eventually I bit the dust and bought it day one since I had a group of people to play with. Yeah I'm sure its a mystery to who I played with. Anyways, I was quite pleasantly surprised by the game. It's one of my favorite games so far this year.

I did play through most of it co-op for my first time around so I got the best experience for it. Having three other people to play it with and talking to them on skype was a lot of fun. That said, I also found the game to be quite pleasant to play by yourself. It's a much better experience compared to the first Borderlands.

One of the biggest things I liked about the second game was how much better the environments were. They were quite varied this time around and plenty of things and secrets to find in them; they were quite fun to explore. They weren't as drab like in the first game. Then again, Im a sucker for snow levels.

The gunplay was also better this time around. I never found myself to engage with shooting things in the first Borderlands but this time around, enemies react a lot more when you shoot them. I was also playing as the gunzerker so shooting two guns at the same time was pretty awesome. The quests are fun for the most part and finding new loot and weapons were still pretty fun. Finding a new gun which outclasses yours or do something interesting is a blast.

I'm quite pleased with the game and I definitely did not regret purchasing it. Considering its lasting me over a month and Im still not bored with it...yeah so worth it. I'll also be getting the future DLCs so I know I wont stop playing it anytime soon.

That's all I got to say about it really. It's just random thoughts about the game but I hope you still enjoyed reading it. It probably still wouldnt be worth $60 if you played it by yourself but I didnt. I'm also giving myself a bit of variety of other games so I won't get bored of BL2 quickly either. I rented Valkyria Chronicles from Gamefly. I should also be renting Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn soon. I'll be getting Doom 3 BFG edition soon from Archvile so I'll have plenty of games to keep me occupied. I'll be posting my impressions of them once I get enough gaming time in each of them.

Resident Evil 6 is such a... (yes minor spoilers and a long read)


Thats the only word I can think of for it. I have never been so hyped for a game and let down this bad. I suppose it was my fault for being so hyped for it but it doesn't change the fact that Resident Evil 6 isn't a good game. In fact, it's just a bad game. I wanted to try my hardest to deny that but...I just cant.

Yeah, yeah I know what some of you are thinking. Well that just your opinion bro. Well no duh. And I thought I was the master at stating the obvious. This blog is simply my thoughts on what I've played and why I can't be bothered to play any more of it. Disagree? Please post why but dont be an ass about it.

Anyways, yes I was really hyped for the game so it was a bit my fault. I saw the reveal trailer and couldn't hold my excitement. I mean it has Leon in the game! Usually Leon is in the best Resident Evil games (like Resident Evil 2 and 4). So I was pretty excited already. I also thought the trailer was just damn good.

More info started coming out for the game. I was intrigue and excited when I heard it will have three campaigns and even bring back Sherry Birkin. Everything just seems too good to be true. Well sadly, it was.

I eventually was able to play the Resident Evil 6 demo that came with Dragon Dogma. I was pumped and just ready to play it. I started off with Leon's demo and was greeted with a nice opening for him. The demo itself was pretty much you walking but I thought it was alright for what it was.

I then did Chris's demo and wasnt sure what to think about it. I didnt have that much fun with it and I actually had trouble with just aiming in the game. It was pretty dumb and had an awful QTE (get ready for me to rage about these later) in it. I simply just shrugged his demo off. I then tried Jake's demo which I had some fun with actually. It wasn't much but it was fun fighting that one monster. Running from him though wasn't as much fun. It just seemed kinda lame to be honest.

I didn't think too much about the demo really. It wasn't much so I didn't treat it like it was. I simply waited for the next demo and was still excited for it. It finally came out and after hearing some meh impression from a friend, I wasn't too excited now. Still I tried it and wasn't prepared for what I was going to play.

Leon's demo wasnt bad again but it had an awful car QTE at the end that just seems really pointless. I finished it and started Chris's demo. I was greeted with him riding a tank and I immediately turned off my ps3.

I didn't bother going back to it. It was just all too stupid from what I saw. Still, the Resident Evil fanboy inside me still got the game. I just couldnt believe that it was bad. I almost enjoyed every Resident Evil game out there except Operation Raccoon city. This was a mainline Resident Evil game. How could it be bad?

I was not prepared for what I was going to play. I first did the tutorial which had to be the worst tutorial ever. I mean I can't even describe how bad it is. It literally almost made me stop playing the game at all. The first part you're holding Leons partner, Helena, and you're told how to move around and look around. The problem is, you can only move forward by holding the left stick and this lasts for quite some time. It was just so lame, pointless, and...urg. Then later at the end...oh dear lord. You are greeted with one of the worst and dumbest QTEs of all time. It wasnt bad to do but...urg I cant describe how dumb it is. So heres a video. Just...why was this added? What is the point?

I started with Leon's campaign since his was supposed to be the best. Well it didn't start off bad. The first two chapters were pretty dark (maybe a bit too dark at times) and they had some nice set pieces. Still these set pieces were pretty frustrating for me. They were fun but I never seemed to have enough ammo so I always found myself kicking random zombies and losing health sometimes. It doesnt help that these huge fat zombies attack and it was kind of hard to hurt them early on.

When I got to chapter 3...man did the campaign started sucking. Bad. I just found the whole level to be uninteresting and it had some really annoying and not needed QTEs. I wouldn't say they were frustrating but they just seemed so pointless. Theres a part where you're being attacked by a giant shark and you use multiple QTEs to get away from it. Then later after, you're trying to reach for land when you're attacked by it again which enter some awkward QTE which happens 4 times. Its funny seeing how dumb Leon swims but it was not fun doing it. Just so not needed and hurts the pacing for me. The fourth chapter was also pretty uninteresting.

I really can't say much about it. I can barely remember it. It just wasnt interesting enough for me to remember the level design. Im sure it was somewhere in China though. Anyways, I started the fifth chapter which wasn't too bad at first but there was a few boss fights that just either dragged on or weren't fun. And then later on you are greeted again with one of THE worst QTEs in the game. It does such a bad job at explaining how to do it; it literally took me a minute to figure out.

So you're climbing up a rope to get away from a monster. The screen shows you the L1/R1 triggers and your first thoughts are probably, oh I got to press them in a rhythm or something. Nope. You have to press them like you were actually climbing a rope. So let say you press L1. Well you gotta keep a grip on L1 until you press R1. Then you let go of L1 and hold R1. Then you pretty much repeat that pattern.

The game does such a poor job at telling you this and this QTE really ruins the pacing or momentum you had going. I finished his campaign and just couldn't believe what I've played. I now have zero desire to go back to the game. I just know Chris and Jake campaigns will kill my love for the series. The only good thing that came from RE6 was that I got the code for RE1-5. So I can have all the good Resident Evil games, except 6, on one system.

I don't care what people say about the old control schemes. At least the games were good and fun. Not filled with cutscenes and QTEs that got in the way. Yes RE4 and 5 had QTEs but I never felt they got in the way. Beside the games was actually fun to play. I didnt even care for the shooting in RE6. I could complain about RE6 more but this is enough. I wrote about 1300 words or more.

That much for a game? Yes. If you actually view that as a problem, please go away. You might as well complain about anything people complain about. I simply took 40 or so minutes to write out my thoughts. And for anyone asking for a tl;dr version, no. Stop being lazy and actually read. For the people that did read, thank you. (:

This is simply my opinion. If you disagree, please comment on why and be respectful on it. I understand people think differently about games and this was all simply my opinion. Thank you for reading and have a good night/day/whatever.

Overall thoughts on Dragon Dogma


I've been playing the game near nonstop for the past weeks or so. My overall thoughts on it is pretty positive but the game definitely got flaws. Still, it was an enjoyable for me and I can't wait for the sequel since Capcom says it'll become a franchise.

I'll start out with the positives. The combat in the game is enjoyable. Each vocation in the game got their own moves and hold quite well against anything in the game. The game world is huge and fun to explore. The boss fights in the game are also a joy. Fighting your first Cyclop or chimera is a blast. The monsters also all look quite nice.


However, you encounter the cyclops way too many time in the game compared to the other boss monsters and it's a bit of a letdown. It would've been fun having to fight more chimeras or griffons during the main quest.

I also found the game to have a weird sense of progression. It doesn't take long for you to go from killing goblins to slaying cyclops. It also felt weird when you start getting near the end to fight the giant dragon. It felt a bit too early considering the toughest thing you fought before was a black version of the chimera.

That said, the final fight with the dragon is simply wonderful. He's huge and just a blast to fight. It's a shame the game didn't have more boss fights like that. It's a shame because the game eventually gets really easy. Even the drake becomes really easy when you reach the post game. These boss fights just come at the wrong time and should've been mandatory before fighting the main dragon. There's a new game + but they don't really bump the difficulty or whatever so it feels like there's no point to it.


Well that's my thoughts on it. It was worth the price and I had a blast with it. It got plenty of flaws but it's still one of my favorite games this year. I can't wait to see what they add in Dragon Dogma 2.

Recent things I've been doing

It been about a month since I did my last blog so here's another one! I'm just gonna go over what games I've been playing recently and a fun little...hobby I guess. Let start with the games.

Devil May Cry HD Collection

I've been playing this quite a bit after I got it and it reminded me how addicting the Devil May Cry games were (excluding DMC2). Pulling off different combos on enemies is as fun as ever. It also made me remember how much I suck at the games too. It also made me dislike the new Devil May Cry game even more! urg ninja theory...


Yeah I'm still playing Doom. >.> I've been playing quite a bit co-op with Archvile78. I also finally started the final doom wads.

Guild Wars 2 Beta

This was a neat thing I did a while back. I got into the Guild Wars 2 beta thanks to Stevo_The_Gamer and I played a bit of it with BrunoBRS and others. It was quite fun and I'm definitely interested in it. Just not sure when I'll exactly pick it up.

Pokemon Conquest

I just got this yesterday (it was really hard to find) since this combine the cuteness of Pokemon and the smexyness of Nobunaga. I was interested in the crossover when I first heard of it and I had to pick it. It's pretty good for the most part. The gameplay is pretty simple (I dislike how a pokemon only have one move and they only change when they evolved) but it's still a lot of fun.

Warriors Orochi 3

I love me some Koei games. >.> It's probably one of the best musuo games to come out in a while (not including the Basara games since those are in a whole other level of awesomeness) and I've been enjoying it a lot.

Another recent thing I've been doing is recording a bit of Doom tnt and uploading them on youtube. There's not much point since I got like...4 subscribers but I just find it fun challenging and recording myself. Here's mah youtube channel if you want to check out my 2 or so videos. I might record myself playing other older games as well for the fun of it.

Here's a new video if you want to check it out.

and another year has passed

Today will soon mark the day of my 18th Birthday (May 18 is my birthday). Last year (I'm refering to the time when I was 17 years old fyi) was certainly something for me. I went through many changes and a depression at one point. Still, one of the greatest thing happened to me during all of this. This blog is mostly a reflection to clear my mind. I'm not good with words though so I doubt this blog will be long. I don't expect any b-day wishes but you can go ahead.

Anyways, I feel that my personality has changed rapidly during this year. I remember I was very talkitive during my early GS career and posted a lot in the lounge. I used a lot of emoticons and the people I talked to always found me friendly (from what I can tell). Now I lurk a lot but the people I talk to hear off the site always tell me that I'm more mature for my age or that I'm really kind. This kind of surprised me because I always found myself to have been an ass during the middle of my year.

This brings me to my depression however. During the year, I lost my best friend in a car accident and lost another to a...disagreement of sorts. I now always have trouble just being in a car. I always get scared of what could happen while I was in it. These experiences brought me down heavily and I had to try to get myself up in the morning just to go to school. I always found myself trying to escape reality in some way. I found a few ways and kept a smile here on GS. I'm not proud of myself though as I think I used a few people here to distract my mind. I would apologize heavily if I talked to those people again. I had a great time playing TF2 with him though and I feel like sh*t for not talking to you as much as I used to...

I kept going though. I didn't have any suicidal thoughts and kept moving. Eventually it all paid off. I found someone who I can really care for. To love. At first, I wasn't sure where the relationship was heading. It started so fast and was unexpected. I'm glad I went with it though. I dated people in the past before but I never found myself caring about it. This one is different though. I want to be with this person for as long as I can.

Anyways...if you're curious to what I got for my b-day, here's a list.

  • Tales of the abyss 3D (Archvile78 sent this to me. <3)
  • Tales of Grace f
  • Yakuza Dead Souls
  • XenoBlade
  • Kid Icarus Uprising
  • Silent Hill Downpour
  • SH HD Collection
  • DMC Collection

If you took your time reading this...thanks. I just wanted to clear my head a bit. Sorry for any grammar or spelling errors. I'm tired right now.

Lets talk about Doom.

Some of my most favorite games out there happened to be retro games. I always find myself going back and replaying them over and over. Games like Super Mario RPG, Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid, etc just never gets old.

So I recently obtain Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, TNT, and Plutonia. I've been playing Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 a lot while talking to Archvile. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started playing Doom. Would I like the game or just play it once and stop. Well there was only one way to find out.


I started playing Ulitmate Doom and found myself immediatly hooked on it. I was quite surprise at how much fun I was having. I found the game to be very immersive but not in the atmospheric way. I just found myself getting lost in time, the whole world blocked out. There was only me, the game, and any chats that I may have had opened.

The game was simply subperb. For such a simple idea, it was really fun. All you're really doing is running around, killing demons, and finding keys. The gameplay was fun and addicting and killing demons just never got old. The music is also wonderful and really get you pumped up for more.

It didn't take me long to beat the game. I had a wonderful time playing it. I had peace, quiet, mah bubby and people to talk to. I really can't wait to go back to it. I soon started Doom 2 after I finished it.

I still have quite a bit more levels to do in Doom 2. There's a few maps in the game that isn't really that much fun. Still dat Super Shotgun...it's still enjoyable. I really need to download user created maps so I can get the most out of it. I haven't played TNT or Plutonia yet. I'm looking forward to it though I'm focusing on other things right now.

That's all I got to say about it right now. I would say I'll talk more about the game later but that really depends if I bothered to or not. I'll see~

LTTP: Shadow of the Colossus

LTTP = Late to the Party. Also I will get on that part 2 of Revelaitons impressions. I just don't feel up to it. I'll review it eventually. If you got any questions about it though, just ask. Anyways...

I have played Shadow of the Colossus when it was on the PS2 but never really gave it a fair chance. I was young back then, stupid. Didn't get far. I'm simply ashamed of myself that I can't find my PS2 copy of it anymore. So years later I decided to get the ICO and SOTC HD collection and give it another go. What do I think? It's simply breathtaking. Just a wonderful and gorgeous game.

The game is still good looking to this day. I simply gawk at how the PS2 could run this type of game. I remember it running very poorly though. Low FPS and what not. The HD collection though...nope. None of that. Well that I noticed anyways. The game's world is still a mystery for me so I'm just breathtaken by the world and the colossus. So big... oh and the game got a fantastic OST too.

I'm at the fourth colossus right now. I would play more but I got kind of annoyed at him. He never seems to want to hit that middle area and let me jump on his tail. I might just be bad though. I'll play more soon. For now I'm on a platinum hunt in Uncharted 2.

[spoiler] I already got Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage and Dead Space platinum trophy. Also sorry about the bleh pictures. Couldn't find much at a decent size and I'm too lazy to resize any. [/spoiler]

Resident Evil: Revelaitons impressions

Oh Capcom... (not my picture)

I'm a huge Resident Evil fan. I love the old games and the new games. I simply love Resident Evil. Some people will complain about the series losing it roots and well it has. However, I simply don't care. Give me a good gaming experience and I'm happy. Two of my favorite Resident Evil games happen to be quite the opposite of each other. Those games would be Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil 4.

I'm not here to go on a rant though. I took some time out of my busy day (because talking to the person I care most for and my friends on Steam is totally busy!) to play a few chapters. My experience with the game have mostly been positive.

I'll try not to spoil anything big. The first thing I noticed when I started the game was that I can have two save files and actually delete them. That's a step up from RE 3D Mercenaries! I started a new record and was quite impressed by the game graphics and 3D effect. The game looks quite nice and the 3D, while not needed, is also nice. I tend to have the 3D off however. That's just personal preference though.
The game controls took me a while to get used to. It just felt different to use the tank controls on a handheld. I got used to it quick though and it was nice. A new feature in the game is that you have the ability to reload while moving or you can shoot while moving. These are nice additions and make the game a bit less frustrating. If you use Gyro controls to move the laser pointer in the game then you're in for a bigger treat.
The gameplay is standard over the shoulder Resident Evil. If you play RE4 or RE5 then you'll know what to expect. The game seems to be breaken up into different chapters and episodes. You explore an "abandon" cruise ship as Jill with your partner. The spookiness of the ship and the atmosphere of it is fantastic. It truly felt scary walking around it. Though having your partner sometime follow you around can kill that mood. Still the game made me jump a few times. Chapter 2 in particular was scary and tough.
Other part of the game involves you playing as different people. These sections seem to be more action oriented which may disappoint some folks. I still found it to be fun however. I still got more to play but I'm liking the game a lot so far. Questions or comments?