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Want Free Stuff?

There's this website called Prize Rebel that gives you points for filling out surveys that you can use to get free stuff like Wii, DS, PS3, X360, and PSP games, iTunes cards, and a whole bunch of other crap. Yay!!

it really does work; I've already gotten some Wii points from them and it didn't cost anything!! ...except a little bit of time to fill out the surveys.

If you want to sign up and help me get points along with your own, heres my referral link:



Wow. Brawl Central has busted out with TONS of new Brawl information...

My favorite is [spoiler] MARTH'S BACK IN!!!! Possessed Zelda looks pretty awesome too [/spoiler]

More Subspace Emissary

More teams and characters confirmed!!

Looks like Pikachu and Zero Suit Samus will be together, along with a big team of Pit, Link, Yoshi, Mario, and Kirby

Meta Knight confirmed (duh), King Dedede, and Pokemon Trainer

Wii Code

For those of you too lazy to actually find it... my Wii code is:


no Wi-fi games yet...SSBB will probably be my first.

Well, well...

I'm surprised...Nintendo managed to win about.... uh maybe 4 awards from the editor's choice things.

What a bunch of biased crap...I don't see how they can nominate The Orange Box for all that stuff, give it the award, and then only talk about Portal, which is like... a third of the game. If that's the best part, what about the other 2 parts? You can't really say that the game is the funniest.. if the only part thats funny is a stupid thing about cake....