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Awesome man! Congrats!

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Well, I was born on September 13th, it was a Friday, so it can't be all bad, can it?! I don't ever recall wanting to devour raw meat, or yearn for the taste of blood...... sooooo, I guess its all good?

Oh well, I will keep ordering my steaks extra rare and shaving my overgrowing bodyhair, as usual, on Friday the 13th's.

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I truly like Blockbuster more. Heres why:

I go to blockbuster.com and select the movies I want. Lets make up a scenario:

I select Batman (w/Michael Keeton) on DVD, The Dark Knight Blu-Ray, and that Abba movie (I am married) on DVD.

I watch the two Batmans on Sunday, but I find out that two movies that I want to see come out on Blu-Ray on Tues.

With the blockbuster, I can take any movie, DVD or Blu-Ray, and trade it in the store for ANY movie, just released or old. They will also deal with the shipping, and as soon as I return them, they scan them and they are instantly marked "returned" on my online account. 

Also, say that I have to leave on emergency and forget to return the mailed in movies. No problem, since there is virtually no late fee at all. I could keep it a year w/no payment. Actually I don't know if it can be a year, but you get my drift.

All of this for around the same price.

In my opinion, its like Netflix 1.5. Its just better. 

BUT, its only better IF you have a Blockbuster nearby, if not, then its all based on personal opinion.


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You might want to go to the system settings, and change your t.v. settings. It could be that your T.V. doesn't support what you have it set on. Example, I have a 1080p television, but if I set it to anything higher than 1080i (I think) then the screen gets all distorted, because my cable doesn't have the ability to support 1080p. time for me to gt the elite......
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Its not just you..... I have a VERY FAST internet connection, yet when I go through GS's pages, it slows down considerably. It used to not be like this, even after the upgrade!
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Everything XBox.
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If you like your position as leader, you won't want me as an officer. I have been an officer in 3 unions, and in all three of them, I was such an active officer that people voted to make me leader. I love unions to the point that at times I post over 100 times a day in mine. GS doesn't realize it yet, but the union idea is the future of this website, not the past.

I am only tied to my own union right now, so I am interested. Though, if you want a temporary officer to keep things going until you get a replacement I will do that to.

Good luck dude....

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Thanks guys! I agree with all of your points.

- I will not close the union. It's funny, but it seemed like a great idea, but now that you guys have me thinking about it, its kinda dumb to do it.

- Thank god that removing the inactive members is a bad choice. It's such a hastle that I was going to axe that idea anyways.

- I do want to get more active officers in the union, but unfortunately the only people that are active are some of the officers! I am in a jam here.

- I tried to post in the union recruitment forums before, and I was modded 3 times in a row. So I have steered clear of that forum.

- I do have affiliates with some of the bigger unions like the Head Crab Union, The Halo Union, and others. But

Thank you very much for all the good advice. I appreciate all the help. We will see what happens soon!

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I read through this topic, and got a lot of good ideas. Thanks guys! I have decided to make huge changes to my currently deserted union. I couldn't fit what I needed to say in here, so I posted it as a new topic. I hope that you guys don't mind......

Thanks for understanding my desperate and confusing situation.

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Hey guys. First a little personal history. I am tiggerboy, A.K.A. Sean. I have been a paying member of Gamespot for 5 years now. I joined The Xbox Live Gamers Union on Sept. 26th 2006. It was a very active union when I joined. I was very active, and was eventually promoted to officer. Then over time the other union officers and the leader stopped updating and posting in the union. I was one of the only officers posting. Then one day the Leader said that he was not going to use GS anymore, and gave the union to me.

I was TOTALLY not expecting this to happen, especially when I first joined. So, by myself, I updated the entire union. I made a new union banner, Union icon, user buttons, and one officer made a union introduction video. Things quickly stepped up in activity, for a while. Then dispite my constant posts and other active stuff, everything slowly died. Finally about a month or two ago I got frustrated with my inactive officer and messaged then my disapointment in their inactivity. They were very encouraging and started being active once again. Just when I thought that I had a fighting chance at redemption, the Giant Bomb site opened. In a week, my two most active officers just up and left. I don't know what I should do..... I do have new members who still join, but I can not seem to get anyone interested in posting comments.

Which leads me to my point. I want to try something new. I would rather have 216 active members, like you have here, than 1,500+ inactive ones. So I decided to start making the following changes:

-Going through the pages of members under the Admin tab and removing the banned and inactive members.

-Setting up the union to where you have to apply to join.

-Start looking for new officers, since almost ALL of mine are inactive on GS now.

Thats all that I can think of changing, so thats why I am turning to all of you leaders for help. I have been told by several gamespotters to just give up on the union, but I can't. It was the first union I ever joined, and I like it. I want it to succeed. I have a real hard time at just giving up on stuff. My biggest problem is that I am a noob at being a Union Leader. So what would you guys recommend that I do?! Does this change sound like a good idea? Maybe you have some suggestions?!

Any ideas and other help will be MUCH appreciated!

Thanks guys!


If there is a topic of discussion for this type of post already, I am sorry I didn't see it. I did see the "Do you need help with your union -- post in here" topic, but I felt that this was a bit much toi post in there. Sorry again, but I am just a little desperate on finding out what I should do....

Thanks for understanding.