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guitar hero II defeated

well i beat every thing from easy to expert. so now i am going to play my les paul 100 that i bougt. right now i am working onsweet child of mine and simle man. one day people are goin to watch mtv and see me playing in the best band at the time. and yall will be like " man i wish i talked to that guy more on gamepot". but dont worry i will sign autographs for yall

stuck in the last generation

well, it appears that im in the last generation of video games. Not saying that my PS2 isnt good butu i mean an xbox 360 doesnt sound bad to me. Anyway, i started to play a new game called ghost recon jungle storm. i would not recommend buying it. anyway i was just dreaming off the new generation. I have felt glimps of it but I dont know what it taste like to be in it. So now yall can brag about it or complain with me if your stuck

game of the year

what do yall think this year will have to offer? any ideas about whatr game will be the best game of 2007? I dont really know what is to come, but i was wondering if yall had thought about it yet. POst your comments here

new generation game systems

which new generation game system do yall think is the best? I think that the xbox 360. that is my choice because it has awesome graphics and has one of the best game series ever made, the halo games.the wii was my second choice. It wasnt my first choice because, no matter how fun the bowling on wii sports is, the xbox just got it beat in every thing. finally, the worst of the bunch, the PS3. this has little to talk about because it is basically a suckier version of the xbox 360, but with a few different games that or just for the PS3. so before i get talking about how bad it is let me say goodbye and post your comments

100 games!!

well boys, i have just broken the 100 games platue!! Now i just need 100 more and i will be really happy because i will have a lot of games!!! That can be a quote from Captain Obviuos

new games

Hello everyone. I was just wondering what do yall think is the best of the new games that they have roght now. i have not been buying anything on account of that im broke : (. so i was just wondering yalls opnion. i think that the new star wars game is going to be awesome.


hey im sorry i havent been on in a while. sports are killing me. anyway i will try to stay on more often. so i guess i'll see u when i see u

level 14

i reached level 14!!!

"I got my car fixed, its my birthday.A new bumper, and tail lights!!!!"