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7 Years on Gamespot

The 10th of this month signalled my 7th year asa member of Gamespot.

I joined when i was 13 and am now 20, and the site has developed so much in the past seven years, in good and bad ways, but is still a great place.

Anyone who i used to talk to, just wanted to say hi. Hope everyone is well

Peace out

Read 2 Million Posts

I've now read 2 Million Posts on Gamespot. The exsact number is 2020303. A hell of a lot, considering I've only posts 10300 something. Ive also realised that By This August I would of been here for 6 Years. Thats nearly as long as Secondary Education. Time flys when your having fun right?

Chelsea Qualified for the Chamions League Semi Finals, fantastic 4.4 Draw at Stamford Bridge saw us through (we won the first leg 3.1) , to now Play Barcelona. Should be a fantastic game.

Also, Wrestling Wise, my favourite guy, Mr Kennedy should soon be back after being drafted to raw. Can't wait for that.

Still havn't rung microsoft about the xbox 360. Been playing a lot of poker atm, is filling my time up, so am not missing the console that much.

Death of a 360


Am going to ring Microsoft on tuesday to see if they can fix it. I shant pay for it to be fixed though, if they say that i will just wait and fork out the money to get an elite. I hate the Red Ring. Evil.

10k Gamerscore + Level 42

Reached 10k Gamerscore today. Was left on 9950 something after completing TMNT, and then got another 60 today trying to complete Smackdown 2009. I probablly won't bother now though because its very frustrating trying to.

Also by this time tomorow should be level 42, as Im on 100% of Level 41 Now. Takes forever to level up these days.

Im trying to comment on peoples blogs, but finding them is difficult, really need to clean up the friends list. But Ill try and check on whoever posts in these for now.

Wrestlemania and TMNT

Watched Wrestlemania sunday Night. Total Suckout. MITB match was good, nice spots, but then CM Punk won again, which is a bit overkill. Taker vs Michaels was fantastic, and Jeff vs Matt had some nice spots. Title matches were total rubbish though.

Completed Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles game in a day as well, getting all 1000 points. Very easy, game was annoying at points, broken mechanics. But I am now only 50 Points under 10k Gamerscore. Working towards it.

Prince of Persia- Xbox 360

Finished this game 2 days ago. Fantastic story, little repetative in some parts, and the fighting is rather annoying, but excellent dialouge and story make up for it.

I recomend for anyone who hasn't played it. Anyone who has, what did you think about it?

Got Blue Dragon from game.co.uk

Good buy, second hand for a fiver, free delivery. 3 disks as well.

I just wanted an rpg for the xbox to keep me gaming for a while, and this will do till i get some money for some new games. Its ok, its an RPG, just nothing exceptional.

The landscape is probablly the most boring of any game ever. At one point there is sand, rocks and trees. Great. And searching places gets repetative well quick. You can search almost anything. Apparently kicking a random rock will help you find 10gold. Also searching trees you will probablly find 10gold.

Also completed gears of war (original) on hardcore, by myself this time though. Is much harder then on co-op

Gears 2 is amazing

Finished gears 2, Loved the story. Bit of a weak end though, thought the last boss was very easy.

The after credit talk from Marcus's dad leaves the series open for gears 3 though, which Ill have to get. Its more like watching a film then a game to me now.