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psp issues.

i'm starting to think the psp was kinda poorly made.i've read a lot of posts about peoples psp breaking. my R button is stuck on the first one i bought , i believe mainly due to lock-on for FTB. others have had problems with L button sticking , analog nubs getting stuck and the spring in the umd door flying out.if this is the result of less than a year of gameplay , i hate to see the shape of some in 2.i hope sony didn't cut back on the durability of the hand held in order to give it all the extra options and keep the price resonable.

so now i currently own 2 psp's due to what i feel was lack of durabilty.i love my psp but if this one breaks , i won't be buying another.SONY you'd better start making these system a little better because the PS2 wasn't a whole lot better in the durability department.if i pay 500 to 600 buks for my PS3, i'd better be able to run the damn thing over with my truck , then plug it in and play.