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My Top 10 Most Anticipated Games to Play in far

It seems most of my friends have been making Top 10 lists about their top games of the year and of the past decade. It would take me ages to try and constructa list based on those so I decided to quickly throw together a list of 10 games I am really looking forward to playing so far in 2010. There's a lot of big games coming out this year and it was hard for me to make decisions but here it goes. A new year, new decade!

(1) Alan Wake (April 12, 2010) 360
Its no big secret that I am a fan of Remedy because the Max Payne series is one of my all time favorites. Alan Wake is a game that has been in development for a long time and has gained a lot of buzz. I have been following it since it was announced which was before I even had a 360. It gets #1 because I have high hopes for it and have been excited to get my hands on it for too long.

(2) Metroid: Other M (TBA 2010) Wii
When I seen this trailer premiere at E3 2009, my jaw hit the floor. Team Ninja and Nintendo as a team could be a very deadly combination. The trailer for this game blew me away and was so good that it restored my interest in the Metroid series. It looks to be a game that will take the Wii to the limits and the Metroid series in an exciting direction. And knowing Team Ninja, this game shall be a good challenege for players.

(3) Splatterhouse (Spring 2010) 360, PS3
Thanks to the Virtual Console I have fallen in love with the original Splatterhouse Trilogy. The original Splatterhouse was one of the first really violent games to come to consoles and to contain a parental advisory warning on the box due to its content. I was very excited when I found out Splatterhouse was being remade for the new generation. It looks to be a really fun and violent third person beat 'em up with some intense boss battles. I hope this game does not dissapoint!

(4) Aliens vs. Predator (February 16, 2010) PC, 360, PS3
I have been following this game for the last year and from all the media I have seen and it looks to be very impressive. The Marines, Aliens or Predators, which ever side you choose has their own special abilities and should really make Aliens vs. Predators an enjoyable FPS. I highly recommend you look into this title.

(5) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (Q4 2010) 360, PS3
I have just recently become a fan of the Castlevania series and when I found out that Kojima Productions would be working on this title I instantly became glued to it. After seeing the first large trailer of the game, I think it could possibly be one of the best games of 2010. Especially with Kojima Productions on board.

(6) Super Mario Galaxy 2 (TBA 2010) Wii
It's the freakin' sequel to Super Mario Galaxy! Enough said.

(7) Max Payne 3 (Q4 2010) PC, 360, PS3
I love the Max Payne Series. Almost shat myself when I read the announcement of Max Payne 3. But without Remedy developing and the loss of the film noir setting from the previous games (according to screenshots) will Max Payne 3 live up to the previous 2 chapters? I am a little worried and hoping for the best for this title.

(8) Duke Nukem: Critical Mass (Q2 2010) PSP, DS
Some people are probably going to ask me why this wasn't #1 on my list considering Duke Nukem is my all time favorite series. Well, early media for this game had me skeptical and seeing who is developing this game, I am a little bit worried. The game has been delayed a few times now and hopefully it won't become another DNF. I will always support the Duke Nukem series and have lots of faith. To those who think differently about him, I got 2 words for ya....though I won't be posting them on here.

(9) Dementium 2 (February 16, 2010) DS
The first installment for Dementium was an eye opener for DS fans. Yeah, the re-spawning enemies got annoying but the game had a tremendous atmosphere. It pushed the DS hardware to the limits and I still think it's one of the nicest looking games on the portable. Hopefully Dementium 2 will raise the bar even more and be the great Survival Horror FPS that the original was.

(10) Just Cause 2 (March 23, 2010) PC, 360, PS3
Yes, I was a fan of the original. I have gotten into a few arguments with people over the first Just Cause. I thought it was a great game for not being full price when it hit shelves. It has fantastic lighting and the graphics made my jaw drop when it released. There were plenty of missions to keep you busy. I liked the whole daredevil action that made you feel like you were in Desperado especially with the main character being an Antonio Banderas rip off. Theres nothing better then stealing helicopters and crashing vehicles in high speed chases. The original did have issues and hopefully Just Cause 2 will fix all of that and deliver another fun, action packed adventure.

Now I know some people are thinking I am crazy for not putting Final Fantasy XIII on this list. It's not on there because I am not a huge RPG fan. BUT, that doesn't mean I don't have interest in the game. I have watched all the trailers up to this point and I must say that FF XIII looks very impressive. I hope all the best for Final Fantasy XIII and can't wait to see what fans think of the game and how it turns out seeing it live...and this is coming from a Non-RPG fan.

I hope you all have a great 2010!