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New Video Review Live!!!

Finially after a year and a half i got a video review to upload on here!!! so yeah it's going back to the way it used to be new vids every friday. and this weeks video review is on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2!!! CAUTION there is some spoilers in the video. next week i'm going to be reviewing The Beatles Rock Band and also tell me what you guys think of the video!!! So that's Pretty Mutch It And See Ya!!!:lol:

I'm Back!!!

Well i know i havent written ANYTHING sense the end of july while i was on a REALLY bad vacation but now i'm back in the bloging/reviewing mood! so let me just get you guys caught up on what happend in the last coupple months. Well back in august i did alot of things mostly to save up money for fall, But i decided to use $20 of that money to FINIALLY get GTA San Andreas for the PS2 and i really like it! then in September i got Guitar Hero 5 now if your wondering if stinks like Guitar Hero World Tour did? It doesnt, acutally in my opinon it's as good as Rock Band 2! so yeah i got that then on the wonderful day of 9.9.09 i FINNIALLY got The Beatles Rock Band!!! now ive had the special edition bundel on pre order sense May. and it was worth every penny. Now this game IS better than rock band 2 but the only downfall of the game is there's only 45 songs and there short songs. but if youre a beatles fan it wont be any problem, But they are releasing the Abbey Road, Seargent Peppers Lonley Hearts Club Band and Rubber Soul Albums For Download. so that's that about the beatles rock band. Now Last tuesday i got Halo 3 ODST and it's AMAZING for $60 you get a new campagin, the REALLY fun Firefight mode And every map (That includes The Heroic, Legendary And Mythic part 1 AND 2.) ever made for halo 3 on multiplayer!!! and yes ODST is BETTER than Halo 3!!! but yeah so im pretty mutch broke so now any money i get is going straight to Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2!!! so yeah that's pertty mutch it and look out for some new reviews written and video reviews, Well that's it And See Ya!!!:D

Im On Vacation And Im Not To Happy.

Well i know the last blog ive posted was a day after my birthday (Which was All the way back in june.) so yes i AM still alive! Ok now the point of the blog im on vacation for 4 days to Hershey Park and well ive ben here for 2 days almost 3 because it's 11:55 at night, And so far this vacation isn't working out for me that well. So day 1 we woke up a 6AM packed and left a 8AM it was about a 5 and a half hour drive up, So we got to the Hotel and i took a nap and we went to the park at 7PM. We got there and there was ALOT of people so i only rode 1 ride, After that ride i went to the Arcade and noticed that they had a Guitar Hero Arcade/ GH3 game, So i thought i might as well play 1 song, I played Hellicopter By Bloc Party On Expert, Littlary 30 Seconds after starting the song i had a croud of about 8 people watching me play, And the 2 most intrested people watching me were these 2 girls, So they started asking me questions like How Did You Get So Good?/ Do You Have This At Home? Etc... so i anwserd there questions and after i was done playing the song i told them my name and they wanted to know if i wanted to ride a rollercoaster with them and i said "Sure!" so the line was backed up to about a 45 Minute line so we quit on that coster and was off to a new one, Before i get to the BIG part the section of the park we were in was SO loud i couldnt hardly hear ANYTHING! So we get to the next coaster and the one girl asks "Do You Want To Go Ride?" Or so that's what i thought she said. So i said yes. About 10 Minutes After She said it i realized what she REALLY said. She Said "Do You Want To Go Out?" And i said Yes. So Now i have a Girlfriend because i played GH3 And Almost Went Deaf. So i told my mom and dad what happend and they asked if i got her number and i did so now my mom and dad keep telling me to call her. now i am so nervous i could be sick, But i proably will within a day or 2. So yeah. Now Today it was about 98 Degrese and there is NO Shade in the entire park so it felt like you were in the 7'th layer of h3ll. Now we headed over to the water park and i have to say somthing about that water park, It is the SORRIEST excuse for a water park i have EVER seen!!! i mean there is a 4 hour line for EVERYTHING!!! THERE'S EVEN A LINE FOR THE POOL!!! So We Didn't swim and i got heat sickness and we had to get to this air-conditioned caffiteria to cool down, And about 2 hours after that we left. So yeah i'm not having a verry good time and can't wait till i get home. So That's Pretty Mutch It And See Ya!!!:?

So Yesterday Was My Birthday.

Yep yesterday was my birthday and i had a really good time! My friend came over and we did a bunch of stupid stuff like eating a chocolate pickle cake (Which was the worst thing we ever ate.) I Threw up in mouth twice and She Threw up 3 times and we video taped it and put it up on youtube and i will post the link. So What i got for my birthday was Madworld, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, InFamous, Prototype, And Airsoft Magnum which i have to say is an EXACT replica of the one in COD WaW!!! A Cell Phone And A Real Drum Kit. So yeah i got ALOT of nice stuff and ilike all of it! on another note i went to pre-order The Beatles Rock Band because i mean come on The Beatles+Rock Band= EPIC!!! So i wanted to pre-order the special edition and it was $50 to pre-order it!!! Because it comes with The Game, The Beatles Branded Drums, Paul McCartney's Violen Bass And 3 count it 3 mics and mic stands!!! now i can tell why it's so mutch to pre-order it because it's $250. And here's the link to the video. So That's Pretty Mutch It And See Ya!!!8)

E3 Blew Me Away!

Ok no this year's E3 convention was the best one ever in my book because of the sheer amount of awsome games!!! I Mean There Is so manny sequels coming out it's not even funny and my wallet is going to dead by the end of this year!Simply because of well A TON of games like Splinter Cell Conviction ok now before i go any further i am proably the biggest Splinter Cell geek of the face of the earth i have played Every singel one 3 times and ive ben wating 2 years for this. coninuing on with the games! Bioshock 2, Assassin's Creed 2, Left 4 Dead 2, The Beatles Rock Band And finialy CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2!!! and your proably wondering where's Guitar Hero 5?! Well my anwser is i am DONE with guitar hero. Rock Band is way better and after the catostphory with world tour which i still hate i am not getting GH5 for 3 reasons 1 there giving you the same crap from the World Tour bundel the only difrence is they gave the guitar a new faceplate and an improved slide bar which honestly i never thought was bad and there giving you te same terrible drums that came with WT and thoes broke on me in 3 weeks of slight use. 2 The graphics and design of the game looks terrible and 3 the most important of them all THE SONG LIST STINKS!!!i meanit's all of the bands ive never herd of! so i am going to just stick with Rock Band And forget about GH. So That's Pretty Mutch it And See Ya!!!8)

Gamespot Is Not What It Used To Be.

Ok Now I Have To Say Gamespot is not what it used to be I Joined Back In December Of 2007 And Things were great! The reviews were accurate and good and that being said the Rock Band 1 Review Made Me Join This Site!!! No Lie Either. The Reviewers were great at reviewing games like Jeff Gurstman who Got Fired For The Stupidest Reason In My Book. And Alex Navarro who made reviews funny and intresting to watch and read. Now look there is only 2 good reviewers! 2 i say 2!!! And they are Justin Calvert And Tom Mc Shea. All the other guys STINK!!! and now the layout of the site back in august they changed the look os GS and personly i didn't like it AT ALL but i got used to it. But then i realized they screwd up A TON of things like... The Upload systme that's the reason i havent made a video in over a year! The Playing videos systme, pictures, blogs and alot more. Now about 1 month ago they but this tacky silver bar at the top of the screen! I MEAN COME ON!!! Gs Should be worring about all of the bugs on there site not how it looks for god's sake. And because of all of the bugs HALF of my friends list on here have ben banned or just plain left!!! i get on today and Tiggerboy left because of the bugs!!! WAKE UP GS YOURE RUNEING YOUR SITE!!! now i have gotten waringings for no reason twice. now that doesn't bother me but if it gets worse i will personly call the owner of GS And complain about every thing that's wrong with this site. So That's Pretty Mutch It And See Ya!!!:|

Godfather II Impressions And Also I Got Postal 2 For Free!!!

Well i know this is 2 weeks late but Godfather II Is really good and i honstly forgot to write this! So The Godfather II Is a Amazing game proabal as fun as GTA IV is it's just that The Godfather II Is kinda glitchy, like you can't jump but you can fall off of biuldings and keep walking and moving up or back and you just land flat on your feet. you can't swim in the game and when you do fall in the water you land on your knees and die and iff your in a car the screen just getts coverd in flames and you die. but thoes are really the only problems with the game so it's pretty mutch outstanding! like for instance Awsome story, Really cool waepon's, fun to drive cars, 3 perfectly sized maps And Awsome Multiplayer so what i'm getting at is that GS is out of there mind giving this game a 4.5 it atleast deserves a 7.5 from the reviewers. but i personaly give this game a 9.5 i will post a video review on youtube as soon as i beat it. Now you are all proably wondering how the heck i got Postal 2 For Free!?!?!? Well it's quite simple i got it form this site right here!http://absolutepostal.webs.comand iff your wondering YES it's completly legal. here's what you have to do, click the link and once your at the home page click download now once your on that pageclick the download button but don'tclick open click save. also you have to have WINRAR to extract the file don't worry there's a link on the site fii you don't have it but after what ive alghready told you just follow the instructions and you can get it totaly free. so far i'm on thursday's chores. also i will be making videos on youtube VERRY soon so here is the link to my profile. that's pretty mutch it and See Ya!!!8)

Assassin's Creed 2 Anounced!!!

First off i'm not dead i'm still alive i just havent thought of anything to blog about but now i do so here it is!Ok now im not a big fan on medevil stuff other than oblivion but Assassin's Creed 1 had me amazed with it's truly next gen graphics awsome stealth and finisher moves and really cool story (Although Repetive). Now i'm hoping that Assassin's Creed 2 can be even better than the first with better graphics more finishing moves and stealth moves because there was only 2 finishing and stealth moves smoother controles and a long story that isn't repetive. and that's pretty mutch what i am expecting from AC2. And also Tommrow i'm Getting The Godfather II So i can't wait for that and i was also thinking of Getting Scarface The World Is Yours along with it or after i get it. So that's pretty mutch it and See Ya!

This Febuary Was Great.

So yeah as you can obvously tell this month was great for me because of a whole bunch of stuff! like, I got Fable II, GTA IV The Lost And D4mned and F.E.A.R 2! AND i got one of my old friends back! yeah this month was great the weather was good and so was the games! now Fable II is great it's WAY better that the first one simply because of the better graphics and guns. Now i almost beat it and it's right up there with one of the best games i have EVER played! so about 3 weeks after i got Fable II i got GTA IV The Lost And D4nmed And i have to say that for the $20 that you spend on this it's like getting a whole new GTA game! i mean it's great the new missions are really fun the new cars and bikes are great there's a whole new phone and new music like Deep Purple's Highway Star AC/DC's A toutch too mutch and alot more good songs new weapons like the auto shotgun, the auto pistol and ALOT more so iff your thinking about getting it GET IT!!! and now F.E.A.R 2. i just got this last week and i have almost beat it, not this one is way better than the first simply becaus it isn't as scarry. It's more like rainbow six vegas 2, COD4 and condenmed 2 all put toghther. i must warn you this game WILL make you jump at some points but mot of the other time it's not too bad, now the multiplayer is just like COD 4 it's fast, fun and intense so yeah F.E.A.R 2 gets a 2 thumbs up from me! ok enough about games for now, About 2 weeks ago i was in my backyard shooting my airsoft gun at my box target and my old friend Jessie comes down my house and says hi, Now about 2 years ago me and her got into a BIG fight not like kicking or puching or anything like that but we got into a fight and we were really good friends and i have ben kinda upset sense the whole thing happend and well we apolijised and now every thing's back to the way it used to be and i am really glad. And one more thing here's a picture of me that i just took sense you guys hevent seen me in eons LOL i look diffrent hua! so yeah that's about it so have a great weekend everyone and See Ya!:)

Im Verry Confused.

Well as everybody knows febuary and march is to great months for gaming with all of the new realeses like Resident Evil 5, The Sims 3, Killzone 2 and more. now at the end of the month im going to get a new game but again i don't know what to get. i have it split down to 2 games 1 Killzone 2 which looks absoutly AMAZING or The Godfather II Which looks like a really good GTA type game. now i kave killzone 2 on pre order but i didn't get the demo card and im worried that it might not be good. And The Godfather II looks really cool with the excution kills execlent graphichs, really cool guns and cars and multiple cities. so That's It And See Ya!:D