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On Production Value and Vlogging

As a writer, I obviously appreciate the written word--I kind of have to, as per my job description. But as the saying goes, a picture is worth 1,000 of those little scribbles, and a video is probably worth at least a dozen grainy snapshots. With that rationale, myself and the rest of the GS News team are going to be supplementing our event coverage with small video clips which we'll be subtitling vlogs (short for video blogs).

The first GS News Vlog footage has already begun to surface. And yes, they don't have a lot of what the great Don Cornelius called "production value" in the underappreciated Tapeheads (Warning: video clip has PG-13/TV14 rated language). However, we like to think they do capture the essence of what reportage is--taking our readers and users into events that they themselves can't attend.

CES is just the start! Look for a lot more of this guerilla footage to bubble up as 2009 progresses.