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CES 2009: Sony booth vlog

With the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in full swing, GameSpot has been in Las Vegas much of this week covering the goings-on. Arguably the biggest event was Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer's keynote address, which revealed some new information about the PSP/PS3 user base and Little Big Planet's 1.3 million units of sales. The company also reported $1 million worth of items have already been sold via the PlayStation Home virtual world/gaming service hybrid, and that 330 million items have been downloaded from the PlayStation Network.

But while there were some game appearances, the thrust of Sony's presentation was its vast catalog of electronics. Those were on display--up close and muy personal--at the Tokyo-based company's massive booth on the CES show floor. Naturally, the booth had its own PlayStation 3 section.


The PSP was in full effect as well.


However, the most interesting gaming display was over in by the vast television area, where Sony was letting attendees check out footage of MotorStorm and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue rendered in stereoscopic RealD 3D footage. Without RealD 3D glasses, you literally see double images, since their slightly askew nature is what makes them 3D. We toggled a pair of 3D glasses over the lens to show the difference, but the footage of the 3D image is obviously not 3D itself.





Right behind the 3D action was a booth showing off Sony's pricey and ultra thin OLED--Organic Light Emitted Diode--television. While mind-bogglingly thin at 3mm, the screens for the models currently on display are only 11" wide, even though they have the pixel density as a 40" LCD TV. It costs $2,499.


For those who like their screens larger and only slightly thicker, there was a 40" ZX1 Bravia with a 9.9mm-thick screen on a rotating dias right around the corner. You'll need a fat wallet to own the slim thing, though--it's $3,999.


Next to the ultrathin Bravia was the P Series "Lifestyle PC", which looked like an old Sharp Wizard organizerfrom the future. Its feature set was pretty impressive, though--the base model is just $899.99 and comes with a 60GB hard drive and built-in cell modem that uses Verizon.


Speaking of the future, the highest-tech part of Sony's booth was its flexible OLED display. Though the poor-quality video below doesn't convey it very well, the small circular display first shown is being bent slightly by two metal poles. Along each side of it were two conceptual designs--so conceptual that the two burly security guards shooed photographers away from them. The first looked like a thin booklet with the screen inside, the other was a bracelet which could act as a video display and what appeared to be a sleek button-less phone.


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