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Earned three more E3-related emblems today

After Fuse was reopened after days of being closed due to bandwidth reasons during E3, I learned that I earned three more E3-related emblems from Tuesday: E3 2013 Stage 1, E3 2013 Stage 2, and E3 2013 Live Cam.

emblem_882_64x64.jpgE3 2013 Stage 1


emblem_883_64x64.jpgE3 2013 Stage 2


emblem_884_64x64.jpgE3 2013 Live Cam

With these emblems, I now earned 88 emblems in total. Now where is the hidden emblem that I heard about?

I earned four more emblems related to E3 today

I earned four emblems related to the four pre-E3 press conferences that were held today: Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony:





As for Sony's emblem, I was unable to check to be certain I have it because Fuse is offline for the last several hours. GameSpot is having glitches on its forums (not yet fixed) and with Fuse offline brought a bad taste of the beginning of E3 Week.

Because of the four emblems, I now have 85 emblems total. There will be no emblem for Nintendo tomorrow as the company decided not to hold a press conference this E3.

Third anniverary of my current account

I forgot to realize that it is now the third annniveary of my current account: thom_maytees. I should have mentioned it on April 30th, but for some reason, I forgot about it. Since it is two days late, I decided to make this blog entry.

How long will I keep my account depends on whether I am still interested in GameSpot and its forums.

Received a new emblem: Valentine's Day

Today, I received a new emblem for posting in the comments section of a Community article on Valentine's Day. Here is the emblem:

emblem_876_64x64.jpg Valentine's Day

By receiving this new emblem, I now have 81 emblems in my account.