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Kinect Game Idea(s)?

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This is my first blog post on Gamespot...I'm not even sure how many people utilize the blogs. I've probably stumbled across them before, but never noticed. Anyhow, I'll try to keep on topic.

At the time of writing, the Kinect is set to come out in about 2 days. So I have no idea how the hardware works hands-on. That being said, my game idea(s) are based solely on certain pretenses that everything works great and blah blah blah.

There's one launch title that kind of displays what I'm thinking of and after trying it out, I'll know if its possible or not. That title is "Fighters Uncaged". So you kinda see the idea I'm going with. It can also relate to the teased Star Wars rail adventure game that's release is still TBA. Anyhow, my idea is an "Avatar: The Last Airbender" type game. Yeah, I know that the last game that came out under the franchise was kinda....less than great. Though lets not bind it strictly to the franchise. Lets just say that you can manipulate various elements (natural or otherwise) by using combinations of martial arts moves. Start of with simple motions that can be recognized by the sensor and then move on to the more advanced moves that are easily decipherable from the simpler ones.

As for story, that's up for grabs. I see an issue with movement controls and I think most people are like me and don't really enjoy rail games. Thats really as far as my idea has made it. I have very little time to entertain the idea of something that will most likely never be realized. :P

Anyhow, this is just my little corner of the net that I used to put my idea out there. So later on when/if something like it comes out I can look back and say, "Hey I had that's where I blogged about it".

So have any of you wayward readers thought of a game that you think would be pretty awesome with the Kinect's (proposed) capabilities?