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It's been awhile.

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In an attempt to get rid of my acne, i've been doing some diet changes and a few life style changes.

1. No sugar, No beer (Broke this one lastnight) no milk or limited milk and dairy usage, plenty of green tea, using, Benzyol Perioxde, Tea Tree Oil.

2. Possibilly going on Accutane (last resort but we shall see)

3. Taking daily Showers.

4. No masturbating (lol)

So far, it was improving, but i had make-up on to cover my face and i worked my butt off for 5 hours in blistering humid weather and it made my face horrible due to the clogged pores. And the sun didn't help nor did the heat inside the camping tent. So yes, last day and a half i backtracked. Plys the beer probably didn't help but anyway. I'm gonna keep posting monthly blogs.

My favourite anime songs

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This is going to be similar to my soul calibur blog i made a while ago. But instead of soul calibur songs, i'll post my favourite anime songs. Small selection :P


Anime: Naruto Shippuden

One of the reasons why i like this song is because of the violins. Well i think they are violins or some kind of string based instrument. Its caputres that epic stalemate fight feeling, Love this song.


Hinatas Death Theme/Madara uchihas theme

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Very powerful sounding. Nuff said.


Emergence of Talents

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

I love this song because. In the fight it plays its basicallly a 2 versus 100 fight. Sakura managed to get a last bit of strength and gets ready to fight the onslaught of Sasoris puppets, A epic fight indeed.


Crimson Flames

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Pain versus Naruto. Seriously one of the best fights in the Anime. And this is one of the best songs.


Pale Light

Anime: Record of Lodoss War

Record of Lodoss War is one of my favourite fantasy animes, it's high fantasy at its best. And the music is simply amazinh for its time. Full orchesesteral music is epic!.


Memories of the Sea Shore

Anime: Legend of Crystania

Crystania is a sequal to Lodoss War. And its music is amazing too. This song is so beautiful.


My Favourite Soul Calibur Series Songs.

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With Great gameplay, naturally comes music too. The Soul Calibur Series has some of my favourite music in video game history. While i can't name the individual composers for the series, as theres been quite a few of them. I can name each track for sure. While this won't be a complete list of all my favourite songs. As theres too many to post in a blog. I'll try to keep it to atleast 2 songs per game. So i can't give a basic idea on what songs make the cut to be as to being my favourite songs.

Game: Soul Calibur II
Song: No Turning Back
Reason why i like: Has energy in it. Song matches Raphael awesome idle animation

No Turning Back, is easily one of my favourite songs from SCII. The song itself contains so much energy. And it captures that 17th century mansion felling perfectly. The level is set inside this huge library. And it looks epic. And its cool that in the London history museum that theres a section inside it that looks exactly like the stage from the game. The song also seems to be in sync with Raphaels SCII idle animation where he keeps stepping back and forward like a true fencer. Back when i used to play Soul Calibur 4 i always had this song playing in the background on my xbox360 when i was playing on the gothic looking castle throne room stage. It made it more epic when i played as Amy when fighting against Raphael. The Mysterious adopted child sparring against her father who also taught her how to use the rapier. It make for some epic fights. Ahh poor amy, how i miss you. Wait.. She's Viola.. Hmmm.

Game: Soul Calibur II
Song: Unwavering Resolve
Reason why i like: Made Cassandra one of my favourite characters.

Back when the game came out i was alot younger. And as young boys are like. It felt odd wanting to use a female characters. And with more than half of the cast being female charactersit felt even more odd. But i finally came to grips with the notion of playing as a female fighter. And i started loving cassandras play ****f being constantly in the opponents face. And having that spunky attitude. And after that i started always using female characters as my mains in any video game. The song itself is epic stuff. Very grand i think is a word i would use. And it suited both the sisters perfectly. Sure it sucks not to play as cassandra anymore since shes been removed due to the age rule in SCV. But heh, this song will always remind me why i love playing as Cassandra.

Game: Soul Calibur III
Song: Fearless Eyes
Resion why i like: Great instruments used and great sounding overall

SCIIIs soundtrack is probably the best one in the series as a whole. The music is great. The instruments used for the songs really stand out. And the music resonates with me alot. And i epsecially like the beggining bit. Props to who ever used that piece of instrument, no clue what it is though. I personally like songs with energy in them. And this song has energy inside it.

Game: Soul Calibur 4
Song: Apocalyspe
Reason why i like: Kept me waiting for the next chapter in Soul Calibur series (The 5th game)

This song is my most played song on itunes with over 700 plays. Back before SCV came out i listened to this song over and over. Cos it reminds me of that whole new chapter feeling in a story. This song made me wonder what new battles and trails the future characters and returning characters would face in a ever changing world. Yeah, i love this song.

Game: Soul Calibur 4
Song: Halcyon Habour
Reason why i like: Hands down the most epic stage song in the series

Hands down easily the best stage song in the entire series. In my 500 or so hours of playing Soul Calibur 4. This stage was the only one i picked to play on. Why? Firstly the stage looks amazing. The lighting was bright and sunny and it made the game look even nicer. And the other reason being the stage song. It has so much energy containted. And when the first notes play it explodes into an epic duel on a deck of a pirate ship between two warriors. I just love it. I even downloaded a three dollar SC4 music pack off PSN for SC5 just because it has this song in it. And its so epic hearing the narator speak and then hearing the characters speak before they fight while the music plays. "Cassandra - I'm gonna go all out!." "Amy - You wanna fight? Fine with me" Epic moments for me. As to how they ended up on a pirate ship. Hmm don't care lol.

Game: Soul Calibur 4
Song: Thanatos
Reason why i like: Seriously, listen to the song... nuff said...

Okay, who would thought that this kind of music would work in a fantasy medieval type fighting game.. Well it does and it kicks ass. It's a really stand out piece of music because its mostly guitar based with drums and whatnot. Very different from the orchesteral music from the series. But do i care? Nope. In real life, this song would play when you make a peanut butter and jelly samwidge, it's that epic... As a boss theme it works perfectly. In my head i picture the boss agol fighting all the characters at once and having a epic battle... im getting goosebumps listening to this song..

Game: Soul Calibur V
Song: Till Fate Writes My Epitaph
Reason why i like: Very complex imperial sounding song for epic battles. Also Seigfries theme in the game.

Defently love this song for sure. It's epic and imperialistic on the way it sounds, and it fits Seigfried perfectly as a theme. The stage it plays on is a castle under seige with archers and catapults being fired and the castles main gate trying to be breached by a monster and some soilders. Really sets the mood i think. Soul Calibur V defently has the most complex sounding songs in the series. And i love SCV even more because of that reason.

Game: Soul Calibur V
Song: Decisive Clash
Reason why i like: Such an epic song to open the game to. The epic fight between Seigried and Knightmare.

What a great song to open the new game to. And it plays durring the opening cinamatic clash between Seigried and Knightmare. A true battle between good versus evil in my book. I epsecially like the opening part to the song. Adds even mor epic sause to the game.

Game: Soul Calibur V
Song: Holy Redemption
Reason Why i like: The songs title fits perfectly into the meaning and sounding of the song. The end bit reminds me of a song from the Fellowship of the ring lol.

Redemption.. Yes i like that word alot for a name for this song. It's like seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Or when a warriorjumps in the way of a fatal blow to one of his fellow companions and by doing so repents for hispast sins. And thus heaven opens ups for him in hisfinal moments.See you know when a song is deep when it can make you come up with things like that. It's an amazing song..

Anyway that will be it for this blog. If i was to keep going on there would be 50 or so songs. Anyway enjoy life, and enjoy music...

Unboxing of Soul Calibur V collectors edition (Updated)

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Just been given my april 11th birday game a few weeks early, so im going to unbox it :D Will post pictures i guess off it whenever i get off the game lol.

Update:Heres the collection edition. It comes with the game duh :P, a nice book like case for it that opens up and contains a limited edition soundtrack an artbook some codes for some speical armor to use in the game and another cd what i dont know what it is lol :P

Games im getting this year.

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Hiya, first none related Skyrim blog in ages lol. Anyways, i like keeping my blogs short and sweet. Plus as of writing this i'm going to be going out for abit. Anyways, Theres quite a few games i'm hoping to get this year. First one being Naruto ultimate ninja storm Generations. CyberConnect 2 have been listening to the fans for feedback, and the game is looking great. Deffently a day one purchace for me, Too bad i gotta trade in some games to get it.

Second game i'm going to get is Soul Calibur V the collectors edition, i'm getting this for my birthday i think. So Another fighting game. And the third game so far thats on my radar is Dragons Dogma, Think theres some kind of Berserk movie promotional DLC for it, but i dunno if thats only for japan or not. Hope not, cos i would deffently like to kit out a character with the Dragon Slayer and Griffiths armor from the manga/anime.

Anyway, Sound off below what gameas you gettinng

Best way to get money with no job?

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Naruto generations comes out in a few weeks and i have no money to pay for it. Been looking for a basic job for atleast a year now with no luck. And i really want this game badly. But i dunno what to do. Im abit hesitent selling or trading in my other games so i can get this one.

I dunno really what to do. But my birthday is on april, and theres a silm chance if history repeats itself because on christmas i got a 50$ gift card and on my birthday i might too. So im unsure as what to do. Either wait the game out and hope i get a gift card on the 11th of april or trade in some stuff to get it. Advice needed

I've been spoiled with Skyrim, And have developered Skyrim Fatigue in the proces

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Yes, Indeed i have been spoiled by this great game. Having played it for 108 hours and 56 minutes now. Up to a grand level of 42. And still haven't completed the main quest. I can officaly say even after my review.That it's going to be impossible for me to play another RPG for some time. But as of late i haven't been able to play it. Why you say? Skyrim Fatigue thats why. It's hard to describe, but i've played the game that much since getting it back in December That im finding it hard to actually play now. It feels like i have to play it. But yet i can't quite start my ps3 up and continue playing it. Because i know even if i finish two quests, theres about 30 more in my questbook. And soon as i do a few more, i talk to a npc or two, and then they give me another bunch of quests. It just never ends! It kinda is mindblowing still the scope of this game.

This game was in my PS3 for a whole month before i swapped it out for another game... Anyway, Blog over.

Microsoft is only in it for the money.

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Why should i be charged money to play online? quality of the service matters not. Why should i be charged 15$ a month for features i dont use nor want to. Facebook? twitter? all this watch movies online crap. Sorry but sure charge the people who use those features the monthly fee. But me i only play online, i don't care about having friendlists and update news and ign weekly on my xbox. I just play online and thats it. So why should be charged exactly the same? i didn't ask for these things.

Thats one of the reasons i shifted towards getting a PS3. The online is free. And because it's free i've actually bought more games from PSN than i ever did with my old xbox. Sorry im not falling into it. Theres no reason to be charging people for online play. If that was the case then Battlefield 3 should charge me. Too bad people who play MW3 are the sole purpose Microsoft charges people

Old anime is far superior to newer anime

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Don't get me wrong. i love naruto, One piece and alot of the other big hits currently out there. But older anime to me has more charm and generally looks better artisticly. Yes i know it was kinda more expensive to make and thus we got less anime than what we do now. And the older stuff was always handdrawn, none of this computer cg stuff we incert into newer anime. But Anime such as Record of Lodoss War and Slayers, and even Berserk, just look good in my opinion and look more like anime than what the newer stuff does.

Anyway short blog because im still playing skyrim. But Old anime > new anime.