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Oh My God...

...I just beat Heavy Rain. What an amazing game, it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. You are always guessing until the stunning ending. Anyone else beat it? Tell me about your ending (in spoiler tags please!) because I want to see the other endings.

Oh BTW I got BioShock 2 (without beating the first one, I know I'm a terrible douche).

Happy New Years/Late Merry Christmas/15th Platinum/EDIT: 16th Platinum Too

Ok, now that you are breathing again after reading that long-winded title, I would like to wish everyone (by everyone I mean the 3 people that read my blog :P) a late Merry Christmas (no 'Happy Holidays' BS) and a Happy New Year.

Today I got my 15th Platinum (what a way to close out the year right :P?) on Borderlands. And I hopefully have another one coming, all I need to do is beat God of War in under 5 hours and another Platinum shows up in my collection :D. I think I'm doing pretty good at it right now (I'm at around 1:15 at the end of The Challenge of Atlas). Then, I might try and get some more trophies on Buzz! Quiz World. My family has actually been helping me on that one :P.

EDIT: I Platinumed God of War (what a way to start the year huh :P?), I finished my speed run (on easy with unlimited magic) at around 2:45. Now I am starting on GoW 2 and maybe playing a little Buzz with the family seeing if they can get me some trophies :P.

I Forgot To Post...

...that I got my 14th Platinum, Family Game Night. Now I know what you're thinking. One, no you can't get in my pants and two, i got it for free :P.

MW2 Script

"Overlord, this is Delta 2-1 Actual, we are Oscar Mike"

"Copy that Delta 2-1 Actual."

"We are Oscar Mike."


"Stay Frosty Marines"

"We killed everyone. Hoohah."

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. To celebrate the new holiday I got a new avatar. He's my favorite character from Modern Warfare 2 and (SPOILER HERE) [spoiler] gets killed and then his body gets burnt at the end of 'Loose Ends' [/spoiler] . He's none other than... Ghost.

13th Plat - Trine

I got my 13th Plat yesterday. It was an overpriced PSN game named Trine. It was pretty fun but I hated the Better Than Developers trophy.

12th Plat - Modern Warfare 2

I got my 12th Plat yesterday. It was Modern Warfare 2. God damn Contingency, The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday, but... worst of all: Snatch and Grab (My Last Mission In Special Ops). I died so many times on that level. When I finally beat it, a Juggernaut almost killed me and my partner, I was yelling through my mic, "RUN!!!!!!!!! RUNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN TO THE EXTRACTION POINT!!!!! NO DON'T TRY TO KILL THE JUG!!!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Although you would know it was a lot dirtier and more explicit if you know me :P. Comment this. NOW!

10th and 11th Plat - NBA Live 10 and Call of Duty: World at War

I'm back again to show off my uber gaming epicness/no life. So my 10th Plat was NBA Live 10, pretty easy Plat and a pretty good game. Now Call of Duty (my 11th Plat) is a completely different story. I started off about a year ago playing on medium getting a few of the trophies. Then about a month or 2 ago, I got back into CoD for the awesome Nazi Zombies mode. My friend (In real life! I know, can you believe I actually have a real friend?) was actually the one that convinced me to try for Plat on it, and then I started off on Veteran, first 3 levels, no big deal (although I did have trouble with Semper Fi :/), the everything went to hell.

3 shots and you're dead, so you get shot twice then you go prone right? Then all of a sudden you get 20 grenades in a circle around you. I know my gaming experience went like this:

"S***, s***, get down!"

"Ok, I'm safe, I'm safe *phew*"

"Oh s***, 5 grenades"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! (I screamed like a little girl :P)"

"F***!!!! I'm dead!!!!! *chucks controller*"

And I probably said enough "extravagant" words playing CoD to get me a nice free pass to hell. God, I hope not :P.

9 Platinums/821 Trophies/Level 12 (61%)

Yeah I just got my 9th Plat yesterday. I'm not even going to bother writing a long hilarious blog that you have come to expect from me (I have needs too God damn it!). My platinums:

Uncharted 2
NCAA Football 10
Terminator Salvation
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection
Buzz! Quiz TV
Madden NFL 10
Burnout Paradise

5th Plat -- Epic Fail?

Got my 5th Plat the other day (my Plats are Uncharted, Burnout, Madden 10, BUZZ! Quiz TV, and Sonic Ultimate Gensis Collection) *thinks (from another persons point of veiw)* 'wow no skill there, he even had to use a glitch on Buzz, this guy fails at life, I bet he couldn't get a decent Plat if the only trophy he had left was to start up the game, even then he would end up breaking the disc and stabbing himself 57 times in his eye :|'*.

Yeah, you see my 5 Plats and then you're like "Wow, he's decent at games", then you click on [Compare Trophies] and you look at my games and you say, "34 trophy games and he only has 5 Plats? And they are some of the easiest Plats ever? I'm surprised he doesn't have the Terminator Salvation (Going to try and rent that soon :D) and Hannah Montana Plat but he'd probably just fail at getting those too. He sucks at life".

Yeah this blog is probably the weirdest and unfunny blogs you have ever read ('I didn't know he was just going to make fun of himself this whole blog, oh well now I won't feel so bad thinking this stuff') but then you read it again and you think I can read your guys' minds because of the quotes, . (by guys' I mean the one person that will comment this and the none of you that will actually care).

On a unrealeted note, Star Wars: TFU trophies came out today ('Not like he could ever Platinum it').