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Depressive black metal? Suicidal black metal??

Why there is depressive or suicidal black metal? What does depression or suicidal thoughts have to do with black metal?? Seriously, bands that claim to be depressive or suicidal just make black metal somekind weeping emo circus...I mean we have too many posers already, do we need more? I claim that none of those playing in such bands could ever kill themselves. I dare any Shining member to go and blast his brains to walls.

Yes, black metal always had kind of depressive side to it but mostly it was about strenght and invidualism. And then comes these guys saying "We play depressive black metal" and EVERY EMO IN WORLD START SUDDENLY TO LISTEN TO BLACK METAL! These bands have left none of the ideology of black metal left nor does it sound like black metal. It sounds something like doom metal, so why don't they just say that they are doom metal?

And whats with all this hifi crap in black metal? One day I bought Beherit's "Drawing Down the Moon" and opened the cd case. I looked at the booklet and it read "REMASTERED BY" and with those words it was quaranteed that it sounded complete crap and none of its original appeal was left. I mean it almost sounded like power metal with black metalish vocals...Same with Darkthrone's "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" I couldn't stand the remastered version. I think that NO black metal albums should have triggered drums, equalized drums, album mastered by some random dude, recorded in a proper studio, remastered. These are like insults towards the bands and are worse than bootleggin. I mean most of the bootlegs still sound like something but these remastered version...They could be Children of Bodom played little sloppier and with rasper vocals...But it seems that in black metal lives some commercialism and we will never get rid of that...

News flash

I just got to know today that Gigantti and many other stores have been opened in here, Kajaani. They have been open for many weeks..Whoa, I really should read magazines to know what happens here...

2 days until release of Hellgate London in europe. Going shopping next friday =) (I just hope its like in the videos, not like in the demo)

1 month till Christmass. I "hope" I'll get few albums...And a shirt...And a wallflag...(it is FLAG not **** you perverts ;)

Glitchspot has been fixed...Or so it seems...I got my long deserved level!? Well, I think I get another one tommorow, it cant be that I havent got more than one level in four days...Or can it?

On my to buy list:

Striborg - Embittered Darkness / Isle de Morts

IC Rex - Sielunkadotuksen Sinfonia

Hellgate London


Zelda - March 1991 Rehearsal

First and only recording of this pre-Belketre band

First reaction: What the f?! The record skips so much you cannot make anything out of the sounds. Only clear thing that doesnt skip is vocals. But later to the track it stops. I can honestly say that this is their best recording. Amazing riffs accompanied with great vocals(both growled and clean).Actually, this is first time I can honestly say that the clean vocals are better than the growled ones. This band doesnt use any synthesisers but still create that medieval feeling. There is 3 tracks on this demo and the last one is instrumental but it doesnt get boring at all. Also to note that you can hear the bass most of the time and it doesnt take any charm of the music away(like in the case of Vampyr - Throne of the Beast by Black Funeral) but adds to the music. Sometimes it is used as main instrument on top of the music, especially in the mellow parts and these are where the band truly shines. These parts create a strange kind of dark atmosphere.

Without the skipping in the first track this woulda have been perfect demo. Now this gets 9/10

Forums down...

Yay, forums down...Well. at least its progress if they manage to get rid of those glitches(I do want my levels). Just noticed that I cannot update my blog. I tried to allow comments and put name for this, even made banner but as I put apply it just reverts to the default settings, another bug? Well, I decided that wednesday would be my "official" blog day so tommorow better post with another review(hopefully)

Now some stuff I forgot from last post(and some I didnt):

You can listen to VON here:

Also checkout these: Striborg, IC Rex, Inquisition, Aska, Chapel of Ghouls...

VON - Satanic Blood Angel review

(my first review, or at least a try at reviewing)

Formed in 1989 VON is possibly first american black metal band. The members, VON(GOAT?), KILL, SNAKE, hide behind their pseudonomyns. Only one member are nown by his real life name, KILL aka Joe Allen from Abscess and Eatmyfuk.

They play extremely simplistic and monotonic ritual like black metal. Usual VON track contains continuos blast beat, few simple 3 chord riffs, gruntin vocals and occasional drum fills and screeching guitar solos. And this is what makes VON great. Tracks which are almost 90% same create very ritualistic feeling and atmosphere. The vocals bring mind an satanic high priest summonig demons from pits of hell. The sound quality of the recording enchanches this feeling. It is dirty and raw and sometimes it seems that guitars fall back of the music while bass being in comftorable unexistance. Within the "album" is tracks that feel like climaxes of satanic rituals(Wentt) and slower tracks(Veadtuck, Chalice of Blood).

On this "album" is Satanic Blood demo, Blood Angel demo and 12 live tracks with 2 new songs.

Overall: This is black metal brought to perfection. This is utterly evil and black recording. VON has shown how black metal should be done. 10/10