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3) the nuke detonation caused that from P1Spastic_Nutcase
Really confused me when you said that. Mercer's been flying choppers almost the entire game, why would he be stupid enough to fly the nuke TOWARD Manhattan? Especially when we clearly see him fly it out to sea? No, it was Blackwatch or the army that destroyed Central Park and everything north of it.
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I figured out the easy way to find what races you haven't WON. Go to the RECOMMENDS maps. The bright green diamonds are the ones you haven't won yet. I showed three on my map but once I clicked on them and it showed  what cars to use you can select a car and then with that car go to the races and see if you have won that one race with that car. If you haven't won a race with any of the available cars for that race, then you have just found the race you need. I now have 100% on the single player game.

I hate to tell you this, but the red diamonds are most wanted races- you know, to win a right to take down a most wanted car? If I remember right, they weren't red until I won them, but can't say for sure. The green ones are regular races, sure, but they stay green and never turn red, unless your game is different from mine.
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I'm trying out the multiplayer- I'm nearly finished with single player- and I keep encountering races which tell me to drive somewhere and "run the clock".  I have no clue what this means, unless maybe it means to do donuts or drift in a circle, but if so, why not just say so?  Why do they call drafting streamlining, for that matter?  After God knows how many games, why have they suddenly changed the terminology here?  Can we at least have that much consistency?

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I am playing on the PS3. I have found all 61 races. I have only won 58 of those. How do I find the races I haven't won? Right now I am going car by car and golding all the races but I can't fine the ones I need to win still.


I have the exact same problem, I am missing just one. I found most of the races by going to the easy drive and then races. If it has no 'Jump to Race' option, chances are you didn't play that race.

If you find all the cars then you find all the races. Jump to each one and go through the races for that car to see if any first place positions are available. Don't forget the Most Wanted race cars you need to beat and then take down.

If you've done all that and still come up short, I don't know what to tell you. On the other hand, if it's a question of how to get 100%, the solution to upgrading completely lies in your customization menus. If you have track tires, highlight the option and there will be instructions on how to upgrade to pro (in this case it's to drift 5000 yards I think).

Cancel that last, I don't think upgrading has anything to do with it. Find all jackspots, win all races, smash all billboards and security gates and trigger all speed cameras and you will be 100%. Your progress in each will display under driver details.

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I said the same things when I started playing this. It took a long time, but now I'm very glad they made this game. The crashes are still annoying, but I find the game is fully satisfying on its own merits. In fact, it's one of the few racing games where I feel compelled to play it through to 100% in single player mode, because by the time you learn everything you need to know to win every race you're nearly there anyhow.

I mean how many other racers are there where you actually make thorough use of every single car in the game?

What annoys me is that I can't find anything like a walkthru. Just because there's no storyline doesn't mean I don't have questions that need answering. Gamespot really let me down on this one. I guess I'll have to write it myself. The only thing that bothers me is that if I do that, will I be ruining the game for others? Should I leave well enough alone?

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If it's not the drivers, it's most likely some other program you're running, possibly in the background. I had similar problems when running Prototype, but only if I paused the game to run Google Earth. When I went back to my game, the game was snowy. It may be something you can stop from services, or it may be a program that's loading with Windows. From the start menu, enter "msconfig" in the run box. This should start the Windows System Configuration utility. Be careful here, as you are dealing with the proper functioning of your PC. One of the tabs is called Startup, and another Services. On Services, click the Disable All box and click OK. Now run your game and see if it's still snowy. If it is, enable the Startups again and disable everything on the Services tab. Try the game again. Don't mess with the other tabs, or your system may not run if you do. Once you narrow it down to one of these 2 tabs, enable half of the disabled processes to narrow the cause further. As you close in on the problem, the names of the processes will indicate the probable culprit. Just be aware that the game may not run at all if you stop something it relies on, which will almost surely happen at some point. You must deduce what needs to run in similar fashion. It wasn't too hard to find when I did it because the process names provided the clues. If it sounds like something the game might need to run, it probably is. There are a lot of processes, so it can seem like a huge undertaking, but it's just a simple task of deductive reasoning. If you need to know more about a process, search it on the internet. Good luck.
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1) The nuke would've wiped out EVERYTHING, including him, if it detonated above land. Also alex doesnt want to wipe out the population in P2, he wants to make an army of evolved, cant do that if theyre all dead. 2) In P1 he thought he was alex mercer. He comes to find out that alex mercer died, and the virus just copied the freshly dead alex mercer, so when the virus "woke up" it believed it was alex. After finding this out towards the end of P1, along with how powerful he had become, its easy to see why he did a 180. (Although i really dont like it, since he went from being a complex character to the same old run of the mill "I want to take over the world" kind of villain. Yuk.) 3) the nuke detonation caused that from P1 4) that bloody mess wasnt from what alex beat up, that was alex splattered all over the place from the detonation of the nuke, and it grabbed a crow to regenerate.Spastic_Nutcase
Just a few things to say. First, what nuclear detonation? The one he PREVENTED? It goes off time and again, it's so hard to beat, but after finally getting past that part, it never happened. I've played over and over I don't know how many times, but only watched the cut scenes once, so I'm sure I'm missing something.

Second, that bit about Mercer being copied by the virus makes no sense. If that were the case, wouldn't he have been controlled by the hive mind like Elizabeth Greene was? It sounds to me like that's what the virus WANTED him to believe. That moment where he says the knowledge felt liberating gave me just a little chill.

Third, if Mercer pulp could reconstitute Alex, isn't it possible that now there could be many reconstituted Mercers out there? This thing Heller defeated might just be a bad copy.

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There is another reason for not including a cockpit view. Its only purpose is for the aesthetic value. It neither gives you the unobstructed field of view that the bumper cam does, nor does it let you see when other cars come up behind or alongside you. In fact, your field of view is severely restricted. I would have liked a cockpit view for something like LA NOIR, to make the experience more immersive, but for straight up racing prefer the view that gives me the greatest advantage, and there's no advantage to a cockpit view. That said, the RAM excuse makes no sense to me. If you need more RAM then get more RAM. Point of view makes a big difference to me. When the first person shooter was invented things were different, resources were severely limited and PCs just plain couldn't do much. Even though the environment was 3d, all the characters were 2d, low resolution sprites, and that wouldn't look good close up, so the 3rd person view wasn't an option. IMO there's no reason games like Halo shouldn't have 3rd person views because resources are no longer limited, not for a long time now, and I personally hate it when someone is standing right next to me taking my health, but I have no idea because I'm stuck in this stupid 1st person mode. Plus I got sick of the FPS a long time ago. So the reasons are both practical and aesthetic. The same reasoning applies to racing games.
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Yep, no more pursuit breakers :(

Or cool down hiding spots. EA was premature in cutting Blackbox loose, IMO. There were many things they could have tried, but letting go the guys who had worked so hard to refine the game physics to a thing of beauty was horribly short sighted.
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