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Game Beaten - Boom Blox

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Just beat adventure mode of Boom Blox. Was a fun game and if am guessing that the adventure mode took me around 6-8 hours though I am not 100% sure. Overall i have 15 hours into the game but some of that was spent exploring the other modes. I am currently over 70% complete on my profile and will eventually go to get 100% of it beaten.

Wii Chronicles: 8/29/09 - Catching Up

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Yea, I have been lazy. Been busy playing Wii that is. Here are my total stats so far. My goal now is to just do a weekly update on what I have played.

Game/Channel-Time (Week)-Time (Total)
Check Mii Out Channel-0:01
Everybody Votes Channel-0:46
Forecast Channel-0:02
Mii Channel-0:45
Nintendo Channel-0:03
Photo Channel-0:01
Wii Shop Channel-0:05
Wii Speak Channel-0:09
Animal Crossing: City Folk-113:19
Bleach: Shattered Blade-0:00
Boom Bloxx-14:42
Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 2-0:00
Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 3-0:00
Mario Kart Wii-18:35
Mario Strikers Charged-0:17
Pokemon Battle Revolution-0:00
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity-0:00
Super Mario Galaxy-9:54
Super Paper Mario-22:21
Super Smash Bros Brawl-4:16
Wario Ware Smooth Moves-0:46
Wii Sports-2:55

Yea, Animal Crossing is in a league of its own. Fun online play and the ability to use the wii speak to talk with my brother help it gain even more playing time. Super Paper Mario is teh second game to cross the 20 hour mark, with Mario Kart Wii not too far behind. Super Mario Galaxy is close to passing the 10 hour mark and may be the next true contender for 20 hours after Mrio Kart, but I have not decided which game I would like to take on yet.

Game Beaten - Super Paper Mario

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Today I beat Super Paper Mario for the Wii, it took about 21 hours of gameplay and was a very fun game. I still have a lot to do to collect everything in the game, but I will probably save that for later since I have a lot more other games to play.

This is the first game that I have beat since I beat Final Fantasy IV in March. I am just lazy and dont have the time to finish games. Also, a lot of the Wii games I have are really not able to be "beat" or I dont really have interest in playing them (got them in a lot of games). I will consider Mario Kart beat when I get all gold on every circuit, which is coming up fast.

Level 18

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Just reached Level 18.

Will update on my Wii playing soon, lets just say I have been playing too much to blog.

Wii Chronicles: 7/9/2009 - 7/13/2009

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Been busy with work yet have still had time to get Wii in, just have not had time to update this. Therefore you will get the rest of last week in one super post.


Game/Channel-Time (Day)-Time (Total)
Everybody Votes Channel-0:01-0:04
Animal Crossing: City Folk-1:57-18:48
Mario Kart Wii-1:34-6:50
Super Paper Mario-1:18-13:48


Game/Channel-Time (Day)-Time (Total)
Animal Crossing: City Folk-5:37-24:25
Super Mario Galaxy-1:18-1:23


Game/Channel-Time (Day)-Time (Total)
Everybody Votes Channel-0:01-0:05
Animal Crossing: City Folk-4:26-28:51
Boom Bloxx-0:53-13:29
Mario Kart Wii-1:29-8:19
Super Paper Mario-3:10-15:58


Game/Channel-Time (Day)-Time (Total)
Animal Crossing: City Folk-0:13-29:04
Boom Bloxx-0:54-14:23
Mario Kart Wii-2:46-11:05
Wario Ware Smooth Moves-0:46-0:46


Game/Channel-Time (Day)-Time (Total)
Animal Crossing: City Folk-4:15-33:19
Mario Kart Wii-20:01-11:06

Wii Chronicles: 7/8/2009 - Mario Kart Star Power

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Today I played more Mario Kary in one day than all previous days combined and tore up the tracks while doing so. I am definitely back in my groove and ready to keep on tearing the tracks up. It was also a monstrous day for Animal crossing, which got more play today than four of the previous eight days. I was also able to obtain the 6th heart in Super Paper Mario. Today also marked my 50th hour of game play on the Wii, not bad for 9 days.

Game/Channel-Time (Day)-Time (Total)
Animal Crossing: City Folk-4:42-16:51
Mario Kart Wii-2:43-5:16
Super Paper Mario-1:18-13:48

Mario Kart Wii: 3 Stars on 50 CC Leaf and Lightning Cups
Mario Kart Wii: 2 Stars or greater in all 50 CC races
Mario Kart Wii: Raised VR rating from 5000 to 6119
Super Paper Mario: 6/8 Stars Completed.

Wii Chronicles: 7/7/2009 - Boom Bloxx Strikes Back

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Boom Blax was able to re-claim it's status of the most played game in a relatively short (still nearly 3 hours) day of game playing. The two most played games are within 35 minutes of game play with each other, which is pretty remarkable given they are all now above 12 hours of play.

Game/Channel-Time (Day)-Time (Total)
Everybody Votes Channel-0:02-0:03
Animal Crossing: City Folk-0:59-12:01
Boom Blox-1:09-12:36
Super Paper Mario-0:39-12:30

Wii Chronicles: 7/6/2009 and Week In Review

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Today I played the least amount of Wii since getting the system and spread my time evenly between Super Paper Mario and Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing is becoming more and more addictive with every passing second thanks to the Wii Soeak and the ability to play with BGRES077. Animal Crossing becomes the third game to pass the 10 hour mark. Also, Super Paper Mario has taken the lead as my Wii Champion passing Boom Blox in total time played. You can see the total numbers in the week in review section later in the article. The race for 20 hours is now on between Super Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, and Boom Blox which has seen it play time decrease as the week has gone on.

Game/Channel-Time (Day)-Time (Total)
Animal Crossing: City Folk-1:46-11:10
Super Paper Mario-3:37-11:51

Week In Review.

3 games (Animal Crossing, Boom Blox, and Super Paper Mario) got 10+ hours of play this week and were all played relatively and even amount. Besides the big three games, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, and Wii Sports also saw over an hour of play time while the rest of the collection was left relatively untouched. After getting the Wii Speak and setting up online play Animal Crossing's play time increased dramatically at the expense of Boom Blox which is now over 50% complete.

Game/Channel-Time (Week)-Time (Total)
Everybody Votes Channel-0:01-0:01
Forecast Channel-0:02-0:02
Mii Channel-0:42-0:42
Nintendo Channel-0:03-0:03
Photo Channel-0:01-0:01
Wii Shop Channel-0:05-0:05
Wii Speak Channel-0:09-0:09
Animal Crossing: City Folk-11:10
Bleach: Shattered Blade-0:00-0:00
Boom Bloxx-11:27-11:27
Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 2-0:00-0:00
Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 3-0:00-0:00
Mario Kart Wii-2:33-2:33
Mario Strikers Charged-0:17-0:17
Pokemon Battle Revolution-0:00-0:00
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity-0:00-0:00
Super Mario Galaxy-0:05-0:05
Super Paper Mario-11:51-11:51
Super Smash Bros Brawl-1:31-1:31
Wario Ware Smooth Moves-0:04-0:04
Wii Sports-1:20-1:20

7/7/2009-7/13/2009 Preview

The main goal for the weak is to beat Super Paper Mario and after that happens the games play time will most likely see a drastic decrease. I would expect to see Mario Kart Wii or Super Smash Bros Brawl have their play time increase in its place. Animal Crossings time also looks like it will get a giant boost thanks to the online play with BGRES077. It will also be interesting to see my motivation to play some more Boom Blox, the game got off to a strong start but has faded in recent days.

Wii Chronicles: 7/5/2009

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Super Paper Mario is my second game to get into double digits play time wise. Other than that a lot of time was spend in Rivendel.

Game/Channel-Time (Day)-Time (Total)
Everybody Votes Channel-0:01-0:01
Animal Crossing: City Folk-3:35-9:24
Super Paper Mario-0:57-10:00

Super Paper Mario: 5/8 Stars Completed.

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