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Woo Woo Woo

In the battle of man vs evil corporations... this one goes to MAN!  Had this been 15 years ago we probably wouldn't have had a choice. We would have had to take it in the arse.  But the power of the social media has made US, the consumers, God's!

We can bitch and moan and revolt against anything!  All while sitting back in our recliners, in our underwear and while eating cheetos. :)

I for one, hope that both systems do well and I believe they will.  We need competition to spark innovation.  How awesome would sports be if we only had one team playing?

With that being said, I have chosen my side.. I've simply put too much time into my gamerscore and I simply just prefer the controller.


The battlefield has been leveled, let the war continue..

Flame on my friends!

Well played...

Well played Sony, well played.

I didn't get a chance to finish the EA or Ubisoft conferences yet but overall I think Microsoft had the better presentation over Sony. But in the end, Sony stole the show with their console price and stabs at Microsofts licensing problems.

I'm not completely fooled.  I think if Microsoft didn't have such a backlash and media $hit storm about the used games fee's.. I believe Sony would have followed suit.  Their powerpoint presentation at the end their looked like someone drew it up yesterday but if that was the case. I'm glad they did.

I just hope Microsoft takes notice and makes some changes before November or I may have to jump ship.

I've always preffered Microsoft's controller and achievement system but that new PS4 controller is looking better everyday.

Update:  Another well played move Sony... your system is $399 but not with the camera.  $59.99 for the camera sold separately.

Stop Bitchin



Which one do you think will be superior? Which one will fail?  The answer to those questions should be neither!

I'm tired of reading everyones system flame war comments in every single article.  I for one, hope that both consoles do very well.  Competition sparks innovation and is also a great motivator.  We need both companies to do well in order to take us into the next generation.

Am I happy about the possible used game fee?  No! Does it piss me off that my system may have to be online all the time?  A little... but seriously.. when was the last time that you turned on your PS3 or Xbox 360 and were not signed in online?  I can't remember the last time I gamed offline.

Whether you like it or not, times have changed my friends.  Consoles are not like they used to be, games are not like they used to be... there is way too much money going into games these days.  I can't blame the developers for wanting a piece of those profits in order to continue providing great games.

I also can't help but think that we dug ourselves into this grave.  Back in the haydays, you would purchase an NES game and let your friend borrow it with no problem.... sure.  But nowadays.. we can download games for free online... hack our PS3's and 360's to played copied games for free. I purchased a 360 elite on eBay once a few years ago and the seller messaged me after I paid for it and asked if I wanted him to mod it for me for an extra $20.  Then he preceded to tell me he could get me any game I wanted for $10.  I was tempted but I declinded since I enjoy playing online.

Things weren't like this back in the day... we didn't have hacked Atari 2600's and modified NES systems.  Everyone bought, rented or went to the arcade to game. The developers grabbed most of the profits and nobody bitched.  But developement costs weren't nearly as high as they are today.  We didn't have Morgan Freeman providing 8-bit voiceover for the soundtrack to Double Dragon.

So stop bitching and support your favorite developers otherwise see them fade into the abyss like THQ.

I fell in love with gaming back in the late 80s when I was 7 years old. I watched in envy as my spoiled cousin received a nice shiny NES for Christmas along with Mario, Zelda and Contra.  I never would have guessed that gaming would have made it this far.  I am greatful to be alive today and enjoy the games and technology we have now.

Game on jabronis.

Mostly Flesh and Steel

I just finished playing Dishonored and I must say, this is a fantastic game! I have to admit, I didn't like the game at first... I almost sent it back to Gamefly but I stuck with it and once I got past the learning curve and really understood what I was doing, I really began to appreciate the game. I don't normally like stealth games, I think that's what was aggrivating me about the game at first but this game gives you so many options to go about your business, it really makes things interesting. If you've been on the fence about playing it, I definitely recommend you try it out.


Well it's 12/21/2012 and the world hasn't ended...yet.

Merry Christmas and New Years everyone :)

Will you marry me?

I am currently playing Fable 3 and am in need of a friend who would like to take my hand in marriage as well as bare my child over Xbox live. If anyone is interested, please let me know. :)

In other news, I have come to the conclusion that everyone on 'this page' do not have a life.

Have a good weekend homies

Oblivion Walker

I haven't blogged in over two months :o


I've been busy with family, work, life... and when I do get time to game, I've been exploring Skyrim. I'm a level 56 Nord BAMF... I own 4 houses and I have a hot wife. I finally got my final achievement over the weekend :)

I also got a new car... my old 01 Honda Civic finally died on me. I had her for over ten years... put 224K miles on her and blew the engine.It was really hard but I had to let her go. :cry:

So, I upgraded to a 2012 Toyota Corolla S and she is pretty sweet. Sure, I'd like a nice sports car or a big truck but I really need something good on gas.

New Car

New Car 2

So what have you guys been up to? Why does everyone want to leave this site now, I don't think the changes are that bad :question: