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Woah a post...

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so im semi back, i suppose i will ebb and flow coming to and fro these boards throught a while, as i have ever sincei joined (which is a really really long time, its kinda scary) so here is a quick catch up of my life over the past 3 years.

1) i am still completing the Sport Scicnece degree, i have nearly finished, no i haven't failed anything, it is just slow because;

2) i am currentley on exchange in the USA! its good fun, though its nearly over (last final is tuesday, then i trave round the countryside till the 29th before coming back home), however

3) i am still really not sure what career i actually want to undertake, i have a possibility, but it requires another degree, and im not even sure if i'll end up liking the job since i have never tried it.

thats it, i may blog again, it may be next week, it may be in another 3 years, it may be for my 10th aniversary as member (which is kinda amazing when i think about it)

The Catch up

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well, this year has flown by, and consequently i haven't bloged in a long (looooong) time. so, before i decied to get back into it in a few weeks with an interesting topic i have come up with (its to do with online multiplayer8)) i thought i would provide a quick catch up of what the 2nd half of the year has been like.

so, starting from the where my last blog left off. uni was good, well, the friends, but i began having second thoughts about the course. this became most evident to me when we had a study break in the middle of semester, and through the increasingly painfull lab on programming i had on wednesday afternoon (i could go for an hour and a half, but i got bored after that and got no work done, plus, i was rather hungry for some reason...). My exam marks reflected this, and i failed 2 subjects, the programming one by 5% which i though was a good effort, considering i only got 5 out of 30 in the 2nd test. but, due to it being a core subject i was forced to do have an interview, which by that time, i didn't really care, as i had decided to change courses and had decided which course to do (took me a few weeks to choose). and that course was...

Exercise and Sports science. yes, quite a change from computer programming, but it was the course i chose all of my elective at school for with out knowing it, and being quite a sports person (i know, i play lots of games, and i play lots of sports, im wierd, deal with it :p). the worst thing about this course the uni i was at didn't offer it, so i was forced to move unis, so have lost contact with a few of my mates, but still have contact with a few.

but, the new course is awesome, and i lasted an entire semester. its a lot more relaxed, im enjoying all of the units, and i have a unit thats 60% practical, which is awesome! needless to say, i scored a heck of a lot better in my exams, and went from 2 F's and 2 Credits to 1 Credit and 2 Distinction's and a HD (in the sport unit of course), with out an aweful lot of study, because this stuff just seems to stick with me.

and in the gaming world:

not much, i have picked up a few games, i grabbed AC1 and finished it, loved it, as i knew i would. have also picked up Fifa 10, which, i was having 2nd thoughts about for while after buying it, as it just seemed to much like the old ps2 versions, and by my 4th in a row, i just got sick of it. but after playing my friends ps2 version, it has given it a new light. now if only the real world liverpool were playing as well as my ps3 liverpool team are.

have also picked up MW2, which, i am glad i did, i nearly didn't after playing MW1 first at a lan, in HC, getting my but whooped and thinking the game was incredibly unbalanced, but MW2 isn't as bad (and i finished MW1 whilst studying for exams, study during the day, play at night). the campaign is pretty good, but short, the MP is great fun, but i am struggling to get into spec ops, possibly because im doing it all SP so far, which makes it very very hard (you actually die).

and lastly, in every other part of my life, we won our Hockey grand final, which was awesome, was a great game, managed to stay dry, and it just happened to be my 18th birthday as well, so had a beer as well (which, im not really liking, i can take 1 bottle, but the taste aint super). then we had our wind up, which involved a boat trip out to rottnest island, some beach cricket, and getting back, which was an awesome day.

thats all i can think of, and is pretty long, so i'll sign it off for now, may give a quick chrissy wrap in a few days. but until then,


Uni life

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evening all.

as you can tell from my lack of activity, i have been fairly busy recently. that blam mostly falls onto uni, which has been alot of fun so far, for those that dont know, im am in my first year at Curtin doing Information Technology, the course itself at the moment is basically computer science, but will branch off next year for more electives (and less math;)) Uni has been great though, i have made many new friends and am having an absolute blast, but the work is beginning to come now.

as for the gaming side of things, not much has happened, i have been playing killzone 2 when i can (not often) and also downloaded Trackmania Nations forever off steam for free, fun game, really addicting but it has been awesome so far.

(yes the size of the post it relative to the amount of games i have been playing)

lastly i have started a work experiance job sorta thing thansk to my mother, who has set me up at her IT department, have done one day so far, which was good fun, preety relaxed, reminded me alot of The IT Crowd.

thats all for now, i will try and get on more reguarly (comments help:P) but if i cant i will endevour to be on when i can.


Halo and Killzone: Spot the difference

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life has been pretty hectic lately, i have just finished my 2nd week of uni, and whilst i am loving it, it is most certainly cutting into various other parts of my life. Firends were easy to make, and so far have created many a laugh after just two weeks (we walked into our maths lecture dressed as pirates yesterday but thats another story). the only downside is a serious lack of the female gender in many classes (must be a trade off with computing subjects) but a few have a good mix and some very fine ladies.

Next item, many of you would know (if you can remember) i had my wisdom teeth out on thursday of last week, pain hasn't been to bad, reminds me alot of having braces tightened, just lasted a little longer. but unfourtunatly, there will be no video of me playing killzone whilst halloucinating, i didn't need that many painkillers on friday and i was lucky enough to pick up a copy of the game on wednesday (yay go target). which leads me on to the main part of this blog:

Killzone 2 is a great game, i have done 2 solid days with it (no multiplayer, we got capped then uni has been in the way) and im lovining it. The story isn't as bad as everyone says, it has emotion enough, and its pretty good. the graphics are immense, but everyone knows that, the guns are good. infact i love everything about it.

but it keeps reminding me of halo 1(there may be a few spoilers in here, so read at your own peril)

1) The first part of the first level,

halo: you run around gunless following a guy in a ship

Killzne: you run around gunless following a guy in a ship

2) The blood sucking creatures

halo: well of course, its the flood, but we are mostly talking about the really annoying little guys.

killzone: the spiders in about level 7 and 8, some of them will try and attack you, they annoy the hell out of me.

3) escape the ship

halo: last level, your ship has been attacked escape, kill people on your way, just get out. (also happens in first level)

killzone: 2nd last level (i think) escape the ship, its being attacked and you can hold them off, just get out.

4) Your commander dies

halo: happens i cant remember mid way through i think where that captain dies (or gets morphed, then you have to kill him)

Killzone: same level as your ship being attacked, guy dies.

theres not alot of them, but theres enough, though it may just be the fact that halo was really the first FPS i ever played (and the only game i can say to have completed) that is causing this.

from Nerves to happieness

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alrighty, this is going to be a blog about a whole lot of little things..

Number 1. Driving. i passed my practical assessment today, so i am well pleased, only had one major booboo and that was a chick not indicating in a roundabout looking like she was turning left, so i jumped in, and made her stop. but i passed, even when the car was parallel parking next to left. but this experience has got me thinking about things that make me relax, as for some reason, i was confident i would be able to pass, but i was still nervous as, took me ages to get to sleep, didn't sleep well, and lost my appetite in the morning (though it has come back with a vengeance), but, the moment i began driving for my lesson before the test, i calmed down, it almost felt natural, although im not super big on driving.

next up, i am thinking about writing a letter to our dear Mr atkinson, im not going to bag him, i just want to explain something witch i think could go along with his mantra about saving the kiddies innocence. i am of course referring to the actual aura an R 18 classed dvd (its my example) has, basically, i will be saying that as a kid, (ie when i was 13/14) i was not afraid of asking my mother if i could rent movies that were MA15, and basically, many of us have seen these movies when we were this age, but even as a 16 yr old your not going to go and rent an R18 dvd, it holds a certain power, i think this would apply to video games aswell, it would keep our kiddies away from the gory stuff, give the adults what they want, and any adult is not going to give a 13-15 year old kid a dvd or game rated R. so thats my argument, with a few other things, thrown in (any personal stories related to this would be a help, names will not be used)

thats all that i have for now,my next blog will probably be something about killzone 2 and playing it the day after having 2 wisdom teeth removed (thats right, i only have 2, pity im not in the 1/5th who dont get them)

Signiture Number 1

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alrighty, just finished my firts Now Playing Sig. i have chosen to do a Little Big Planet one first.

comments and critical analysis welcome. you may need to double click to get the full size.

Blog Banner/Sig/Avatar inspiration needed

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as you can see, i currently have a very plain area in my profile. im looking for inspiration to make some new stuff, but dont know where to start, so i thought, who would better answer this, then YOU, my fellow readers.

i do still have my assassins creed sig, if you remember that one, but im sorta looking for something different. at the moment my thoughts are:

Collage: and combination of some of my favourite games from all time (some will be NES, some will be new, some i dont own)

Now Playing: the entire sig blatantly saying what i am now playing, may require more work over the long run.

Series: something to do with my favourite series of games, not sure what i would pick, would most likely call for another blog.

Generation/System: a stuff with my favourite console/generation of gaming, may also require another blog for choosing, but may not.

comment away on what you think. you can vote for different things for different areas, ie:



avatar: fav game, or character.

the 08 Pick ups

by on

cThis year hasn't been as big a year as i had hoped for games, but it has been my biggest. i finally have a job where my income is able to support getting a few games, but Yr 12 has not allowed me to invest the time or energy into it, though, i most certainly did when i had the chance.

So here are my Pick ups for the year 2008:


Group photo with the best smiley face i could do.


My Computer and PS3



That 70's Show seasons 1-3

The IT Crowd Season 2


Futurama Season 1



Motorstorm Pacific Rift (PS3)

Little Big Planet (PS3)

Echochrome (PSP)


my non-school book pick up, written by my favourite author, great book.

and my two most expensive Pick ups, there close enough to post together.


My Saxophone worth a bit over 2k


and My Dell XPS M1530

thats my pick-ups.

To Buy or not to buy?

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This time of the year always proves to be the most annoying time for shopping for ones self. The sales are great, you nearly always just come into money at this time of the year, and there are plenty of great games just released. But, with all of this comes a choice, do i buy now, and hope someone doesn't get it for me as a present, or do i wait for chrissy and ask someone to get it as a present, thus keeping more money for myself? More often then not, i tend to wait, the post christmas sales tend to be better, i will have an extra few wads of cash from presents and saving in the past month, and the fact that although my love affair for games, i struggle to part with something over $30 then something that costs $60-110.

and in other news, we recently upgraded to adsl 2+ which is great, im loving it, we get 2gb more downloads per month, plus my speed goes from this:

to This:

tis life not wonderful?

oh and i have recently won myself a Motorstorm:Pacific Rift t-shirt, from playstation. if you want one, the comp is still running, although, it may not be due to a recently found cheat in time attack. but still, if you want in, head down to the forum boards and find out more details. will post a picture of the shirt when i get it.

Blog time, no see

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another day another blog (well close enough).


i recently bought a ps3, as you wold know if you read my last and first post. anywho, i got Motorstorm with it. good news, i am on the last rank in the festival, bad news, this bit is getting really annoying, and i still dont have that many trophies.


but, thats not the point of this post. despite owning a ps3, i have gotten back into Final Fantasy X on Ps2. this game for some reason has me hooked, it didn't do it the first time i tried to play it, which was 2 years or so ago, but i have matured alot. the graphics are great, but most of you know that. replaying (or attepting to go through it for the first time) really has me ready for the next game of the series, which will look stunning in HD on the Ps3.

 aside from that, i have really grown to love my ps3, and in particular, its ability to communicate with my laptop. i really love, being able to sit down, at the couch, and with the flick of a few buttons, be able to watch movies i have on my laptop. 

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