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The Future of gaming Home edition

With the death of my Xbox 360 I've thinking on the current state of gaming and what it means to the average to hardcore gamer. Microsoft Xbox 360 has a common fatal flaw the "Red ring of death". That makes the common gamer frustrated and very upset, Mind you that Playstation 2 had the Disc Read error happens when the lens gets dirty ,and will not read the disc. The Disc Read error was an unpredicted flaw that sony did not know about until the problem started showing, but Microsoft knew right off the bat about 360's GPU will come undone over time by the heat generated by the system cause the GPU to come undone form the motherboard. Then after many complaints by 360 owners and pending class action suits Microsoft extended the warranty to an extra 3 years including the stranded one year warranty. The problem is by the fourth year of your 360 life is when the fatal damage incur . Why do we throw down 299 to 400 dollars on a system that will break down in 3-4 years.

It's the games the only reason we don't flip the bird to Microsoft and it's xbox 360 ,are games like Halo, Mass effect, Gears of war, and those wonderful achievements that keep Xbox 360 living. Microsoft knows there audience and unfortunately we americans love to prove to each other who is the best and achievement is just a tool to the massive in check. Though the 360 has many fails so does the playstation 3.

Sony computer entrainment has a major problem and its problem is sony itself. Microsoft took the sony playbook and ran with it, and thats to be the first one out of the gate (Xbox 360 was the first of the current system) first and flood the massive with a whole bunch of games . Sony is taking a Nintendo approach instead of quantity is more about Quality. The problem is Sony is down grading its system . Now what I mean by that is if there motto is "It does everything" then why did they get rid of the otherOs option in the firmware. Sony is so worry about hackers that there not paying and intention to the many possibly that the PS3 has and that what making sony the third place in the system race. Nintendo is its own world it is not confined by the world that xbox and Playstation living.

Nintendo is the hippy of the system wars. Which years ago it took some LSD and believe in love and peace instead of war. This view toward gaming has but nintendo on top. There view is games that have great gameplay and make it fun for everybody young and old. Though there technology is less than than the other two. The wii has been dominate this war of the current generation from the start. Nintendo sat the future of gaming in motion with the wii-mote and motion controlled games. Now ps3 has move and 360 has kinetic which are the there answer to motion control. Out those two Ps3 has a more solid motion control system while 360 with kinetic seem to be the more technology innovated, but using technology base on sync Os use in cars . The os is shaky at best voice and factual recognition software base on this OS has many flaws. So here is my question what about the games?

With each company trying to get you cash out own there respective system with forgot about the games. To gamers the system is not worth crap with out the games . The three companies have forgotten about this and the developers have forgot about the games too. With "exclusive this" "only for this system that" is really taking away form the games. Now companies are asking developer to bump up frame rate exclusively for there system or add a special shading or anti alias that he or system won't get ( Batman arkham asylum and Bayonetta ). Even though the fighting genre is coming back strong and Capcom is really making games for the gamers.

Square Enix needs to take a good look at Capcom and learn form them. EA has come back to neutral stand and stop there bias against Sony. We know that the big three are trying to catch the "Causal Gamer" eye while keeping the hardcore gamer satisfied. This is hard but Nintendo and Sony has found there own way. Nintendo with wii motion games like Wii sports, New super mario bros, and raving rabits. Sony done this with games like little big planet and mod racer great open end games. Microsoft has made kinetic to jump in the causal game genre with titles like Kinectimals, Dance Central, and Kinect Adventures. What about the hardcore gamer.

The hardcore gamer got Dragon age 2, Halo reach, Mass effect 3, Dead space 2, and medal of honor. Three of these titles are coming out for both the PS3 and 360 and to are only for the 360. Why to get you to shell out 300 to 400 for a system and then shell out 60 for a game. While 360 use double layer dvd and Sony uses blu-ray the developers that make games for both system are limited to two each system flaws (Mostly the xbox 360 lack of space). So what have we learn. Companies are bring down the gaming experience for there own selfish reason. that has nothing to do with games it just to make a profit. Don't get me wrong companies need to make profit but to do it in such an un-tasteful way well..... thats for you too decide.

Pre E3 wishlist

1. psp2

2. ps2 emu for the ps3

3. kingdom hearts 3

4. Final Fantasy Vs 13 release date

5. Darkstalkers

6. Devil May Cry 5

7. New Xmb menu

8. redesign Xbox 360

9. hard drive for the wii