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I don't really see the point in pre-ordering.

I usually wait a year or two and then get nice specials off steam.

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Bro, I respect your nostalgia but this is 2014 and none of those games can can measure up to todays standards.

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Reason 1: I have a pc

Reason 2: I have a pc

and reason 3: I have a pc

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all of them?

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Probably the original fear game.

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Even though New Vegas is technically the 'better' game, I still prefer Fallout 3 for some reason. New Vegas setting felt bland and dull whereas Fallout 3 encouraged exploration and always had some cool shit to discover. Plus the randomness of enemy placement was also something Fallout 3 had over New Vegas.

Good point.

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Nothing to be ashamed of at all. But I might just say that a possible downside would be that it might be harder to talk with others about your experiences.

And I'm also of the opinion that newer = better as a general rule of thumb - for obvious reasons.

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I can't recommend Borderlands 2 enough. Super game

Do you recommend the goty edition or is just the game enough. Thanks.

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Don't let your dislike for FPS games stop you from enjoying something you may end up loving. I used to despise FPS games until I played BIoshock a while back out of sheer curiosity. It changed my perspective on FPS games and opened me up to a whole new world of gaming I might have otherwise overlooked.

If you want FPS games you can play for hours on end, try Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition. They're both dirt cheap with tons of content. You can even switch to third person view even though it's not nearly as fun playing that way.

I thought f3 / new vegas were technically RPGs.

But I dig your point though, because I used to think that I didn't like rpgs so I was reluctant to give fallout 3 a chance. Very glad I did though.

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If you like movies that make you "jump" then paranormal activity 3.

Trust me, lol.