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Games that have good atmosphere include:

Deus Ex the original

fallout 3

dead space 2

doom 3

fallout new vegas


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fallout 3

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I'm mainly looking forward to:

Evil within

Galactic civilizations 3


Fallout 4

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quite a few games going at the moment...

Skryim GOTY

Max payne 3

Portal 1 & 2

Far cry 3

Tomb raider (2013)

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Hm, I wonder why they would do that?????

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you obviously don't have enough time

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Pretty simple, is it worth the upgrade?

Keeping in mind I have a 27" Samsung 1920x1080 monitor and there is nothing wrong with it, in fact it's only about two years old.

GPU power aside (I plan on grabbing a new GPU with the monitor, probably an Nvidia 880GTX) is it worth spending the money, or should I just wait until my current monitor craps out?

While you might be able to get games running at 4k now, just think about the future!

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I never thought non-special steam prices were all that good.

But the sales - another story!

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@bldgirsh said:

Pretty sure Sony has misled a lot more than Microsoft.

Reason I haven't gotten a PS4 is I am waiting for the 4D, 120 FPS on my PS3.


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@korvus said:
@thereal25 said:

t's quite possible... often, suicide is more a case of deciding "it's not worth it" rather than it being some sort of mental illness like depression.

Also, suicide as a sacrifice for someone else? You mean like jumping on the train tracks to save someone and end up dying? That's not a suicide in my book...that an heroic act...

Yes, but I could think of other possible scenarios where the line is more blurred. Like a case where it may APPEAR TO OTHERS as suicide but part of your motivation may be to help others.

We can probably stay here all day discussing whether thinking "it's not worth it, I'm just going to kill myself" is always a sign of depression or not...

Also, "a case where it may APPEAR TO OTHERS as suicide but part of your motivation may be to help others"...example please? Other than Hollywood, I can't think of a good reason for this.

Well, it's a tricky topic. A person might think of themselves as a "burden" on those around them for whatever reason. Also, someone might think that their "negativity" or "depression" is just bringing everyone else around them "down". Another example might be when someone thinks they've brought shame or embarrassment to their family or whatever. I even heard a case once where a young man had himself convinced that he was so messed up that nobody or nothing could help. And yes, he had tried all kinds of therapy and medication.

And sometimes the people around a depressed or suicidal person might not be much help either. They may make the person feel unappreciated or even accuse them of being "no good" or "worthless".

So the poor person might just feel like "oh, okay maybe I'll just go and do everybody a favour".