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oh, now thats just messed up.

my video got deleted because it was copywrited... which is unfair because i've had it on my computer for at least 6 years. one of my moms friends e-mailed it to her then it was saved on the computer. i still think thats messed up how it got deleted. everyone was liking it too...

159 page views, i think i'm getting kinda popular nowadays

well, i remember about a week ago i was getting around 79 views, but now that actually doubles (well... doubled + 1) if this keeps up i'm gona get a ton of page views in the next couple of weeks. that would be sweet if i got 5000 by the end of the mont lol. i think i wanna use this font from now on. i'll see how it goes

wow, you people should have seen our arguement *lmao*

well, i just got into an arguement and as soon as i stop talking to people on MSN so i can actually think of some stuff to say everybody leaves. ironic wouldn't you say. and one dude sk8erfreek kept annoying me for one reason. me saying pathetic.*more ironic* and he says he has a life, then he says hes online just to annoy people... oh ya, going online just to annoy people definitely indicates him having a life...*still ironic*... who else agree's that sk8erfreek had no idea wtf he was talking about?