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Banner-How do you make it?

As you can see at the top of my screen, I have already attempted to make a banner. I have been using this website for a year now, and I still can't do it. Can anyone tell me how? (Please):|

Playing Crysis-Computer Upgraded

This is AWESOME!! I have such a sucky monitor that I can play Crysis on high with just these specs!:e-Geforce 9600 GTIntel Duo Core 2 E7650Thermaltake 430 WT.2 GB RAM (added)Kensington mouseGigabyte S-Series 3
I only play Crysis on a resolution of 1024*780

It's ALIVE!!!

My computer lives! Tis' a good day to be playing World in Conflict and Halo and all the good PC games out there! WAHOO!:lol:

PC dead.

My PC is dead. Something is wrong with it and I've been trouble shooting it for weeks with no result! AGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! It can't even play the original Halo for PC! I'm stuck with the Wii now. Sigh. I was doing so well in World in Conflict as well.

Crysis-Too Expensive

Crysis is a really great game, I know. I've seen the gameplay movies and it is the standard for FPS 2007. But it requires technology from the FUTURE! I mean, really. I can't afford all that fancy hardware! The barrier for entry is just too high.:|

I should tell U who the heck I am

my name is theoracleofgame and I don't want to end up like a weird freak that you don't even know. I basically live for video games. It is my greatest hobby and always shall be. I am also a huge Metroid fan. The only system I have is wii and pc. I still know basically everything you need to know for the other systems, though. As I go on to tell my opinion in system wars, I say this: LONG LIVE MASTERCHIEF!!!!;)

I can't believe what I was missing out on

:shock: When I only had a pc I didn't know what Halo was (OOHHHMMYYYGGGOOOOODDDD!!!!!) gamespot has completely revealed the entire world of gaming to me! this site is the only way to go. if any1 could help me get into the idea of things here (besides gaming of course) I'd be glad.:D