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I played Gears with the keyboard just to try it and it really wasnt that unenjoyable...pad was miles better but still.jmnderson69

exactly what i just said my friend but someone who never played it in x360 will buy it and play it on pc with keyboard, big mistake!

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i loved the review they even rate the story the gameplay and presantation, not i dissagree the presentaion was better than 8.8 and gameplay is 9.5 not 9.2 so it gets 9.6 by me. this is how gt rates so dont pay too much attention in ratings i pay attention in the long and detailed reviews they make!


I loved the review. They even rate the story, the gameplay, and presentation. Not I dissagree. The presentaion was better than 8.8, and gameplay is 9.5, not 9.2. So it gets 9.6 by me. This is how GT rates, so don't pay too much attention in ratings. I pay attention in the long and detailed reviews they make.

Even with the spelling and grammatical mistakes, I think the second is much easier to read, because I don't have to figure out where a sentence ends and a new one begins. Every bit helps, especially when your spelling and grammar isn't perfect.


Try saying that after you speak greek english japanese and german , in any case the big deal is the capital letter in the begining of the sentece now in german all words that mean items or objects are written with capitals, so i get confused, ok with that how about the ! why not ! and .

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[QUOTE="thenewau25"]no they tried 2 times ago one with a very old only mp game and one with chromehounds in x360 both failed!mechwarrior_bob

:cry: Stop posting you ruin everything :cry:

Mech Universe>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chromehounds on X360

so we agree on that?

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[QUOTE="jmnderson69"]Oh well i couldnt care less, i enjoy it. If they are being all girly just because it was on 360 first then they need to stop being stupid and get off their high horse.Captain__Tripps

actually it was great on x360 but in pc? it was not worse its just that conrtol made the game great on x360 but in pc its diffirent, the graphics were no longer that amazing, and some kinda paranoia hit the pc users of all action games being totally non liner, and having psychics gears doesnt provide that, pc has diffirent aspects in gaming!

how is an xbox360 controller on pc different than on a xbox 360

it is if its not A quality you can even set mouse and keyboard in x360 but its not as god as pc, but thats not the point whas that am saying that gears of war was enjoyable thanks to x360 control but what user will pick the game ( gears of war) to play it in his pc when he never played gears of war on x360, so he is gonna use the mouse and keyboard as a pc user, but its not fun that way, at least thats what most people say, it was fun on x360!

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Hmmmmm...hold on while i find the missing link here....

Hmmmm.....Fallout 3....grammar..Fallout 3...grammar......nope, cant find it!


sorry they start it not me, lets start talking about fallout 3 again what you think?

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you are ok wow took someones wife, so you are ok!
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Refer to my last post in regards to control.jmnderson69

still why you think users who play on pc willl use a pad now refer to my previous post, ohh yeah pc users like more non linear games, am not too much in that but iv seen people who rate crysis for its replay value and freedom with 10 and gears of war with a 4 or 5 so i guess they dont like gears of war they call it awful, ever heard of someone called antisocial fatman? he is a user in youtube and he says is a terrible game, well gears is a 7 in my book and am not a cryis fan either!

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i hate punctuation if you got something to say it just say it, as for paragraphs, thats true i do that cuz i say all in one post i dont use paragraphs cuz i dont find the reason to seperate them


thenewau25, the reason you SHOULD use punctuations is to make it easier for others to read your posts. I think you just may have some good points to make, but no one's going to read what you wrote when you make it difficult for them to read, which defeats the purpose of you posting so often in the first place. Same goes for using paragraphs. I suggest you start using punctuations and pargraphs to make it easier on us. Just a constructive criticism, mate.

ok with paragraphs but punctuation? show me how?

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Can someone lock this thread already?


the tc will let him read the posts first

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no they tried 2 times ago one with a very old only mp game and one with chromehounds in x360 both failed!