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my top 12 news

1 i got warhead

its better than the previous better maps guns ai and some stuff added like ai feeling damage whne shoted unlike the previous it has more action, i incresed shield resistance the new guns were needed i post more when i complete my outher reviews!

3 am gonna make a 3 rated painfull reviews one for gothic 2 and one for soldier elite

4 ill make 3, 7 rated reviews and one 8 for silent hill pc

5 clear sky reviews by gamespot and crysis warhead too, hmm whats with the video reviews?

6 an 8.5 for republic commanod a 9.5 for deus ex and 9.5 half life, actually thats more like 8.6 ,9.4, 9.6! an 8.0, 8.4 for quake 2 and a 8.0 82 for red faction when am done is either warhead or bioshock which i get tommorow,

7 on saturady i show you what i played years ago and found gears of war and kand and lynch dissapoitment, it will be EPIC!

8 games i am getting alone in the dark stalker clear sky mass effect!

9 games i want far cry 2 bully pc fallout 3!

10 EA will use drm in all game allowing you about 3 installs and then you got to contact ea, doesnt that kill the "buy" thing? ea has no respect for gamers, i hate ea!

11 reviving the union and post updates officers must contact moderators to select the new leader!

12 to get some rest after all that!

I hate the freaking glitchspot

I hate the freaking glitchspot lets see start the gamespot page i click something comment and then try to read outher comment or dint out the 1234 buttons indicating that the next page of comments BUT they combined somewhere in the screen lets open our messagebox 1 message click on it PAFF the main pagewindow is turn to the meesage winow, whatever ill press the back butto a couple of times to go back to main page ok someone tracking me hm lets check him out something seems to ahve gone terrible bad n the screen back lets click a review ,track author Error NULL false message,duh? why everything new that come out is so freaking buggy gamespot is still a beta when will they problems fixed? How i U-BETAlize gamespot?

gamespot awards **** and god hates me!

did you guys check the awards? best graphics nominees prince of persia, cell shaded cartoon, duh? sw the force unleshead, ehmm game is for ps2? how can it have that good graphs? and the winner flower...DUH

the nominess for best shooter gears of war 2 and farcry 2 how did left for dead won? its like a counter strike mod wioth zombies, i can even hear the counter strike steps!

best rpg fable 2? what? am sorry but its onlt on x30 its the show's game? hey i mean sutre it will be a great game but fable is not an rpg its not a hardcore rpg how it won fallout 3 THE RPG ! how fable won the deepest rpg? duh

worst awards ever they propably smokin something or got paid by microsoft and vavle!

an god hates me i couldnt find an xfx so i got an asus 9800 gtx and a month later it urned form 265 to 187 not even 200 why god why?

GTAIV and Bully scollaship WILL come out FOR THE PC!

August 1, 2008 - A recent ESRB ratings update lists both Grand Theft Auto IV and Bully: Scholarship Edition for the "Windows PC" platform, which constitutes the first solid confirmation the two titles are heading to the PC. Grand Theft Auto IV has long been assumed to make the jump from consoles, as most major releases of the franchise, from the first Grand Theft Auto through Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, have eventually shown up on the platform. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Grand Theft Auto IV were released this past April.

Bully, a third-person perspective action game set in a schoolyard, was originally released on Sony's PlayStation 2 back in October of 2006. The enhanced Scholarship Edition for the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii shipped in March 2008.

At this time we're still awaiting an official comment from Rockstar Games regarding the ratings update.

Update: Since this story was published, the ESRB removed the GTA IV listing for PC from its public online database. However, the ESRB has not sent out a retraction letter to subscribers of the ESRB update service.

i guees thats all i need to say, YEAH BULLY!

Far cry Fallout 3 and more!

So i wanted to do this a long time in response to Gauravox but i didnt have the time now ill start with a Far cry blog, far cry is propably one of the best fps with its exotic style unique story and awesome ai!

I really ejoyed my vacation on those islands, and the exotic view is better than graphical shrapness, ai seemed real unlike crysis...

The only thing i wanna ask from crysis warhead is a halo shield and not getting disabled with every shot, even if its recharging at 10% and you get shoted it will get disabled but you wont lose any health only armor no matter the blood...

It amazes me how a so old game like far cry can have so good graphs,

...and awesome areas that put crysis philpines in same, id like some just cause green water...

or some pretty graphical stuff,

Inside areas dont look bad either,




A scary one

another one from rebbelion that gives you more non linear gameplay than crysis and thats why it scored more than crysis too me!

this one rebbelion and boat , or even river are the awesme wide levels that id like to see in crysis

Just cause and far cry 2 have even wider ones, overally i wasnt impressed by the far cry 2 presentation dem, eg no technology like nightvision or the "sonar" binoculars, anyway or the healing stimpacks? id prefer the red screen health thing, to cover up far cry there is an awesome mod called MATOO 4


There is another called pandemie kinda reminds me far cry 2, and an old game CODE OF HONOR FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION!

The second is coming out its more like far cry anyway game is an example of how far cry 2 might be,

Now what we all wonder if the game really offers that big areas and tha will be awesome to me since they gonna be bigger than far cry crysis stalker, however id liek some cutscene story more than a non linear game!

hmm perhaps fallout 3 manages am impressed check the live wire demo in youtube

or bodrelands i was higly awaiting for this, E3 demo

well thats for now am gonna make some reviews check them out!

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