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World in Conflict - My Review!

After winning awards for the Game of the Year, I was really curious to know what this RTS (Real-Time Strategy) had in store. And so I played this game recently and oh boy, there is no two doubt about that it's one of the best war RTS ever. Story: In an alternate reality where the cold war never ended, the soviets are full in charge with their battalions to face the mighty empire. You play as 'Parker' a newly recruited personnel who comes under the command of Colonel Sawyer, who really comes across as the man with authority. I must say, that for an RTS this game is really high on story and grips you till the very end as you are curious to know how the war turns out to be. The characters are well sketched and you by the end of the game you actually start to feel for them. Gameplay: Now here's the part where probably World in Conflict really scores. Gameplay is pure brilliant. It's even refreshing as every mission has something new to offer but still maintaining the flow of the game. You would have to plan your mission strategically as you just have limited resources to your disposal. Be it any kinds of unit. Also every unit has their own plus points and you will provide added advantages in missions. So you better choose who you want to recruit. Most missions are timed and therefore the intensity is really high. You can call on air-strikes too but you need to be careful as it might hurt your units too. The better you fight, the more points you get to recruit more units. Enemy AI is at its best and can give you nightmares too. Camera also works fine and doesn't give you hassle at all. Graphics: Bloody Brilliant. It really brings the war alive onto your computer screen and although war isn't pretty, its freakin beautiful to look. Sound: War games are known for their sounds and World in Conflict is no more an exception. From the great voice acting to the constant sound of bombings and gun-raging, it all seems perfect. In a nutshell, World in Conflict is a game which put right in the middle of the war and gives you an experience which you are sure to remember for a while. The World is surely in Conflict and you better get your hands on to it before it's too late. Over and Out! Rating: 9/10

Back to the World of Gaming!

Hey guys, I am writing this blog post after a long long looooooooooooooong time... Can't believe i was totally left out from gaming :( But I am back...Back after a wait of almost 4 years :) and I have bought a new PC..Here are the specs i5 650 Intel Processor 500 GB HDD 4 GB DDR 3 Geforce 240 GT DDR5 19" Dell LCD Widescreen I am quite happy that i am back in the world of gaming and really look forward to it. Well anyways....wassup??

My Comic Blog

Hey guys! This is my first blog after almost 2 years....thats a long time Have kinda taken a break from gaming Just wanted to share my comic blog "Just Like Crap" i have started which is undergoing major changes as of now. You guys can browse and let me know how you find it Here it is Just Like Crap

The Journey has just begun

After a sad sad year, of time and destiny....The time has come for me to choose...N i hv made a choice...I have started 'The Longest Journey' and guess what its simply amazing...2 hours into the game n m enjoying every bit of it...Another thing i did was tht i hv installed Medal of Honour:Allied Assault and Warcraft Regin of i will be playng these games to atleast be in my own world..although i dont hv time thruought the week since im busy wid my Advertsing job..ill make sure tht i find time to devote to these masterpieces equally...The rest is laid to god...So in times of need..these games have come to my resue... i have also bought games like Psychonauts, Command and Conquer red alert 2 and Evil Genius...Lets see if i can manage them too.. And as far as my current destiny is concerned..The Longest Journey has just begun..adios

A SAD STORY ..of Time and Destiny

Once upon a time there was a person by the name of Mubashir Usmani...Everyday he used to play PC games...he was addict gamer and cudnt imagine a single day when he was away from his passion, devotion and his life..gaming. yes, gaming was the only thing that mattered to him..He was in his final year of graduation (2007)...Studies had to be done..but tht didnt keep away from gaming..But what kept Mubashir worried was the capacity of his CPU to handle upcoming games..Disaster struck him when Hitman blood money his most anticipated game..collapsed on his sytem...tears followed..and then it became a after games cudnt be run on his Geforce 5200 with just 768 mb of ram...What was to be done..?.and to top it all this wasnt the end of his troubles..His results were out..although he scored reasonably well..he was upset at the very fact tht he was drifting away from gaming..He had to make a decision soon..but fate had some other plans...Mubashir Usmani joined MET mass Media institute to pursue his career in advertising field..unaware of the fact tht his decisin wud take him away from his passion...Day by day..projects after after work..Mubashir found his soul possessed by a demon called 'Advertising'..No time for loved ones, No time for Gaming..No time for himself..But ven in these hard times..He used to make an effort to play something like a Rome TW or a Grim Fandango..But the worse was yet to happen..Games began swarming in from all parts of the enchanced..system steeper..n to top of it all Mubashir had no budet of his own to make new purchases...his career had cost him a huge 2.5 lakhs..which was more than enuf for 18 months of experience he was awaiting..Another disater struck when his 3 year old friend (Geforce fx 5200) collapsed without warning...his world was shattered..unable to bear the pain..his other friend (512 Mb of ram) died sweetly in his sleep..Now poor Mubashir was left with nothing more than a 256 mb ram with 64 mb inbuilt card of his AMD 3000xp...people began to laugh at his poor state..but Mubashir Usmani was courageous...he kept himself busy wid other activities like projects..everyday he reached home y 11 pm ...n had no time for anything..but like a termite..his soul wa burning withiing him..he knew that he had lost his passion..his partner..his gaming life was destroyed....for gud or for bad he never knew...but it was sure not to exist..his friend had brought a grand PC..and enjoyed every bit of gaming...Mubashir envied him...but cudnt do anything abt it....every moment was a pain as Mubashir wud cnsider himself a pawn of God taking him away from Gaming...Mubashir Usmani was left a world he never knew...His new friends were oblivious to gaming..n he found no companion within by day..gaming seemed to have vanished from his if erased from the very memory of his..Mubashir at times shud he get back to gaming...his new laptop (a vista one) was gud..but not wat Mubashir had expected...More than money..the problem was time...time was never on his side...his hard work was paying off in college but Mubashir cudnt find satisfaction..his soul longed for that touch of the keyboard..tht feel of the mouse..tht immersive world of fantasy and myth...which he had long lost...To mubashir's surprise another 512 mb ram was added to his home system but tht didnt prove to be 768 mb is nothing but a meagre amt of ram...and to make matters worse his 256 mb ram was destroyed...So as Mubashir sits on his wrcked PC and types his sad story ..his life is turning momentum and things have started to change...although for gud or bad..he doesnt knw...he is trying every bit of effort to get back to what he was...something stops him..Money ofcourse is of great concern..but as Prince of Persia said..."Time is like an ocean in a storm..."...i hv been stuck in the stormm...and only hopes can revive me..back...wat is past..n wat is coming wud be history anyways....Lets give Mubashir Usmani a revival which he deserves...a reason to live..a reason to grow..a moment when e can discover his true self...Unfortunately whih is buried deep within himself..and is dying a painful death... Mubashir Usmani....Will Revive


Hey Guys I M Back. I have not been in touch with Gamespot since the Past 6 months.I have been keeping a low profile since then. I dunno what went into me, maybe i was busy with some other activities. However my Final Year Exams Are over and now i feel free like a bird. I have been watching a Lot (and i mean a Lot) of Hollywood Movies. I'll be posting Regularly from now on. For all my friends.Keep Gaming.

Are You SCARED ?

What if you never saw your reflection in the Mirror.? What if you didnt have your shadow following you.? What if you were face to face with a Spirit or a Ghost? Will you turn back if someone calls you on a deserted street? What if you feel if you r hypnotized? These and many other Horrible feelings are a Persons Nightmare. What will be your reaction to these situations.? I know a Place in my hometown where there is a "Imam Baara " (a religious place for a sect of Muslims) where its written " DONT EVEN TRY TO LOOK HERE AFTER 6 pm " That town is filled with mysteries which no one hasnt been able to resolve. I once went there and i dont know , but there is something wierd in that town that will make you feel something is terribly wrong. What are you thoughts ? Do YOU believe in all these stuff


So tell me what do u feel about my reviews.?? HEre is the link to all my reviews. My older reviews arent that great but latest are good enough. I dont get much recommendations b'cuz i m very critical bout the points i give. I NEVER give a 10 as i feel no game is perfect. WHAT do u think about my PUNCH LINES?? WHAT should i add?? Which is MY BEST REVIEW.? I want a unbiased feedback


What does a good storyline lead to in any game. It makes the game more exciting and tense. A good story line helps the game to overshadow some of the weaker aspects of the game. In this Blog.I present You the WINNERS of BEST STORY IN A GAME from 2001 - 2005. So HERE IT GOES. 2001 ----- MAX PAYNE Yes this game deserves the sure had a deep and rich storyline which made the game one of the Best Games of 2001. 2002----WARCRAFT:REIGN OF CHAOS A good game with an excellent story line got the award.Although i think MAFIA would have been a better choice. 2003-----BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL One of the most unique stories ever heard.out beated PRINCE OF PERSIA : SANDS OF TIME. 2004-----THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK:ESCAPE FROM BUTCHER BAY Yeah, the best game based on a movie you'll ever find. 2005----INDIGO PROPHECY This in my opinion will go in the history as one of the best stories ever. Sure it had some points missing but this one is a masterpiece. What do u think of this.I m sure you find it quite interesting. which game can win this award in 2006?? And do u think any other game could have taken thier place?? ,HUH
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