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2 dismantled xbox 360's

[spoiler] link to picture because gamespot doesn't know how to add a scrollbar. [/spoiler]

late last night, me and my brothers friend tried fixing a 360. the two games kept being read as dvd or cd or unrecognize disc and no fixes online worked. the disc reader wasn't working on that one but the spinner was, and the other one had a good reader and a bad spinner. so a few hours later, we took two 360's compeletely apart,  switched the readers and unsurprisingly, it didn't read the disc and makes a loud sound now while it's on. there's also a psp taken apart somewhere in that picture.

cows and lemmings am cry :cry:


so i just went on wikipedia to read about honey boo boo after the south park episode. i've seen commercials so i knew what it was about, i just wanted to read about it. when i page loaded, the picture on the right side had a caption saying "Honey Boo Boo exercising."

the picture was of goatse.

it's back to normal now. i totally picked the wrong time to go on wikipedia lol.


this word is being overused by everyone since the tou change and already lost all its meaning since it's being used in every thread now. i was just in a thread and the first reply was "you're a dumbass." are you not intelligent enough to make someone really feel like a "dumbass" so you just state it? the tou was changed to make system wars more fun or whatever but instead the only difference i see is it's the same as before but with a new word added to the fanboys insult vocabulary.

in before someone calls me a dumbass.

so a waitress i worked with was sent to prison for involuntary manslaughter

she was the newest waitress and today i found out what she did, and found the link of the article, if anyone is interested in reading.

pretty crazy to think the people you work with could have killed someone directly or indirectly. she was always on the phone at the diner too, when she wasn't waiting.

tl:dr for the article, she was a caregiver who was driving around an autistic 20 year old guy who functioned like a 2 year old, forgets to take him out of the van, he died from hyperthermia, and they found him dead 5 hours later. she showed no remorse in court.

the last time i saw her, she accidentally tipped me instead of the dishwasher they called in to bus :lol:

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