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I have wasted two years of my life...

Here on Gamespot!

Cheers :D

I am in a hurry to get somewhere, but I will make up a quick list of people that has made my stay here enjoyable (sorry if I leave anyone out)





CanadianCR :P


Sorry, I'll make the list longer later

Your comments as always are appreciated :)

I have betrayed you all...

Nah just kidding. I got an Xbox 360 on the weekend, so add me on LIVE. My XBL is the same as my PSN (jtdawg23)

I have Gears of War 2 and PGR4 and will be getting Halo 3 later this week. I will still be using my PS3 alot as well as posting in the PS3 forum so don't worry :P

Well, thats all for now :D

Your comments are as always appreciated!

I'm Leaving

For a vacation :P I will be leaving on Sunday and will be back around the 30th.

What do you plan on doing this Holiday season?

Your comments as always, are appreciated

Happy Holidays Everybody :)

Finally beat Grand Theft Auto IV

Well, today I finally go around to beat GTA IV (for the trophies of course) and it was amazing,  I regret not finishing it earlier.  It is by far one of the best games I have ever played.  I decided to do both endings, and both of them were fantastic. 

I am also starting to play Resistance 2 reugularly, I am a Sergaent right now, what are your guys ranks?  Anyway, thanks for reading.  

Your comments are as always, appreciated :D

I'm back

Well, after being on Giantbomb since launch, the site has gotten really stale and boring. The PS3 board has slowed down there, and all the magic and wonder has evaporated. So I guess I will be around here for now.

Anyway I am only one trophy away from Platinum in Uncharted! I almost broke my controller in frusturation, but it was worth it :P

All that is left is to beat it on Crushing which won't be easy...

Your comments as always, are appreciated :D


Hey guys

I made an account on Giantbomb with the username thelastguy

Feel free to add me!

See you guys on GB

Not really sure what games to get.

I am thinking of getting Assassins Creed, COD4 and Uncharted. For now I am leaving out HAZE because of the fact it looks like nothing special. Although this could change when the reviews come in. I guess this is my first blog post, so yeah to whoever is reading this what should i get this holiday season?