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Xbox360 = epic fail

The Xbox360 = Epic fail (1st technology, 2nd, hardware, And now games.)

Why I do I think so? Because of the recent game releases. The greatest thing the 360 released was Halo 3 ODST.(Which is good but not great.) PS3 on the other hand puts out greatness this year and the nest year to follow. 1st we have Killzone2 which runs a train on anything Halo.(From Halo 2 - Halo3 ODST) Both in the graphics dept and Gameplay dept. KZ2 shooting and story is both more convincing and more fulfilling Than anything bungie has ever come up with as far as the Halo universe is concerned.(you got to thank M$ for messing up the Halo series it could have been alot better of a game)Also we have Infamous Which sold 568,000 copies less than prototype on both consoles.((look at Videogame We got the surprise hit Uncharted 1(2,600,000 +) Now Uncharted 2 which is already at 1 million. (Both uncharted games shhh on Gears of War) And the PS3 itself just moved an additional 440,000units last week in America. Because Uncharted 2 is such an epic game!)We got Demon Souls (no RPG out there on the 360like it), We got Heavy Rain coming, We got gran tourism 5 (Which is going to completely destroy Forza 3{and it's 2 or 3 discs}in both world wide sales and game play) PS3 is that console the Xbox 360 fails once again, and it's not in Hardware this time it's in software. All these so called huge 360 sales are mostly in the US nobody outside the US cares about the 360anymore. M$ might as release another 360 like they plan too. But that won't matter like everyone is this business knows it's about the games, PS3 has them now and they are better games. Sales are really not that important, to the regular consumer(as I)the only reason why I post some of the PS3's sales is because that's all you Xbots throw in PS3 fans faces every chance you get. But in the end PS3 and it's games will surpass the 360's because Many more people see the true value of the PS3's high QUALITY games.

Years ago I was a 360 fanboy,But there is no way on god's green earth will I continue support such a broken down, crap game plauged console. Went through 3 of those junk boxes and mean while thePS3 games got more plentifully and better. I have a sega saturn, a Dreamcast, and an NES that still works my PS1 just died a year ago. My 360 doesn't exist anymore. note to M$. Next gen make sure you get real electronic gurus to design your next console, Thank you.

Marvel R. I .P.



Aug 31, 2009 will mark the day that Marvel comics died. Why do I say this? Because everybody knows from this point forward Marvel it's story lines and characters are going to suck. I can just hear the story lines now Xmen and the desires of Fantasia. LOL!! I can just imagine how many sparkles Wolverine's weapon X is going to produce. Or how many appearances Mikey mouse is going to make in the Xfactor series or Hulk's new romance with Hannah Montana. etc That being said I would just like to thank Marvel comics for giving so many great years of entertainment from when I was a child until now. Thank you for creating such rich Characters with great story lines. Also thank you for making sure that Hollywood didn't screw up some of your latest movies. You will be missed. Once the Xmen and Spiderman, Hulk and the others travel to Cinderella's castle to stop magneto and Maleficent from destroying King Stephan's minion.Marvel R.I. P. You were great. It's been nice knowing you.

Xbox 360 = trash

Factual evidence, that the 360 is JUNK. 54.2% failure rate. You better believe it people. I think the numbers are higher than that. That being said, I have personal experience with more than one 360 failing with in the last 2 years. My launch console lasted 14 months then I got the RROD.(after countless weeks of defending that piece of trash) M$ fixed it of($60) because I brought the "warranty" good for 3 years. Okay so I get the dang console back, the fan starts making funny noises then a month after that it RRODs on me again! I call up M$ they fix or replace it again, get it back. (They send me my console and a brand new console by mistake) I call M$ and tell them they sent me 2 consoles they said that I could keep the second console. So I did as a "spare" So July of 2007, my 3rd 360 RROD! In the meantime I had sold the "brand new console" to my cousin. I call up M$ by then the 3 red lights had been covered, so they gave me another console. By then I had had enough. I sold it to gamestop got $100 in cash for it.(At that time GST took $140 for them) I went out took my family out to dinner and had a blast.(Thanks M$!) Anyways the brand new console I had sold my cousin had died also. He had to send that nonsense back to M$ twice! and that was last year. LOL!!! 360 is the worst product ever. And we all know that it's M$'s deep pockets that's kept it from being taken off the market as it should be. These experiences are just a small fraction of my knowledge of the 360's faulty hardware. EVERYONE I KNOW HAS HAD TO GO THROUGH AT LEAST 2 OF THEM!!! That is UNACCEPTABLE!!! And anyone with common sense should not stand for it. (it's 2009 and this crap should not still be happening.

The Tale of the tape.

Xbox360= no standard HDD(detachable HDDs don't count because you need them considering all the "services" they offer you.

$100 for Wi-Fi

$50 for XBL

No HD player

Failed HD player add on

Too many add ons period

Games aren't true HD they're only "up scaled to 1080p", most are native 640p(although the game cases says

480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)

no motion sensing controllers

No built-in battery controllers

higher failure rate still(as of 2009)

Not as many exclusive games(Xbox 360 has 9 this year the PS3 has 33 and the Wii has 56)

poor design

The list could go on but all these "facts" are evidence that the xbox360 is and was a wasted investment. I will say this though the xbox 360 has better games than the Wii, but... You can't enjoy them if you console fails you every chance it gets.

ps This blog post was brought to you by "Jasper" making all things new. thank you.:D

The Cure to the Swine flu.

That's right I have the cure for the swine flu.... It's quite simple. WASH YOUR HANDS! keep your hands (and body clean). 70% of the world does not wash there hands after using the bathroom. It's one thing if you can't wash your hands because you live in an area where clean water is not available. but if you live in a area that does. There is NOexcuse. I work for a major American publishing company, and when I use the men's room I see the CEO, CFO, lawyers every day and they do not wash there hands after using the toiletries. Then they wonder why they get these super bugs, fleash eating virus,and strep throat, and the flu. etc. Now it's true that if a person sneezes, near you there's still a chance you could catch something, but. If you can get to a sink to wash your hands it will give you a better chance of not catching a virus or bacterial infection.(Being that most viruses spread through exposure of the eyes mouth, and nose)Also if you can, stay away from those "anti-bacterial" products because they kill too many good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria. Use alcohol hand sanitizers as rare substitutes. This is about prevention. But I'm quite certain that that's how the swine flu spread. By contaminated hands. I can tell you I haven't had a Flu, strep throat, or cold like symptoms for a few years now. And it's because of my cleanliness habits why this is the case. I do get seasonal allergies.(During the spring but that's it) but every now and then no matter what we do we can still get certain illnesses. But the best way is to heal quickly from them is to eat a lot of starchy vegetables, and a lot of vegetables with carotene in them Also eat a lot of greens for calcium. Eat a lot of fruits that contain vitamins C, D, and E.(I mean more than usual) if you dothese things you can beat swine flu, and a whole host of other things. Also don't forget the liquids!And you'll be on your way to a speedy recovery!!!

Reason 11 why you should buy a PS3

Better quality. The Wii might be a child's toy but it's way morereliable than a 360. That being said, the Stopbox 3fixme is now covering a new malfunction in there Warranty. E74, on top of the RROD AKA the 3 Red lights. Now rising the 3fixme's failure rate to 68%. PS3s fail like anything else man can make. but the failure rate on a PS3 is less than 0.03% The fact that the 3fixme is 5 years old and is still plagued withRRODis beyond me. (why anybody thats rooting for any console would stand for this if their console kept failing not once not twice but 3-6 times!?!)

10 Reasons why you should buy a PS3

Here I just wrote down some reasons why I think a PS3 is worth a purchase. Some these statements are factual most are just opinions and are not to be taken too seriously. That means you Xbots!

Reason 1.Hardware, it's a well designed machine. The architecture is brilliant. the way it looks, the fact that there's one fan that cools the entire motherboard is brilliant. The controller has bult-in rechargeable batteries! And now they come with rumble. And they motion sensing capabilities.

Reason 2.RELIABILITY. Yes with 21 millionplus users world wide, the PS3 has proven that it is a relable machine. with less than a 0.03failer rate.Myself and one of my Co-workersare the only peoplethat I know that had to go through more than one PS3.( Went through 1, the problem was a Malfunction of Backward compatibility Tekken 5 for the PS2 would not eject. My co-worker's PS3 he dropped, itwas his fault but it was under warranty so he got his fixed, and because through time he hadn't updated his PS3 it got corrupted files on his HD, so he had to get a 3rd {Brand new 60GB PS3.} But other that, No problems with his PS3. What happened with mine was 2 years ago, his 2 years ago as well, no problems since.) But these were rare incidents, the 360, well that's a different story as you all know.

Reason 3.Games nuff said right there. PS3 now, not (2007, 2008) but now PS3 gets 95% of what he 360 gets. Both have exclusives, but now (2009) PS3's exclusives are starting to look superior to the 360's. Infamous looks great, Killzone2 completely took the masses by storm, we have Uncharted 2 coming out.(Uncharted 1 was one of the best looking games I had seen at the time.{Better than anything I had seen on the 360 at the time} MGS 4 is a great game, both game play story and graphics.(I was surprised I thought it wasn't going to be as good as the others, but I was wrong) Little big planet shocked me as well, MLB 09 the show, the best Baseball series on the video game market.(It has always been consistent since the PS1 days) Resistence 1, 2 (both excellent exclusives)Also to mention that a lot of these PS3 exclusives were rated HIGH on this very site.

Reason 4. PSN were do I begin? It's free, for one thing. 2nd thing is has come along way! It is just as comprehensible as Xbox live. And PSN is up to par with it. And Sony's movie rental list has far more of a movie selection as XBL's Netflix. PSN is loaded with arcade games that are fun to play. Comet crashers, Worms, Burn zombie burn(even though there should be a mult-player for it it's still a great game.) Siren blood curse, Ratchet and Clank quest for booty, Wipeout HD, Grand tourismo HD, Flower, High velocity bowling, Tekken 5 dark resurrection, Mortal Kombat 2, these are just a sample of what PSN offers as far as download able games goes. PSN is starting to trumpXBL.

Reason 5. Higher storage media. YES Blu-ray has proved itself, both as a movie media and a game storage media as well. For example MGS4 has a lot of cut sceens,but it is very hard to distinguish between the cutsceen's graphics and the gameplay's graphics, the game has to install itself , 5 times!(there broken down into gaming breaks which you should do for health reasons)That game takes up 50GB Killzone 2 has to be atleast 25GB of space.(the environments and Character models are much larger and have way more polygons than Halo 3 or COD 4) that game makes you feel like you on heilgahst and that your fighting a war. A higher storage media only improves games not hinder them.

Reason 6. Cell processor. The reason why I brought this up is because this chip has 7cores(SPEs which act like cores) they allow for doing excessive work faster while the 256MB RSX GPU doesn't have work as hard and overheat.(Not to say that it doesn't get hot i'm just saying.) What does this mean for gamers? Well it leaves developers more room to work on AI and process larger tasks faster which means this can make games more challenging, and more can happen on a screen at one time than in previous consoles. Like most of the PS3 exclusive games are more difficult to complete.

Reason 7.GPU. PS3 has only a 256MB graphics processor, but PS3 graphics card is NVIDIA.(The best video card in the world) You can't beat that.(I'm sorry xbox ATI is second best, M$ you should have given NVIDIA there just due funds, now your stuck with ATI raytheon, the bomb makers lol!) AnywaysI found that games that take advantage of this graphics card such as Uncharted, Killzone 2, MLB 09 the show, look light years better thananything that I've seen on the 360. It may sound biased but consider this I have a 32inch 1080i SamsungHDTV that is LCD, I had both consoles(thanks to the piece of sh__ 360 RROD I don't now) I had PS3 on composite hook up I had the same set up on the same HDTV. Ihad Gears of War, Halo 3, Assassins Creed(both versions of the game) and MLB 2K9And I would flip back and forth, Killzone 2, MLB 09 the show, and Uncharted graphically BLEW those 360 game completely out of the water! I'm not kidding you all I was like "wow I can't believe how much better these PS3 games look on the same TV!" Now I have it HDMI, now the games on PS3 look light years better than the 360's but It's just going to ge better for PS3 as time goes on.

Reason 8.Built-in Wi-fi. This is a great feature Don't need to be right were the source is to online game. And don't sit up here and tell me that "it doesn't improve gaming" because it does, it's a lot more convenient and cheaper than spending $100 for a Wi-Fi antenna. LOL!!!

Reason 9.User base. Eventually It's going to grow larger than it's 21 million plus (the 360's will also but PS3 fans don't have to worry about that because the PS3 is a lot more reliable than the 360 and eventually more of the 28 million plus 360 users are not going to keep putting up with that RROD nonsense.) In Japan PS3 has outsold the 360 by 10 miles and like me they don't want the Wii why because PS3 has better games and is a superior machine. This is now the 3rd week in a row the PS3 out sold both there.(The trend is going to spread here in America also just wait and see.)

Reason 10.Longer life expectancy. PS3 is going to last long. By 2015, Wii-HD will be here along with Xbox 720, 180 or whatever there going to call it, and guaranteed it will have motion sensing controls, Blu-ray drive built-in Wi-Fi, and less attachments than a hoover automatic, if not so the xbox is going to burry itself into the ground.(It's going tobe the PS3 all overagain.The Nintendo Wii-HD is going to bejunk just like the current Wii. The only good thing the Wii has done is brought the ladies into gaming.(that's it) but other than that the Wii is a waste of time. It's fun factor does not last, ask Japan they'll tell you.

In concluding I would like to say that my experience with the PS3 has been great so far. I like it's games I like it's features.(and I think there better than that of the 360.) I like PS3's games better and I believe that sony does a good job of showing what the PS3 can do. And so far the PS3 has done so. All it took for me was to give the PS3 a chance. And once my 360 RROD PS3 was all I had. After it started to get better, my2nd 360 RRODed again cause M$ to send me a new console. I sold it to my cousin and that one RRODed 3 months later.(true story) That should tellyou xbox fans something about that product. EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT I KNOW THAT HAS OR HAD A 360 has gone through at least one of them. The fact the 360 has, or had a failure rate of 33% is quite bad! It shouldn't even be 5%! Let alone 33% 16% or what ever it is. I mean is if you haven't tried out a PS3 yet you should. And I don't mean playng one on at some Kiosk in some store. I mean going out and purchasing one, or play your friends PS3. They really are remarkable!

PS3 is now my console of choice!

Sony did it this time. All the things I said about PS3 I take back. It has totally proved itself. Yes 360 has the games but soon PS3 will and then some. It's a great durable machine.(Even though I'm on my second one) It's a great system and a decent Blu-ray player. The games is still lacking but PS3 is catching up to the 360. And it's just a matter of time before it beats the 360. MS should thought more clearly before they launched the 360. The PS3 is going to beat the Wii also.(that thing is junk) I hate that stupid console. The Wii..... AKA Gamecube 2. PS3 is were it's at!

FINALLY I brought the PS3!

Finally I have a PS3 and lt me tell you it's everything they said. Its a great powerful system. But there's 2 things its lacking games and...... I already have to send it in for repairs. No I'm not kidding or trolling its really true. And no I didn't get a used on and no I didn't drop it and no I didn't spill anything in it. The Playstation 2 disc that I was playing won't come out.(I tried the force eject. Doesn't work. I tried a different set up doesn't work. A called tech support they were incompetent. after calling them 3 times they finally got it right. So by the end of next week I should have my game replacementand my new system. 360's are not the only systems that die.....

Anyways hopefully heavenly sword will be everything they say it's going to be. But things don't look to Rosy for the PS3 right now. We shall see.

All-Pro Football 2K8

What more can I say? I SOOOOOOOO CAN'T WAIT TO OWN AND PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HATE MAdden haven't liked it since Madden 04. With 240 legions I can't wait to use Johnny Unitus. For those of you who love foot ball please! For the love of God and Country DON'T BUY MADDEN 08! Let's send the NFL and EA a Message.(We don't like to be short changed! Like the NFL did by giving crappy EA the exclusive license. Madden has not been any better since it got exclusive NFL.(Its been worse!)

Well All I know is I'm getting this screw MAdden, And I hope this game puts a damper on this Madden nonsense.

My prediction.This game gets a 8.8 or higher on this site. My Madden prediction is they give it a 7.8(Its going to suck the big one.)

Go PS3!

That's right with it's run away success! It's totally murdering the 360. Its got Blu-ray it's go games, it's got it all just wait until like 2010 its going to dominate.




I love how excuses are made about this. "oh the media did it it's there fault, well its the price" Etc. No its sony's arrogance, and lack of good exclusive games. Thats the problem. It's doing okay but now at this point the publishers only care about how great the software sells.(And he PS3 software isn't selling so hot. And it's clearly they're fault and I don't feel bad for them either.) The sucking is still going to continue this holiday season. PS3 has NOTHING! Oh wait Lair? Or is it Heavenly sword? I think these games are forced.( I'm willing to bet lair doesn't get any more than a 6.8 on this site)

My prediction still stands, that the PS3 won't sell 10 million units or more world wide in it's first year of existence.