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Questioning the historical accuracy of Assassin's Creed II

ACII is extremely addicting and now a week after it's release I have most of the acheivements in the game. I love the game but I question the game's historical accuracy. There is really only one thing in the game that doesn't seem right for the setting: the language. I have no problem with cursing but I question as to whether people in the 1400's would actually call me a "piece of **** or "dumbass" back then. Like I said before everything else in the game seems to be perfectly fine and accurate though.

Fallout 3 is addicting as hell! And it still pisses me off

I've been playing Fallout 3 for at least a month now and cannot stop playing it. Thing is, since Bethesda has all these glitches in the game I can't get passed The Waters of Life quest because it every time I go to the Jefferson Memorial. Plus Bethesda and their horrible customer service won't respond to any of my emails and questions. You'd think with all the hundreds of glitches in the game they would release a patch that gets rid of almost all of these but instead they release patches that fixes about 10 bugs and creates about 50 new ones. Other than all that I still find myself emersed in the game.

Does anyone know how to get Fallout 3 patch!?

I've looked everywhere and the best answer I could get was via Xbox Live and I've searched there and there is nothig relating to patches and I want to play the game again after all I payed $60 for it. Oh yeah and screw Bethesda for always releasing a game that sets the record for most bugs in a single game.

My dad crashes our car. Nice going dad

Well, I don't like my dad and I never have and never will. But now he crashed my grandfather's car into a cement light pole and the total is going to be at least 3000 grand. This is all over a pack a cigarettes he needed. He says that he had to get their like the Kentucky Derby before it closed. Idiot, I guess he did not realize it but he could've taken his time because it doesn't close down for another 6 hours. Anyways my dad is not hurt but he still remains a total no life. My mother on the other hand is pretty P-Oed at him too.

I had a sugar rush! For real

Well I usually think before I do things but this time I didn't. I was at the Kalahari water park for an end of the year trip with my high school and I decided to buy a 22 oz. Nos energy drink (very powerful). A while later I crashed and almost fell asleep when I decided to buy another 22 ouncer. This time when we boarded our bus I felt my mouth get dry and almost knew what to expect, a sugar rush. I got that and a bit more I told my math teacher and all of a sudden my heart started to go extremely fast and I felt extremely weak. Well I got home and had a fever of about 102 and I went to the doctor and he said I may have a PAT, which in general is a quite simple heart disease that is not life threatening. I don't think I have a PAT since I am thinking about being a doctor and know something about it. I think that it's just the fact that a 22 ouncer with a total caffeine amount of about of 970 mg went down my throat. Compare that to a 20 oz. bottle Mountain Dew which is about 80 mg worth and you've got a problem, a sugar rush.

Mass Effect 2 and BioShock 2

I am pretty hyped about the new game coming early next year. I'm sure Shepard isn't dead after all the developer told us to save our characters from the last game. I'm also hoping that the combat will be improved and same with the frame rate. For BioShock 2 well there really is nothing to improve, just simply continue the horrific story of Rapture. And yes I have these games on pre-order, plus another 3.

I'm back; after a year

Boy it's great to be back. Only a bit uneasy. I have to start a brand new account from scratch after some no life hacked my account. Well back to trying to track my old friends down on this website. I have not been able to work the new layout of the site so this should be quite interesting.