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[QUOTE="theironmanmatt"]My union could make some union headers.hendrix29

well that would help. We need one for the top 25 union views list, and the union highlights feature.

Any suggestions for what it should look like? What should the dimensions be? Should be black and White or color?

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My union could make some union headers.
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The PS360 Union - The leader is live4thepackers. It is a cool union where you can discuss the PS3 and the 360 and they frequently update you and post news and cool stuff about the PS3 and 360. They even have a thread for Wii updates as well. They have some cool features like Union member of the week and a suggestions and feedback thread.

The Rag-Tags: Banner and Sig Making- This is my union. We take Banner and Sig requests and as always get them done done as soon as possible. We shut down awhile ago due to too many requests with too little Team members. We just recently opened back up and we are trying to get back into business. The requesting is about as simple as it gets, you go to threads labeled "Banner Requests" and "Sig Requests" and describe to us what you want on your banner and we make it for you. If you are interested in joining the Banner and Sig making team, you can apply here

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I need helping putting links on the top of my homepage, you know, where you briefly describe your union. I want to put some sort of a menu with links to various topics in my union. Can anyone help?
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that is nice to see, I remember going to your union for a banner once.hendrix29

Yup, Daredeviljeff made you a banner for The Elder Scrolls Fan Union.

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Here is a few more ideas:

-The Union Ledger

-The Citizen Chronicle

-TheMonthly Bulletin

-TheMonthly Dispatch

-The Union Courier

-The Council Advance

-The Union Advance

-The Courteous Current

-The Positive Post

-The Union Leader

-The Union Council

-The Union Council Dispatch

-The Union Guide

-The Council Courier

-THe Monthly Union Dispatch

-The Monthly Union Bulletin

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I don't really have much myself since my union isn't really a discussion union, but I hate it when I am reading an interesting discussion on a different union and a disruptive poster jumps in.