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The Rag-Tags: Banner and Sig Making

My Union, The Rag-Tags, takes Banner and Sig requests. We complete our requests quickly and with quality. Here is a link to our homepage if you are interested in joining the union.

If you are interested in joining the Rag-Tags banner and sig making team, you can apply here. We are currently short on team members so it would be great if you could join the team.We have some cool features and competitions such as the Hall of Fame,which you can earn your way intoif you earn enough points fromcompletingbanner and sig requestsand winning competions such as Banner of the Month and Sig of the Month. Soon we will have "Member Galleries", which is a gallery of all the work you have done for the Rag-Tags.

It is not required that you join the union to request a banner, but it would be much appreciated if you did join. If you wish to have a banner made, follow this link, if you wish to have a sig made, follow this link.

Here are some examples of our work: (Most of the images are cut off becasue it wouldn't allow me to scale most of them down)

My first blog

This is my first attempt at a blog, I have never wrote a blog before this, though I have always dreamed of it. I could never think of what to write about....jumping from profile to profile, hovering through blogs, observing with all my mind, and now, I have written a blog of my own.

I am proud of this blog, and disappointed at the same time, because this blog has a weak topic of it being my first blog. I enjoy writing, most of the time, although blogs arent really my thing, I will write them from time to time anyways in hopes that I will become an expert at this particular form of writing.

 As I said, this is my first blog, so when I finish writing it, I am not expecting much.

Soon, I will have probably a few blogs on my blogs page, but at the time this was written, I had one. I am making this up as I write it, so it seems a bit strange. God I am embarrased, just speaking my lousy mind like this, it just isnt like it me, but because of reasons unkown, I will do it anyways. Actually, I am have been thinking, there is no guarantee I will write another blog at all, because I had enough humiliation with this one, but then again, when I was writing this, I wrote nonstop, not stoping ONCE! so it is kinda difficult to say it was hard to write, my mind just keeps puhing things out automatically, yet is difficult....hard to describe.

Ever imagined the world being nothing? Just nothin, imagine it, absolutely nothing exists. I have though about it, and it is wierd, it immersed me in confusion, how can you really think of the world being nothing? Absolutely nothing exists, you cant think of it really.

This is a wierd blog, all of a sudden I started talking about th world being nothing..hmmmmmmm, weird.

My hands are getting tired, so I am gonna stop writing I think. Feel free to comment on the wierdness of this blog if you like, I knwo its wierd, and I am embarrassed....god this is wierd.