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Spiritual Warfare

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For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. (Ephesians 6:12-13)

Heart Cry (Revised)

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This is my heart's the time is sufficient/

Lord I completely surrender, fallin' under submission/

been confined by the world in a spiritual prison/

now refined in Your Word as I read it and listen/

waitin' patient on Your call, but I'm seein' the vision/

revelation to my soul as I'm being commissioned/

realizin' I'm a sinner, thank You Lord for conviction/

makin' war against the flesh with a righteous decision/

if I ever take my focus off Your Glory alone/

break me down until I'm fallin' at You Glorious Throne/

reformation is a must, it's embedded in stone/

Jesus Christ is who I trust, The Majestic Atone/

I can't imagine all Your Wrath emptied out on The Son/

Your Love is so myself I must shun/

I understand the Mighty Work in me has only begun/

examine me, and help me blossom so for YOU I can run..


..A living testimony, even though I lack in my ways/

I pray You chisel me, knock away the rotten decay/

of my iniquity, attackin' me in dreams everyday/

keep restorin' me, according to Your marvelous Grace/

so beautiful, amazed at Your Holy display/

the God of everything, yet You reach down to embrace/

with no's overwhelming like I'm touchin' the Gates/

Your Love penetrates, everyday I'm seekin' Your Face!

by Richard B. 'Introspect'

I was sitting here thinking one night...

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..."What if I were to die tonight, what would I want people to have to think about and remember?"...and I wrote this...


If I were to die tonight,

don't mourn or be discouraged/

there's a Bible by my bed,

please read and be encouraged/

this world is going crazy,

full of lies and deception/

they don't acknowledge God,

plus they got the wrong perception/

He's Holy and Majestic,

Christ is perfect in reflection/

do more than just accept Him,

He's more than a selection/

second person of The Trinity,

refused and neglected/

when He suffered on the Cross,

The Father's Wrath was injected/

the Atonement manifested,

now Christ is resurrected/

complete by God's Grace,

so through Faith we are connected/

but only by repentance,

'cause we're all born infected/

our lives must be inspected,

and sin must be rejected/

put your trust in Jesus Christ,

follow Him with true ambition/

these words I write are vital,

hope you get the comprehension/

life on earth is like a vapor,

so much more I'd like to mention/

read the Bible by my bed,

for the entire exposition...

The Storm

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I've been caught up in the storm since the day I was born

Poetic flow is how I mourn, helping me to reform

I feel the current moving strong forcing me to hold on

So many demons in my dome planting seeds of their own

My minds gone, but my spirit's moving on through this pen

Like the wind (invisible), but it brushes your skin

Listen to the princible as I speak from within

Focus in, try to comprehend the zone that I'm in

I'm on the verge of explosion

Am I going insane?

Infected with the corossion

Flowing quick to my brain

I take a hit of the dohjah but it remains the same

Lord be my coach in this game

Help me get through the flames

Headed for change, I'll never resort to selling my soul

Watching the mystery unfold

Nations losing control

It's getting cold, every soldier's got to study the code

So I cock back and reload

Until the battle explodes......

This is the first verse from a song I wrote, "Mystery". As you can tell, I write from within.