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My favorite zombies

With season 2 of the Walking Dead starting soon and since I can't get zombies off my mind I figured I would post about my top 5 zombies games. I been a fan of the living dead for a long time ever since i watch Night of the living dead when I was a child. Over the years I've played many games involving zombies and where some were just okay there were those that I enjoyed a lot.:

5. Stubbs the zombie-I love Stubbs mainly because the protagonist of the story is a zombie who loves eating brains. You play a Stubbs who happens to be a zombie and he wants to be united with his wife who is still living. So through the game your killing people by eating their brains and you can turn them into zombies and have your own little zombie army. The gam is full of humor and fun animation.

4. House of the Dead: Overkill- I always had fun with the house of the dead games in the arcade but Overkill was one I enjoyed the most. Its a rail shooter that is pact full of zombie killing fun and as a great storyline. The story and the characters will keep you entertained as you shoot down the dead.

3. Dead Rising-What i loved the most was picking up almost every object you could and use them as weapons. What can be more fun than putting a giant lego block on a zombie's head and then smashing him with a trashcan. This game also had some fun challenges to it such as doing your best to rescue the survivors. Your different actions also gave you different endings so each choice you made and how much progress you made determined your results.

2. Dead Island- A zombie lovers dream come true! Dead Island has the perfect style we been waiting for for destroying the undead. Its not just about taking a weapon and smashing through the hordes of zombies but creating your own weapon and then developing strategies to eliminate your enemies. The skill trees were great for both offline and online play and each character had their own unique skills. The game is packed full of hours of fun with lots to uncover, numerous sidequests to gain awesome upgrades, and hidden collectibles to find.

1. Resident Evil- With all the zombie games that have been released I think the first Resident Evil is still my number one. I remember the first time I played it and til this day it still sends chills down my spine. The way the creatures would surprise you and some zombies were hidden so as you walked into a room you were not expecting anything. The zombie dogs and birds were also great especially the first dogs that jump out of the windows. I have played almost every RE game but this one is still the best.


Ah October, the perfect month to start blogging. When you think of October you think of Halloween. When you think of Halloween you think of scary and disturbing things that just make your skin crawl. Last couple of years My friends and I spent time picking out creepy horror movies ( as well as some B rates just for fun ) and having a marathon. This Year im putting together a horrorfest with games.

Survival Horror is my favorite genre, I just love the creeps and spooks as well as the disturbed. When it comes to scary games it difficult to actually find one that sends the chills down your back. The only game that I found to be scary was the first Fatal Frame. The game is fantastic. The creepiest part of the game is not being able to see the ghost until you use the camera, the darn things just sneak up on you and its great to scare all your friends. I love getting a bunch a people over and turn the volume up and turn out all the lights. I couldn't think of any better game to play on Halloween.

Silent Hill is also at the top of my horror list but not because its scary....its because of how disturbing it can be. I'll never forget my first encounter with pyramid that was scary! I'm also thinking of having a zombiefest. Can't go wrong with zombie games! Left4dead, dead rising, zombies ate my neighbors, resident evil series, stubs the zombie, and I'll even throw in plants vs zombies. Zombie games are always fun however they always give me the munchies....mmmm nothing better than pizza and brains.

So in conclusion, I shall be enjoying the thrills and chills of the horror genre this month and I'm hoping to get a hold of some titles i haven't played yet. OOOOO CAN"T WAIT!