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Top 5 Recent Game Opinions (Number 1)

To start off my opinion of my favourite Top 5 games in my collection. I'll start, of course, with the very first (best) game series.

I should note that this doesn't include games from other consoles like the original Playstation, the Playstation 3, X-Box, X-Box 360 etc. It also doesn't include many other great games that are available on the PS2. This Top 5 list may change depending on the particular games that I own at the time. This Top 5 list is only applicable to my current available games.

1. Grand Theft Auto series

What can I honestly say about the GTA series? Especially that everyone must know themselves about it.

Highly-addictive game series that lets you do absolutely anything (within reasons of course). I mean your actions are dictated by Wanted Level stars which ultimately ends with the law and order of these games to chase after you. But using cheats to make the police passive solves that problem anyway for most players.

The only draw-back for me with the series so far is, is their (Rockstar's) obsession with pathetic, child-like sexual-innuendo jokes and bodily parts jokes. I mean come on, that was slightly funny in GTA 3 (not having completed the first three PS1 games - I can't verify with them), but continuing it on with all the rest is just getting disappointing.

Other than the snore-fest of lame sexual-innuendo jokes, this game definitely delivers with its brand of comedy. This particular comedy also is integrated into the game's violence. For example. Hearing a good guy henchman say something like "Now let's not lose our heads" and then having him literally lose his head to a head shot from a gun off some bad guy is pretty funny. Other types of the violent humour is like when playing as two-players and having one player decapitate CJ's head off and then exiting two-player and seeing CJ still being decapitated with pints of blood being squirted from where his head shoud be, is quite gross to most people, but hilarious to others. (Then again, the game is labelled with extreme violence, so anyone not liking that type of violence shouldn't even be playing this game).

Excellent game series. Can't wait to play GTAIV when I can afford both the game and the next-generation console to play it on.

Top 5 Recent Game Opinions (Number 2)

Now for my second opinion...

2. Harry Potter Games

In particular, I would say the latest one, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Now, most people frown upon players of these HP games, but I actually quite had fun exploring all of Hogwarts. Shame I had those two idiots tailling me everywhere. Became a nuisance when they became a bother instead of a helpful presence. Sure they were handy helping you lift or repair something that you, Harry, couldn't do alone. And sure they helped with the duels and other fighting sequences. But honestly, being nagged by them (especially in one of the older games) to go to bed, or to call it a day almost made thow the frickin' game out the window. Ahem. Sorry.

I never played the PS2's version of HP and the Philosopher's Stone. Just the PS1's version. Maybe I should...? All I know is that I played the PS2's version of HP and the Chamber of Secrets (and never bothered to play any more PS1's HP games from then on). I loved how you could fly around and up to the rooftops on your Nimbus2000. Shame they took that feature out of the later games. It would be ever so much fun, especially in the latest game. Instead you're restricted to the ground for your exploring. Still fun, but not as much fun exploring via the air on your Firebolt though.

A fair bit to do and collect in this game. Playing Exploding Snap, and the various marble games was quaint. Playing chess though was a nightmare (for me anyway). Never played the damn game before I managed to fluke it past two of the easiest chess players, but never managing to pass the girl in the library. So getting to 100% for this game is not possible for me unless I can get good at chess somehow and beat this...err...'girl'.

Regardless of this girl though, I found the game quite thoroughly fun and moderately addictive to play. Let's see how they go with the next game, which no doubt is limited to PS3 only. Shame, as I can't quite afford a PS3 just yet.

Top 5 Recent Game Opinions (Number 3)

Now for the 3rd game opinion of mine. Halfway through.

3. Freedom Fighters

Here's hoping for a sequel (whether or not they are making a sequel).

Another fun-based game. Freedom, despite the game's title, is somewhat limited. I mean you don't have an entire city to explore like in the GTA series, but you do have the same fun and excitement of the exploration factor as you head up to 12 fellow team mates through Russian-filled New York City streets to reclaim your country's streets. (New York City yet again - what is with these game companies and their obsession with destroying New York City?).

A game that I had trouble walking away from, even for a few minutes. Being yelled at for the umpteenth time that our nightly dinner was ready, I was forced to put the controller down to go out and eat my meal with the rest of the family. All the while, thoughts of planning where I would send my fellow soldiers kept flowing through my mind as I quickly ate my meal. I was constantly being told that my facial expressions at these meals reminded my family that I had the look of a monkey farting and then wondering where the smell came from.

I couldn't help it. Once you complete the final mission, you instantly want more, fresh missions to keep you going. Unfortunately, unless or until they make a sequel, all you can do is to replay the game over again or play something similar. Not always an easy thing to do though...

Top 5 Recent Game Opinions (Number 4)

Continuing on with the Top 5 of my list of all-time favourite PS2 games.

4. Mercenaries

Can't wait to play the sequel one day.

I have enjoyed playing this game over and over. I love the option of choosing who you want to play as. I love the freedom that's on offer straight away. One of the main things that I love about this game, is the simple joy of ordering carpet bombs down on some unsuspecting enemies in some building ahead and watching as the shockwave reaches my character and the wind effects blows his or her hair back and the screen shakes and goes blurry for a few micro-seconds. Awesome.

The fact that you have all these enemies to collect and they have all names associated with a deck of cards. Aces of Clubs for example. Pure genius. And to have all the area to explore for them all is exciting. Keeping your relationship on friendly terms with the different factions is also fun.

Great game that I will continue to own until the day the disc is beyond playable. Then I'll go out and buy another copy. Along with it's sequel.

Top 5 Recent Game Opinions (Number 5)

Hmm, now on with my last opinion of my top 5 games that I own at present:

5. Spiderman 2

A game which I still play quite a lot of, even to this day. As most can tell from my list of game titles, I have a thing for sandbox type games. Games which offer exploration and freedom. The GTA series of course, Mercenaries, Freedom Fighters (to a degree at least), some of the Harry Potter games (especially the latest one - HP and the Order of the Phoenix), the True Crimes games and the recent Spiderman games also come into that category.

Spiderman 2 is arguably the best so far. Many might not agree, but that's my opinion. Now I'm not including the PS3's version of Spiderman 3 as I haven't played it yet, nor am I including Wii's version or any other version. All I know is that the PS2's version of Spiderman 3 isn't as good as Spiderman 2. The only positive thing I can say about it, is that you do have New York City at your disposal to swing around. But unfortunately that's all there is. Once you collect the meteorites and Spidey Emblems and got to 100% there is nothing else to do, unless you are stimulated still by doing those boring side 'missions' (like saving hostages, lifting overturned vehicles, etc).

Spiderman 2 isn't the absolute best of course. I mean once you've completed 100% with it, it too can be boring. But, the difference is, is that the missions in Spiderman 2 is a lot more varied and that there is a lot more of them. Delivering pizzas, snapping photos of various New York City's spots, doing a few Mary Jane missions, collecting all the varied collectibles as well, plus many other missions, is to me, a lot more fun than doing mundane, similar missions that is in the PS2's Spiderman 3 game.