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Playing Dark Souls

I know it has ben 5 days sinse dark souls has ben owt but i just couldent make a review the first day, and as you can see this is not a revew because i am not redy. Ok time to talk about the game. First of all THIS IS A AMAZING GAME. Yes it is what i was expecting. The grafic the changes every thing is inpruved. First when i was paying i started being a knite because it is powerful and grate with combat. I got my way in the super big world and started the game. The controle are almost the same exepte sum changes but the rest is much like demons souls. The big thing is that it is on conected big world where you go sit at bonfire to level up and get your thing redy for batle. It is hard yes but the fealing when you kill a boss or when you find a bonfire is exseptional. IT IS ADICTING. I am not so far in the game but expect a review in 7 days. There i will tell you every thing that is amazing in this game. So be preparde for a big review. Buy this game.


Dark souls is guna be awesome.

Prepairing for Dark souls. Yes there is not much time before Dark souls and i am redy. I have my pre order adition in spot and i am just wating now for the 4 of october. I am geting more and more exited and i can berly wate. THIS IS KILLING ME.There has been a lot of thing and video that has been made by gamespot and i cant even see more or i will explode. This looks more updated than the first on.( Like realy more updated) and i am prety happy that they did not put any NEXUS. Yes ok it was a safe zone but it took owt a part of the RPG of the game and the way they did it in Dark souls is awesome. The boss looks beter to. This time you can defete a boss when you want to. Ok i know that you could also go on defrent boss at a serten point in demon souls, but in Dark souls IT IS COMPLETELY FREE. The bigger RPG it is, the best it will be. Well i think will stop now but trust me, it is a game not to be mist.( You will die a lot).

tv is so boring, tri video games

ok people, this is a probleme. What is a probleme you say. Well the TV is boring. Yes i bring you this right now cus when i was watching tv there was nothing. And it happens every time. The same thing cums over and over and i cant stand it. This is why you should play video games and visit gamespot each day like i do. And stop wasting your time on tv. Yes this is it, go on play your favourit games and have fun!!!!!!.