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The Dark Sig Knight Beta!

WHAT? Ok, Dzjaansis asked nicely (not so much) for a Dark Knight sig. I just watched the movie on Friday and I really think it was the best film I've ever watched, ever. I don't collect movies, but I'll be getting this on Blu Ray the second it comes out... but yeah, I was still in love with it, so here it is Wim: Of course to keep up with my latest blog feature thing, heres another strip: Oh yeah, you've proably seen the GameSpot BETA by now... I kinda like it, might just keep here longer than going to Giant Bomb.

Enough Stuff!

Let's start with me moaning about work again. OK, not really moaning, more like make fun of it and myself in this little strip! Putting that aside, everyone seems to be jumping ship (wrong use of expression, since GameSpot isn't really going under) but yeah. Everyone is going to Giant Bomb... I've made an account with the same username. But I'll shuffle the two sites for a bit, although those guys a doing a pretty good job and I want to support them. Anywho, here's another comic strip thing because I'm on fire. Been reading way too much Penny Arcade lately. VOTE KNUCLES, it's a bit late, I know but after the E3 Sonic Unleashed gameplay videos, I lost all hope on the Werehog. But yeah... can't this of any more stuff, so I guess that's enough for... oh wait no! Naruto: Ultimate Ninja STORM is pretty cool, been playing the demo I can't wait... till November. :(

Is This The Final Last Straw?

It's no secret, I'm a big Sony supporter but I don't consider myself a 'fanboy'. Today's Final Fantasy XIII exclusivity announcement shocked even me though and it did make me wonder what the hell is Sony doing? People love exclusives and it does help to justify that massive price tag sometimes. But again, getting caught up in all the internet forum excitement and overreaction, people tend to make a small thing bigger than it actually is. So yeah I bet some people out there got angry enough to do something they might regret! Chillax... in the long run, the profits Squenix makes will be good for them, their games and the industry as a whole. It's not like the game was cancelled on PS3 or anything!

Stuff That's Been Happennin'

Hey peeps, haven't had time to reply to your blogs lately, I'll read them all soon. Been busy doing some work experience. I'll be working on a short film this summer, so am busy busy busy! Not busy enough to stop playing games however... I blasted MGS4: Sons Of The Patriots last night on Big Boss Hard level and I'm going to replay it to get some more stuff. What do I think of the game? It's epic, I even made this special emblem for it. There are parts when you play that make you feel like Kojima is a genius, which we kinda already knew. There are some parts that could annoy you, maybe because I was only able to carry 5 Rations and Snake's health was tiny. And there are some bits that drag on for ages and some moments that shock you to no end example "spoiler1", "spoiler2" and "spoiler3". It's been a while since I cleared a game so quickly, 20 hours even after taking my time with it, and I still jumped right back in. I'm giving this one a 10, because after all the ups and downs this game, for me at least was the best story driven interactive entertainment experience ever. E3, Nuff said! Plus the visuals are just amazing! Really it's not only about the gameplay people.

Just Cleared FFXII

What a long and for the most part boring story. Although the ending kinda made me glad I played through it... I thought the game lacked a lot of what I liked from previous Final Fantasies. Don't get me wrong, it's still good, just lacking on some areas. Most if not all the bosses were merely guardians of something, so they didn't really have any importance. Final boss Vayne was just this character the game made you fight, just because you had to. Unlike Sephiroth or Maester Seymour I didn't really fear him, I just smacked him like all the other bosses finishing the game without much sense of accomplishment. I will still do the side quests and stuff since I can't get enough of the Gambit and ADB systems. I also want to get my characters to Level 99. Currently at Level 50, I boosted from Level 39 in like 5 hours thanx to an Auto-Levelling trick.
Here's a random link that you should click, if you want to read something totally unrelated to this blog post! EDIT: I cleared GTAIV last week, all in preparation for MGS4. I don't think I'll have time for Portable Ops though, which I haven't touched for months!

Condemned In The Dark?

Who in GameSpot approved a rating of 8.5 for this game? Where was this game hiding all of my life? What was I thinking when I decided to play it in the dark? Why aren't the developers famous and rich for making it?
Answer me those four questions please... I've been playing Condemned 2: Blood Shot for the last couple hours, in the dark, and it's been a long time since a game left me on the edge of my seat like that! It's awesome, it's mad and it has some seriously disturbing fun! This game deserves a far better rating than what it's been given... only problem I've had so far is when using L1+R1 for blocking and L1 or R1 for left or right attacks, respectively I tend to button mash too much thus messing my fights up especially when the combos kick in. But you can't help it, the game creeps you out and staying calm can be tough sometimes. So there, I haven't finished it yet, and I'm giving it a 9.5 just for that. I didn't even mentioned the interesting story, wicked voice acting, graphics, sound effects, violence and stuff! I'm drooling! EDIT: Leaving the score at 9.5 now that I've cleared the game. Now back to GTAIV, I really need to finish that one before MGS4!

Finally It's Over

I'm back baby! Done with uni, handed the last of my work (essay which was a pain to write) last night! I'm just chilling now!