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Lol this is fifa.  MS must be scared shitless.


That's what I was thinking. To buy a third-party game to throw in at the last minute....

Wait, that's pretty much the M.O. of the system now... throw in enough crap to hide what their original intent with the system was. 

this is a massive move for MS, fifa is massive in europe (sold 4.22 million copies of fifa 13), and considering football is the biggest sport in the world. Its a smart move, i know people who actually only ever play fifa on their PS3/360 so if MS can get them on board that a win win for them.
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ICO is glorious :)

Now Shadow of the Colossus, there's a game that just doesn't click with me. I'm struggling to think of another title in the last ten years that has inspired the release of so much love juice on the part of the gaming press and public, but I've always found it to be rather dull.

While i enjoyed Sotc i dont think its as good as people make it out to be. I didnt feel the lonliness people have spoken about, or felt bad for killing the clossi. The controls were a pain in the arse, the horse steered like a tank, the character animation was awful, trying to climb on to the horse was a pain, and the ending while good wasn't that shocking. I enjoyed the unique feeling of the game and the epicness of the boss battles
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am current playing okami ( 5hr in) and while it looks amazing and has bucket loads of charm, i finding it quite boring.
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if you want a proper mech sim forget everything mentioned and get yourself an xbox and steel battelion complete with control pad and pedals, but to warn you it aint for the faint hearted
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i prefered it to CE in every aspect. completed that game on legendary so many times
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gouls and ghost
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All of the games above posters have mentioned. if you can find a copy of steel battlion with controller cheap, nab it
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got to the 6th ep in series 2 and was bored to tears with the second series
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I'm pretty sure you're the same guy who was banned about a month ago for making a similar argument (possibly Another48Hours) so I'm not going to get into with you. There are over 10,000 PS2 games released since it launched (look it up if you don't believe me), and even if you say only 500 are worth owning, it still dwarfs the XBOX in that department. I'm done with this thread now.


You do know that the 10,000 includes outer-language names, bundles, and some other things right? Realistically, yes the PS2 has over 2,000 or so games, and I never denied that it had the bigger library. I am asking if you would put the Xbox quality over the Xboxes quality, and I was addressing your 10-1 which makes no logical sense when a large portion of PS2 games formed from a random list will likely be shared on the Xbox. So thank you for answering the thread, your answer is no.

Have your fun while it lasts, I just reported you :)

thats sad
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wasnt impressed really, social feature look like a gimmick, touch pad looks useless. Yes nice graphics but was expecting them. If there any truth if that the demos where running off a pc with PS4 specs?