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My first 11 days of summer

Take a look at my tumblr. ^_^ (If you have one, please follow. I follow back)

Summer has started since the 22nd of March. Exams were hard but I managed to finishthe whole exams. I spent my first 11 days of summer playing Skyrim, reading manga, watching anime and stayed up all night :roll:

Some facts about my Dragonborn

Race: Wood Elf

Name: Magnum (ice cream)

Level: 14 :roll:

Follower/s: 1 (Lydia)

House: 1 (Breezehome)

Horse: 1 (Shadowmere)

Here is my progress in Skyrim

Shouts: 5 (2 shouts learned, 3 shouts discovered)

Favourite Weapon: Dwarven Warhammer (Damage: 46-47)

Dragon Souls Absorbed: 12

Total Bounty: 99__ (not sure with the last 2 digits)

Days Jailed: 5

Main Quests completed: 9

Latest Main Quest: Alduin's Wall

Misc. Quests completed: 36

Dark Brotherhood Quests completed: 10

Contracts finished: 9

Chests lockpicked: 16

Sneak Attack/s: 2

Health: 200

Stamina: 140

Magicka: 120

Anime/s currently watching: Fairy Tail, Another, Naruto (I'm starting to like Naruto :D), Rental Magica etc.

Sorry for being inactive :)

さようなら!! :D


*edits* Happy April Fools' :D

Happy New Year and I purchased new games.

It's 1 AM here in my place, I plan to stay up all night because c|asses will resume on Tuesday. Anyway I played L4D 2 and my parents are pretty disgusted. And I purchased some games

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • Assassins' Creed: Revelations
  • Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (Phoenix Wright FTW)
  • Batman: Arkham City
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Saint Rows the Third
  • Sims 3 (for my mom)
  • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories

And I want you to have a Happy New Year. I hope 2012 will be nice for me. :D

Anyway, I'll play L4D for now. Bye and check out my tumblr. Click

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas! :D

I'm enjoying my Christmas break and here's the list of the gifts I got. :D

Nerf N-Strike NiteFinder EX-3 Blaster


Money (Php 2,500 up)

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Volume 1 manga


And I'll buy games

So for now, have a Merry Christmas and enjoy this cake that I saw on the Internet:


Merry Christmas!!!!~ :D

I found my PS2 memory card and Exams

I finally found my memory card. :D But my exams are near (Tuesday - Thursday), so I need to study.

After my exams, we'll have a Christmas party.

MY WISHLIST(For the party):

- Nerf

- Money

- Xbox games

- Nerf and money :D

After I get my Nerf, me and my friend will have a deathmatch (Nerf-style)


A new puppy has arrived

A new puppy hooray!


He's a Miniature Pinscher, We haven't given him a name (suggestions are accepted)

He's lazier than Buster.

He's so small compare to Buster :?

Now Buster is getting jealous.


My eyes -__-

Take Care Bye


My drawings and a notebook

Hi there, My sembreak will end on Tuesday (November 8) Modern Warfare 3 will be released. Can't wait. :D

Here are my drawings (only 2) and my favourite notebook here's the pictures:


Finished it 2 days ago in the middle of the night, no lights LOL


It's Aurora, I drew it last year. She doesn't have any eyes O_O

And take a look on my favourite notebook:


Somewhere in Europe LOL

To end this blog, please follow me on Twitter and Tumblr if you have an account. :D



(please introduce yourself)

My dog Dumbo/Buster (my parents call him Buster) is turning 1 on Wednesday! Yay!


Take Care Bye

~thedaybreakers :D

Halo Graphic Novel and Stage play

I had fun watching the stage play version of Florante and Laura.

What I hate about it is everytime the lights are out, Many students from different schools are howling so loud which annoys me. Another thing I hate is the camera flashes from different cameras, I mean HOLY CR@P OUR EYES HURT! :x Anyway I left my pencil case at the theater :(

And for the ATGGS, What the hell happened to the results? A duck versus A scientist. That was unexpected. :|

Well, we went to National BookStore and I saw a Halo Graphic Novel, A couple of Marvel Comics, Hunger Games Trilogy and Limited Edition Marvel Comics. The Halo book costs Php 1,800 - 2,000 :( too bad I don't have money :(




OH MY GOD :lol: