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2009 the year for the wii?

First off Deer drive is coming here january 20, and this game looks alright, in one of the episodes on, on the spot, they show this game off and it sounds like gamespot likes it, but you know how it goes they sound excited but they give it an ok score, so im guessing an7.0.

Then we have rygar, a remix of the ps2 version, and this game looks better than ever, they showed this game off, and they made it sound ok, so im guessing an 7.5.

Next off we have house of the dead overkill coming feb 10, and they showed this off and it looks awsome, im guessing there give it an 8.0.

Next off a remake of the awsome xbox 360 game titled dead rising is coming to the wii on feb 24, and let me tell you im pumped, so im guessing a score of 9.0.

Next off we have tenchu shadow assasin, and this game looks good from what ive seen, so i will say this game will get an 8.5.

Next off in march the game everyone is looking at is madworld, wow this game could be good. so lets see an 9.0.

Finally the game of the year, the conduit, oh my god this is gonna be good, 9.5.

Lets see how good of a guesser im gonna be...