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Microsoft just Dreamcasted itself.

Just as the PS2 completely crushed the Dreamcast in just a few short years, eventually winning the sixth generation console war, it looks as if the PS4 will be raping M$'s Xbone, becoming the winner once more.  But who would have thought that Sony would win the next console war simply by maintaining an age old trend that's been around since perhaps, the beginning of civilization? 

I have been solely an Xbox gamer since M$'s first machine and after seeing and hearing the great news regarding Sony's policy on used games, playing offline and the PS4's $400 price tag, I can officially say that I'm a Sony fanboy. Whatever kind of entertainment fascism that M$ is trying to impose, that can do so without me.  I reckon that the majority gamers feel the same way.

My first 8 years.

Well, I've been a member of GS for 8 years now, yet I've haven't posted a damn thing in all that time.  So this will be my first lol.  Plans for today?  Go to work. come home, walk to the store, purchase salad fixings and a few bottles of cider, walk back to the house, eat, drink and pwn some noobs at UMK3.  Should be alright lol.