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Top 10 Games of 2011

10- L.A. Noire

A fun and interesting game, too bad the gameplay gets rather shallow and the graphics are particuarly ugly on PC (compared to other PC games)

9- Total War: Shogun 2

This game was definately not a shameful display

8- Portal 2

Fun, but unfortunately loses replayability

7- Dead Space 2

One of the best ways to start a new year ever

6- Dota 2

Look I know it's not "out" yet, but I've played 150+ hours and it was the only good competitive multiplayer game this year so there you go

5- Skyrim

With a huge and open world, Skyrim seems to offer everything, but thanks to the fact that there has been no creation kit released during these 2 months, the Bethesda made dungeons are really starting to feel stale

4- Deus Ex: Human Revolution

An RPG where you actually get to play the way you want to play things. Wow what a concept, right? Too bad it's a bit too short and the graphics are a bit muddy.

3- The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

A true technical powerhouse, The Witcher 2 is one of the best RPGs I've played in a while. CDProjeckt obviously knew what we would want from them, and they delivered. Unfortunately the game clocks into about 20 hours, which is disappointing from the Witcher 1's 35+ hours of sidequests.

2- Batman: Arkham City

A improvement on Asylum in every way. Combat is relatively the same, though you can feel some tweaks to things that may have annoyed you in Asylum. The villians are portrayed perfectly here through their voice actors (though Batman's is still as stale as leftover motzah)

1- Dark Souls

This and Demon's Souls are still some the best action-RPGs ever made thanks to From's attention to incredible level design, atmosphere and of course the intensity of the gameplay. Aspects of Dark Souls still remain better presented in Demon's. but that did not stop me from playing the game for over 200 hours and feeling satisfied every minute.


Microsoft's conference was a failure...a complete failure. Nothing more, nothing less.

Save me Nintendo! SAVE ME!

P.S. I can tell Sony is going to be just as bad

Best Game Of 2009?

Demon's Souls

I'm not surprised that many of my friends that own a PS3 here and at school haven't even played this, but was very surprised when Gamespot gave it it's Game of the Year Award. Let me tell you it is definately worth the time and effort. The freshness of a fair challenging game is so refreshing, and its is nice to be able to be given a challenge in a game. The game throws you in a very hostile world and it says "Alright, go beat the game". You may be wondering why you would want to play a game like this. All the talk about crushing difficulty beats your hopes of liking the game. The cliche story seems to boring for you to care. But if you pay attention and put time and effort into it you will not regret playing this game that brings old school strategy into the new generation. No game will make you miss pause menus more, or make you want to stomp around the room angrily beating anything in your path (even if that means your own mother). But it is that new scent of that old originality make me keep coming back to this wonderful gem. The innovative multiplayer also helps the cause, allowing you to help out another player for your body, or even forcing yourself inside another world to forcibily take one. Any self respecting PS3 gamer should definately check this one out (Copies are kinda hard to find).

Yeah, that axe kills you. In one hit.

Runners Up: Batman: Arkham Asylum, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Tell Me What You Got!

Christmas turned out very good for me, turning my 1 game PS3 library into a 5 game one.

Uncharted 2, Assassins Creed 2, Borderlands, and God of War Collection were the four I got.

Add me at TheBeastin_Beast so we can play Uncharted 2 or Borderlands.

^^^^ @Bioshockraptor


or anyone that has a PSN should totally do it too

Best MW2 Game?

I just finished a game with 43-14!

It funny cause yesterdayI finished the same map 33-9

They were both Team Deathmatch

So what's your best game on MW2?

Batman and Uncharted 2

Thanksgiving, I got one of those all the games and movies you want for a month at Blockbuster. Well, Batman was the only game there that I was dying to play, so I got that. Finished it the following morning and brought it back to find Uncharted 2 was returned, so I took it home, and finished it this afternoon.

Both were really good, but I prefered Batman for some reason. But thats like saying I prefer Sprite to Sierra Mist, one's only better by a bit, I don't know why but it is.

So now I'm playing some multiplayer in Uncharted, actually just starting my first match.

Why I Don't Enjoy My PS3 to the Fullest

Today, I saw a beta giveaway on Gamespot for BF:BC2 which I was excited about since I now own a PS3. But much to my dismay, I saw, a...system update *gasp* I had it at about 50% (which was going for about 1-2 hours), then it cancelled, and now I am currently at 2% (Hopefully 3 by tommorrow) Does anyone else have this problem or just me?

Progress: Done Hurray!!!

Is Absolutely Sick of Whiny PC Gamers

We all know about Modern Warfare 2, and if you don't, I suggest finding a house instead of a cave. Anyway, about a month back, PC gamers got some "awful" news. The lack of dedicated servers, oh dear! I have been known to play some PC games myself, focusing upon Team Fortress 2 and a bunch of Half Life 2 Mods. Dedicated servers are fine, but I never find a stellar modded map or I find people that are far too good for my inferior skills :cry:

Since then, PC gamers have whined constantly about the "issue" and even started a petition to boycott the game Here's the link. Anyway, over 200,000 of them have boycotted the game. Forums are bursting with trolls and constant ignorance has spread among the PC community.

Since the release, PC gamers have been shooting down any credit MW2 should get (Which is a ton, trust me). Here's some Metacritic comments to keep you occupied untill tommorrow when I finish this. Link

Favorite Ignorant Comments:

Shane F gave it a 3:

This game is terrible. It's exactly the same as the original, visually and gameplay wise. Yes, there are new guns. Yes, there are new maps. But they all essentially look the same. The engine used to run the game is outdated, and really starting to show its age. I wouldn't recommend this game to any self respecting gamer.

Stu D gave it a 1:
Worthless MP...9v9...seriously? P2P networking?? Glad to see the dumbing down of the world has extended itself to the PC community. It's like the developers watched the movie Idiocracy and decided it would be a good idea to emulate that philosophy in this game. If ever there was a failboat it is IW and Activision.

b00tsy C gave it a 0:
I agree with every single bit "Shawn M" said. Modern warfare 1 sucked already pretty bad, part 2 is even worse. If you want tactics, skills, nonlinear single player levels and cheating filled bunny hopping teens in multi player that cheat then DO NOT buy this game. don't get fooled by the marketing around the game, you are getting ripped off if you buy it.

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