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hows things? anyone?

idk maybe a bit of an update? also curious to see how everyone else is doing. been a while. goin to be a sophomore this year and school starts up in a week. gonna be hammered with classes even took my first college class. also got an xbox. gamertags anyone?

stupid virus!

ive had one for a few days which is why i havent been here. i'm over at a friend of mines right now. sometimes i can do some stuff then it just stops working.

cya sometime...

not gonna be around much these next few days

as teh blog says im not gonna be round much seeing how i have end of year stuff and all. so if ur wondering where i am... ull know.

also yesterday i saw iron man and it was AWESOME! cant wait for next one

also im gonna take my pic in my images section down pretty soon

nuthing else...

and if i get banned (in preperation) ill pry end up on gamefaqs...

a random update blog

first off i decidin on instead of top 100 friends im gonna do a friends spotlight

second off my camera is still messed up so that pic wont be for a bit...

therd off i got mario kart wii thursday

fourth off im a tagger leader...

fith off im lv 16 magician lord which is the level everyone tends to skip...