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The End of the tomboy

I decided a while a go I would stop using this account and shut it down, but then decided against it. I won't be blogging or reviewing or posting on my friends blogs anymore, but the account will stay up. It's like a history book about myself and I like reading back on it.

The reason I've decided to stop using this account is because I am dedicating all the money I've scrapped together and pushing it towards the business and game that I have. As well as that, the contact information or my previous MSN is no longer active.

I also have a boyfriend who is a lot older than myself and is a celebrity... well, to an extent. My parents really dislike him but that's tough. I really like him and it's a shame he has to travel so much but... waht you gonna do?

I thought I would also say that you can't contact me anymore. [Address Removed] kept being hacked and spammed. As well as that, some freak I'll nickname "Red" I'm trying to clear completely from my life and refuse them from ever contacting me again. Which is why I can't give out my new MSN or E-Mail unless I know you in person or if I've already given it to you.

Did you know I was at University? Well I am, studying Information Systems (or IS for short). It's extremely easy and I'm trying to find a higher paying job to compensate the days where I do nothing. I was told the first year is easy and the others are harder. It's costing me a lot but I know I'll pay it back. Oh, and did you all see the Student protests in England? I refused to join in. I think the loans need to go up to deny access to those that are not at the University to study.

Also, I've lost a lot of close friends. I had friends here on gamespot which I have lost contact with gradually but I lost sudden contact with KrunkMastaX. Where is he? I can't believe I'm going to write this but I feel very lost without being able to talk to him. As well as that me and BeanZ are NOT friends anymore. I decided she was using me. Josh and I are still friends but I don't see him much. I work the weekends and I'm at University the days he's not at college and vice versa. I do not have many friends and... although it can be lonely... I don't want to make anymore. Humans are evil and cruel and I've learnt that the hard way.

So... All in all... My last blog... I guess this is goodbye guys...:cry:

I'm still alive

I havn't written a blog in nearly a year and I am truly sorry for that. I've been busy and gamespot has seemingly died lately on my thoughts. I don't know if anyone I use to know will still be checking my blog... at the very least Runty or a few better known friends might see the update.

I've been busy getting into University and developing my video game. I can't give too much away about the game but it is approximately 5% complete at the moment. If anybody knows anyone that is a part of the publishing sector of the gaming industry, I'd be very grateful if you could get me in touch with them.

I hope everyone is doing well. I really just dropped by to let people know I still exist.

Im aware this is a late blog...

I have been extremely busy. Sorry people.

The short blog (for lazy people)

  • My A levels are going downhill and I have been desperately trying to get them back up.
  • Being a games designer will have to be done in my spare time, not as a career (yet)
  • University looks expensive
  • Proberbly won't get into University anyway
  • Seeking an apprenticeship in the business world... and not going well so far.
  • Havn't spoken to RuntyGorillia in a while (oops)
  • BeanZ had her little girl in October. I saw her, she's beautiful.
  • I went on a school trip to Barcelona (Spanish (European) city).
  • Writing a novel

The detailed blog

Right, so my A levels havn't been going well. For you that don't know what A levels are, they're qualifications needed to get into University. Anyway, after the fisrt year of doing them they are really low. D's and E's... that's not good. C is the average (although most people fail them so...). I am retaing my Business and Art exams and I have dropped biology (hated it).

Next thing. Being a games designer is not going to happen. Well, it could happen. I could be creating the visuals to games for big companies like... a rock... and a tree... and another rock... for five years. Hell no! I want to create my own games. Therefore it shall be a hobby instead of a career.

University looks extremely expensive. Like, really too expensive. Ok, so I know the gouvernment will lend me the money but even so. At te very least I'll be in deb of 15,000 sterling pounds! And then I wouldn't even know if I could get a job.

And of course, I doubt I could get into University. So many people applying to the local one and I do not have anything special about me at all.

So then plan B is seeking an apprenticeship. I actually much prefer that idea. I don't want to be sat at a desk doing more school work, no. I really want to get started into work and doing something! Plus I would be getting money. You know, I would much prefer that than going to University.

I havn't spoken to Runty in a while. Ever since he has been to college I just... feel awkward going to speak to him or talk to him. I know I shouldn't but... it just does feel that way. I read his blog to see what he has been up to. Sounds like you're having a whale of a time in college.

Oh, Beanz gave birth to a little girl. It was kind of scary I mean, she was round my house and left. An hour later she went into labour. She could have gone into labour at my house! Eeek! I saw her two days after that and she is so cute. That was the last time I saw BeanZ though. It's because her baby looked too much like my deceased sister. I'll wait until she grows up a bit, then visit again. Besides, she is really busy. Oh, boyfriend is still with her.

I went on a trip to Barcelona. I'll talk about that in another blog. I am also writing a proper thriller novel (sci-fi/thriller but not about aliens and space ships).

Anyway, I hve business to do so I will see you around gs'ers.

Late blog lol

How is everyone? There really isn't anything new so this blog is short... for once.

In a week my summer holiday will start, after summer holiday, Josh will be moving on to college and BeanZ will be giving birth a month after that.

I just thought,I'll let this be a "post a question" blog. Anything really, go ahead.

England is not meant to be hot...

There has been a heatwave in England and I've been stressed and annoyed because of it. Hello people, wecome to my happy blog :)... :evil: go away you nasty sun!

Short blog

  • There has been a heatwave in England
  • Oh, last weekend when I went to the party, I didn't dance and I fled from it an hour before it was over, yay me :(
  • Been a volunteer in school helping younger year groups with movie making using WoW and I made a movie during it (I'll put it up here to show).
  • Fell out with Runty and then made up, we're mates again
  • Summer holidays in 2 weeks

The blog you want to really read

Ok, so first off, there has been a heatwave in England. Usually in this country, the heat comes for about two weeks in August. Mother nature never plays by the rules though and instead it's been close to 30 degrees celsius all this week and even today! i watched the news and laughed though because they were going how tragic it was. "People are becoming sick and the NHS is giving out tips on how to cope... two police dogs died in a van" WTF? :lol: The NHS needs to give tips to the police, not us! It's as bad as when they released huge posters which took you 10 minutes to read about how to wash your hands. Yeah, RIP dogs though, they didn't deserve to die like that... I'd like to lock the police in a van and put them near to death.

Next thing, the party... it went... badly. Bascially, it was my collegues engagement party and all the work members were invited. The biggest mistake I made was the fact it was an engagement party and oh bother, I forgot who she's getting married too! So the card was messed up because I just put her name in it and since I havn't got a clue what she likes, I shoved some money in and prayed she wouldn't hate me. To tell you the truth, I was planning on jumping out the car and crying "I don't want to go in there, I'll say sorry to her later". I never do well in crowds and there was a good hundred in that place (and it wasn't exactly big either). I was too afraid to go up to the bar to get a drink because a group of lads were hanging around it. I also have a bad habit of hugging onto things when I'm nervous and I hugged my tissues to death! Then my manager comes in with her baby girl... I... can't... cope... with... that... One of the workers was telling me "don't you think she's the most sweetest thing?" and I'm thinking in my head "just shut UP!" Then the girl waddles over to me and waves infront of me and THAT'S when I run to the bar to get myself a drink. I can't go near young girls, ok? Anything above two, I'm ok... just not really lil girls. So half way through the party I'm clinging onto my handbag and breaking half the strap as the half-drunk work mates ask me to dance. I'm shaking my head, I can never dance in front of people.It all gets too much and so I tell them that I need to get going and leave early. Guess what though, I'd go to another party because that's what normal people do :lol:

In school they do these "innovation weeks" and I was forced to do volunteer hours (I'm aware of the irony). There were quite a lot of choices though, I could do flower arranging, fashion shows, coaching for a football team. In the end, I chose the cource which involved playing world of warcraft on a private server and filming it wit fraps to create stories. While the rest of the volunteers simply helped by being "game masters" (equavilent of moderators) I helped out a small group of students who are... er... not "normal"? bah, there's no nice word and I dislike how they are always followed by an assisstant who treats them like they're morons! Well they're not you stupid people, in fact, the group came up with some extremely good sotryboards and ideas. I was the camera-women for them and the video editor. In the end, I thought they were the best (bias me). I was also a GM though and it was fun kicking and banning people lol. Yeah, I made a movie, just messing about with video techniques. I'll put it up later, probably in it's own blog.

I fell out with Runty. It's happened a few times actually, we've had arguments over such stupid things and then giving each other the cold shoulder for days. I'm not sure weather to blame it on stress or the heat... I really don't know :( but I just want him to know that he's my best mate and since he's leaving my school, please let us not argue in the future, :) Let's just have epic pokemon battles and lol at chavs.

The summer holidays for me are in 2 weeks. I hard Americans get over a hundred days... I could be wrong... Well I get six and a half weeks holiday and duing that time I plan on finishing my website, working for my Dad a little and lots of babysitting, yay... I'm going to die... :cry:

That's about it... Oh, I'll be posting a video up of Toby soon. It's a recent one and his fur was trimmed since it's summer so he looks a little different from the photos that are already up in previous blogs.

Quite a lot of things happened this week

This blog is going to be long but first, sorry for not commenting on peoples blogs. it looks like I still a really busy lately.

The short blog :P

  • I havn't heard from BeanZ so I don't know hw she is. I could phone her but then again...
  • I realised maybe I'm a bit too cold... or in fact sick in the head
  • I've been looking into Univerisities all over the place
  • I'm going to a paty tonight and er... I don't do well at parties...

Here is the actual blog!

Firstly, I'd like to say I havn't seen BeanZ since she moved into her flat. I could go to her parents house but it would seem odd. A few of my things are around there, some GC games and some small accessories but still, I don't want to go over. BeanZ also owes me a bit of money... a lot of money. She keeps saying she'll pay back but I already know I'm never going to see it again. I could phone her, see how she is. I could even send a text... but I don't see a lot of point...She's not who she use to be. i know when I write about her in this blog, I talk about how she gets into fights and is always shown as a bit of a b****. Do you know what turned her into that though? She blames it on her parents, society, bullies, bad education, her ADHD. She's even blamed me at times and thrown her anger at me. But in the end, she's the one that's done this to herself! In the past, we'd be in middle school, singing and doing dance routines. She dreamed of singing in front of thousands, she wanted to be the next big thing. She has lied so many times and can never see another persons point of view. I use to be able to ask her for help, she use to be my shoulder to cry on, she use to stick up for me, she use to make me laugh but she also use to hit me, throw me down stairs, mock me and hurt me. I've tried to help her. I've tried to get her help to get off of drugs and tobacco, to teach her how to be a singer, what it would take. I did the research for her and lent her money. When she was twelve and that american man... she didn't learn, she didn't care. If she wants my help I'll give my advice, I'll still be her shoulder but all I really hope is that her unborn child be safe and well.

Although, when I say those kinds of things about BeanZ, I also have to look at myself... I was going to put up why but it came out all wrong so I edited it out. If you want to know, pm me but... basically I have gorey fantasies.

Yeah, I been looking into going Universities and first thing is first, to all of my American mates... WTF! The tuition prices are huge, how does anyone afford them?! Seriously, is it only snobs and arrogant people with already pots of cash that get to go? That's awful! And I thought 3,000 odd sterlin pounds was high a year. ...ok, rant over lol. Yeah, I might be going to University since I want to be a games designer so much. Does anybody know any good ones? I've looked through two properly so far and Wolverhampton seems to be the better one. Still, I'd like to know.

Finally, I'm going off to a party and it's my employers engagment party. She invited all of the colleagues but damn, I don't know how to dance or even how to act. Anybody want to post a few comments to help me before 8 my time? Please?

ah well, I've got work to do, bye

Nothing happened this week

Ok, that's a lie. The normal things happened this week, went to school, annoyed a teacher, annoyed some people, tripped up a boy I use to fancy and him thinking it was his mate. Good times lol.

So basically, I need to try and cut down my friends list now to about 100. If I take you off, tell me an I'll put you back on, I honestly didn't mean to if you're still about.

Also, I'll be re-writing the old reviews and doing some more reviews on games I own.

Finally, I'm going to start doing blog posts again. Well... try to do them anyway...

Laura... away *zoom*

I have a mission

That mission is to try and bring back the spark that use to be in gamespot. I'm officially back (until the next exams come up) and going to do a blog every weekend. I'm going to be cutting my friends list, taking off people I hardly knew or simply aren't around anymore.


Short blog for those that don't like long ones

  • For those that don't know, I have two mates in real life. BeanZ (girl) is moving into her new flat and is 23 weeks pregnant :| and RuntyGorillia (Runty for short) is was an ex, now my closest mate.
  • I use to have a bad image waaayyy back but I'm changing it :)
  • In my gaming life, use to be a Nintendo fanboy, now opening up. Have a tonne of retro games and trying to find... I think it's Final Fantasy 6 or something... gah, someone correct me, I can't work out roman numerals. It's the one with cloud and sephiroth in and apparently the FF game of all time.
  • My dog is still attacking people
  • School exams are over and I haven't got a clue what to do in the future really.


Long blog for the people that... can be bothered?

So firstly, its time to point out some major things about what has been happening in my life. I don't know whether I have mentioned these or not but repeating myself won't do any harm, especially since there are some people who may not remember me... I'm looking at you jerk lol

So first off, I have two true mates in real life. I mention them a few times. One's a b**** and one is an ex.

BeanZ is my female true friend and she's a pure 100% hater of everyone for stupid reasons. She's racist, sexist, ageist... she spits on beggers, chavs, grebos, classmates, people that aren't close to her skin colour (I did mntion she was racist, right?) people that jeer at her she bites (she's even hit a policemen). She hates pretty much everything... Well, except her sister, her boyfriend, me, her bunny Manson and her unborn girl. Yeap, BeanZ is now 23 weeks pregnant and she's recently got a council flat in a very rough area mind (for those that don't know what a counci house is, in England people without jobs for a solid reason get given a place to live, in this case, she's a pregnant teen who was going to be kicked out fairly soon). She sticks up for me when people are giving me a hard time. I can be very cold but I never go looking for a fight or indeed defend myself with words. I try to avoid and walk away but sometimes people get to me too much and BeanZ is my heroin? lol

Then there is the lad. He comes on... er... I dunno if he still comes on gs or not but basically RuntyGorillia and I use to go out. It lasted for four months (and we do know each other in real life, goes to my school)but in the end us being best mates worked out a lot better.I mean, there aren't many people to go talk to about pokemon and sonic, that kind of thing, and he's always a good listener and shoulder to cry on (not literally but you know what I mean). He's better at Halo than me, I'm better at Zelda than him. Pokemon... has got very competitve and so far has become a tie between us. We're very much alike... except he's a boy and owns a 360... and that he isn't scared of resident evil... like someone... *cough*

I use to come on here a lot and at the start had a... bad image really. Think I sorted it out now, so it's all good.

I own a tonne of retro consoles and handhelds (although all Nintendo since I use to be a fanboy). I personally own a Wii and XBox. And yes, I do have Super Smash Bros Brawl and yes it does rock but... stupid dual layer disc, it has the smallst scratch in the world but it's from the centre to the bottom so now it doesn't work. It's a brilliant game though I'm now forced to play Melee these days. I own a tonne of pokemon games. I tried to get into final fantasy games and the remake of FFIII was brilliant, FFXII is a pile of BS (sorry fanboys). Now I'm trying to find the FF game with cloud and sephiroth in it as apparently that is the equavilent of LOZOoT for the legend of zelda series. Anyway, enough talk about gaming as I'll be updating my gaming list soonish.

I also have a cavalier king charles spaniel. He's my baby but me mothering him too much has turned him vicious. He has to protect me. He's a defender, snarling at five year old children that look dangerous or barking at the deadly birds and cats (this is sarcam by the way people). It's become a problem and many times has almost got his put down. It's not his fault, I have only myself to blame.

I might be kicked out of school since I may not have passed enough exams. My parents want me to go to university, mates telling me I should quit school now, brothers telling me I should seek an appreticeship and me slap bang in the middle confused as hell. All I want to do is get a high paying job that I'll enjoy and live in hope of owning my own third party gaming company.

I think I have covered everything...

Last thing, MSN, always on it. Catch me on ok? Brilliant.

I thought I would update about what is happening in my life...

Which begs the question... anyone remember me? Pfft, probably not. I know there is a small handful of people on here that were old mates but gs has become dullsville and I do not have time. So to update as quickly as I can...

  • I now have an XBox... no, not 360, an Xbox. I bought it so I could play some more mature games but all I've managed to do is have people lol at my noobishness on half-life 2 and GTA III.
  • Toby, my dog, has become very aggressive, bites almost everyone now except me.
  • I can't be bothered with relationships atm
  • I have a youtube account (pm me if you want to know what)
  • and I'm doing exams yet again

Bye people