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LUGP the Freakin' Game


Hello everyone,

I thought I'd take the time to share with you all the project I have been working on. I am a beginning game programmer and one of the games I am creating with my friend is starting to take on shape. Would you like to see? My friend Brydon and I have a YouTube channel deticaded to the game that we call LUGP, as well as some of our other game projects. LUGP is the main focus of the channel, so in going there you can learn all about it pretty quickly. Please enjoy the demo reel for the game that I recently uploaded, along with some of our other videos, which are primarialy examples of Brydon's music.

So, enough talk eh? Here is the link to my channel:

Please give me any feedback you may have! And if you have a YouTube account why not subscribe? Thanks for reading.

GameSpot. No longer a spot of interest to me.

Well I haven't posted a blog in awhile. This is because I don't visit this site much. When I do, it's mostly just for game info I can't find anywhere else. In general, my time of posting here regularly has ended. I almost never log in anymore. When I do log in, it is just for a comment or something that I felt the need to make.

This is most likely the last blog post I'll make in a long, long time. Thanks for reading.


E3 09 - Nintendo

I've felt like Nintendo has been ignoring core gamers ever since E3 08. I was hopeful that this year Nintendo would make up for that. Sadly I was let down again some-what... They had only two things I liked in the whole thing; Mario Galaxy and Metroid Other M. Metroid Other M looks amazing, but that was really the only thing that made the show worth watching (because I'm not much of a mario fan). I was hoping for so much more, like a StarFox Wii, maybe a Kirby, oh and Pikmin.

I'm not interested in the hardware ether. I mean, when did this stop being about games??

EDIT: Well I guess it's not all THAT bad. They can't be perfect after all. I guess I might have let my expectations get too high.


Hi everyone. I'm still alive just to let you know. Just haven't been into this site at all :P How is everyone doing?

I'm looking forward to this years E3. I never used to follow E3, but I started last year. I hope Nintendo has something more for us this year.

My DSi

I got my DSi in the mail a few days ago. It's really fun to have :D

I've been playing FFCC: Echoes of Time on it. Good game.

...Uhh... That's it. :P

Looking farward to new movie

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I loved the first Transformers movie. It's like one of my top favorite movies ever, so you can imagine I'm happy about the 2nd one :D

I hope it wont be worse then the first one though... It's hard to make a 2nd movie to anything unless it's picking up were the last one left off. Which is not the case here, the last one was an ending. This one is something new so I hope they did it right.


Got mine (kinda)

I have per-ordered my DSi on I have used free shiping, so it'll take another 5-9 days after the DSi comes out for me to have it. But no matter, this way I need not go looking for it everywhere. Also, I want a black one, what if I found one in a store, and it was blue? ...It's better this way.

DSi black

It's going to be so great.


The DSi

I plan on getting a DSi when it comes out here in the U.S.A. Normally I'm not much a fan of mobal systems, but I have nothing better to spend my money on, and the DSi does seem like it'll be pretty great.


No more point

Just to be clear right now, this isn't a good-bye post. Just another post, pointing out how inactive I am. :P

I've lost all intrest in this website, and I never seem to do anything on here anymore, yet as long as I have friends here, I will not leave. Even if most of those friends I don't know well. I am sorry however, I'm not active on most of your blogs. This is due to the lack of time I spend here. I still come by often to check my own blog and check for messages, but I don't spend the time to go over all the other blogs...

Well, I might post another blog soon. Another reason I posted this is because I still would like to update this blog, but I could think of nothing else to post about at the moment.