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Gamespot Community

Wow, I obviously didn't know how fun the gamespot community can be. I've have been member for about 6 years now, and didn't really know about the amount of stuff that can be done here.

So, for the last few days I've been trying to share something with this large community. I rated some games, posted some reviews, joined some unions, made some forum posts, tagged some tags, and made a blog. And it was all fun, this rivals even the dedicated social networking websites.

I just wanted to thank everybody who is responsible for this great site, and all of you who share and contribute to make it even better, so, THANK YOU.

playing Devil May Cry 4

I was just playing mission 6 and spent half an hour trying to figure out how to "return back to HQ" after the first fight with Angus
although I finished this mission before, but I keep asking myself where in god's name is this HQ, and I don't think I'm gonna find out even if I knew where to go next

the problem is that my brother was waiting for me to finish the mission because he wanted the PC, so I didn't have time to look for a walkthrough and I ended up quitting the mission. I know I'll have to start the mission over but at least I got some proud souls for the section I played, so I think it wasn't a complete loss

anyway I'm not that frustrated, playing through DMC more than once doesn't really get boring, the game is great and the gameplay is really addictive
my complaint is that sometimes, you don't have a clear idea on where to go next or why you should go there
but this is only a small complain in an otherwise wonderful game

I know now that I have to go through one of the doors in the great hall, beside the large picture of "his holiness", well back to the game then